Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Palms and tassels

This is just a quick outfit. I wore this to get some BBQ.I really like this lipstick,. It's Urban Decay Firebird. I got it from the Gwen Stefani collection so I only wore it sparingly but now it's part of the regular line. I think it's a really unique color.

Dress- Old Navy (same style, on sale), Necklace- Charming Charlie (exact on sale), Shoes- Old Navy (similar), Lips- Urban Decay Firebird 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

August Budget

It's time for my August budget post. I only shopped at ThredUp this month. You can read about my experience buying and selling with them here. Since this is all sold I'm going to point you towards some similar items.
1. J.Crew Tweed Tee (similar) I haven't worn this yet but I see myself getting a lot of use out of this. I think it's a really cool tee-shirt.
2. Loft Leopard Blouse (similar) Like I said in my review I already have this blouse it's just too small. I've worn the other one a ton and now that I have one that fits I'll be able to wear more leopard!
3. J. Crew silk blouse (similar), I love the color and the neck detail. I've worn it with olive pants.
4. J. Crew Plaid Tee (similar) This screams fall to me so I haven't worn it yet but I am already thinking of things to pair it with once it cools down.
5. Liberty Floral top (similar) I love the neckline detail on this one too.
6. Club Monaco Feather skirt (similar) Like I said in my review this is a little tight but I'm holding on to it because I've been wanting a feather skirt for a long time and it was a good deal. I'm trying to be very thoughtful with my purchases but since I'm working out more I don't think it'll be too tight for long.
7. Halogen Polka Dot skirt (similar) I've worn it here. I think the length of this is just perfect for me. It will go with so much.

Normally I break I list the price of everything indivuadlly but I had a coupon. Then I had a credit from selling that was just taken off the total I'm just giving the grand total. For 7 pieces I paid $68.78!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Double Dots

I wore this to go to restaurant week. We went out twice for it because the deals were really good. The restaurants were a little far away but I didn't mind the trip.

Shirt- Target (similar), Skirt- Halogen from ThredUp (similar), Shoes- Betsey Johnson (exact), Bracelet- Charming Charlie(exact), Necklace- Amazon (similar)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I wore this to work. We had some princesses in. At work I usually wear jeans and a tee but when I hold an event at the store I try to dress up a little bit.

Shirt- Banana Republic(similar), Skirt- Forever 21(exact), Shoes- JcPenney (exact)
I've started packing for my vacation so if anyone has any recomenddations on things to do/see/eat in Chicago, St. Louis or Kansas City, let me know in the comments.

Shirt- Banana Republic(similar and more bow blouses below), Skirt- Forever 21(exact), Shoes- JcPenney (exact)
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

ThredUp Review

If you’ve been around fashion blogs I’m sure you’ve heard of ThredUp. It’s like an online thrift store with very high standards. I’ve sold and bought a few items so I thought I’d share my experiences.

Let’s start with selling. I’ve tried a few consignment shops in my area but they don’t work perfectly for me. One is mostly teen brands which I don’t have too many of. The other is more upscale which I also don’t have a lot of. ThredUp is a good fit for me because my clothes fall in the middle. With traditional consignment stores if they don’t like some of your items you then have to pick them up and dontate them. With ThredUp if they don’t want your items they will dontate them for you. There is also the option to get your clothes back for a fee.

 When you want to sell you get a polka dot bag shipped to you. Shipping both ways is free. You just fill up the bag and send it back. Processing isn’t speedy. It took about a month for my bag to get processed. They don’t accept a lot items. They only accept about 40% of the items. Most items you get your payout immediately but with designer items you have to wait until they are sold. You can get your payout in cash or store credit. I picked store credit so I could get to the fun part of shopping!

I got these 7 items for $68.78! That is a great deal, less than $10 a piece. I got 3 J.Crew tops. The pink one is a good basic. I think the tweed tee shirt is really unique and the plaid will be awesome for fall. I already had the Loft leopard blouse but it’s getting to small so when I found this one in the next size I had to get it. I love the ruffles on the floral top. The Halogen polka dot skirt was only $6.99. The feather skirt was pricier at $38.99 but still a steal off of regular retail. 6 out of 7 items fit. The feather skirt doesn’t but it isn’t too tight so I’m keeping it for when I tone up a bit. I saved $474 off of retail. I’ve gained a little weight and I think ThredUp is a great way to expand my wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Shopping on ThredUp is easy. You are able to search by size which is great so you don’t fall in love with something in the wrong size. The search function is good if you are searching for something general. I had no problem searching for polka dots and sequins. But you will run into trouble if you are getting more specific like roses or feathers. So your best bet is to use the filter. I think the filters are great you can do color, size, brand and sometimes even style. Returns are free if you do them with store credit. I can’t comment on the speed of that I kept all of my items but I do like that returns are free.
 Some Tips

 USE A COUPON: Since this order was my first order I had a 40% off code which saved me $50. They have coupon codes pretty frequently in the emails. I’ve read it is even more frequent in the app.

SAVE YOUR SIZE: This is just more of a general tip. I have my size saved so if I’m just browsing I can be confident that something will fit.

 KEEP LOOKING: The pink blouse I got was on final sale for $19.99 but I also saw it on the site for $23. It’s possible that something you like may be marked down more on the site since items are listed individually.

 I will keep using ThredUp for my closet cleanups. If you sign up now you’ll get $10 in your account and I’ll get $10 in mine. If you are looking for a fast way to get rid of clothes this isn’t it but I think the convience of just shipping is worth it for me. If you don’t want to sell the clothes are a great deal off of retail price. Do you have any other ThredUp tips? Have you used it before?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I wore this to a business group. It was just so hot I thought a maxi skirt would be the most comfortable. I like pairing pink with this skirt because the pink really stands out.

Shirt- Old Navy (similar), Skirt- Loft (similar), Shoes- (same style), Necklace- Charming Charlie (exact on sale), Ring- Forever 21 (similar)

Shirt- Old Navy (similar), Skirt- Loft (similar), Shoes- (same style), Necklace- Charming Charlie (exact on sale), Ring- Forever 21 (similar)
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Quirky Purses under $200

A fun purse can make a basic jeans and tee shirt way more interesting. I've found some great fun bags that are under $200 with a lot under $100
This Betsey Johnson phone bag is so fun! I love the rotary style and the handle is a real phone you can plug into your phone. It's so girly and slightly over the top. It's 25% off right now. $98
This video game bag is perfect for going out. It will hold all of your essentials but it's still interesting. $46
This Kate Spade bag is a little more sophisticated. I love the texture on the parrot. $199.66
I have a Sleepyville Critters Otterbag and it's so adorable. The shih tzu bag is just too cute. $24.99

Thursday, August 11, 2016


This top and skirt weren't made to be put together but I think they work well. I wore this to go get some pasta. I thought it was a different look for girls night.

Shirt- Forever 21 (exact), Skirt- Forever 21 (exact), Necklace- Charming Charlie (exact on sale), Shoes- Sam Edelman (same style, steal) , Lips- NYX Perfect Red

Shirt- Forever 21 (exact), Skirt- Forever 21 (exact), Necklace- Charming Charlie (exact on sale), Shoes- Sam Edelman (same style, steal) , Lips- NYX Perfect Red
My friends and I went to DC a few weekends ago to celebrate a friends birthday. We went dancing and this is what I wore. This is such a great dress and I only have mirror pictures of it.
Dress- Theia (similar,steal)
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


You guys know that shorts aren't my favorite but I do like Riviera shorts from Loft. I think the 4.5 inch is short enough to feel youthful but they are long enough that I can wear them to work on hotter days. I purchased these for vacation because they go with a lot of my closet and my other Loft shorts are white. I don't trust myself having just white shorts. I love the flamingos so I had to break them out early.

Shorts- Loft (same style,similar), Top- New York and Company (similar), Bracelet- Charming Charlie (exact), Shoes- Sam Edelman (same style), Bag- Kate Spade (similar,steal), Lips- NYX Sweet Pink
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Saturday, August 6, 2016


I know I don’t normally talk about decor but I’m so excited about my new comforter.

I got this great Kate Spade Bedding Set for my birthday! I really love it. I’m working on redoing my bedroom and my sewing room. So I started looking for some decorative pillows. I’m going to get plain white sheets and possibly these adorable eye pillow cases. But for the decorative pillows I was thinking pink, black, gold and white. I also want one or two with a little texture.
I found a fur pillow and a sequin pillow on Amazon. They are a really good deal and they would add some texture. Fur $16.99  Sequin $11.99
I really like this lipstick pillow. It’s so fun and I love lipstick. The pink would go really nicely with all the rainbow colors. $53.99
The bow pillow is just adorable. Even the back of it is decorated with pink bows. I think the pink and gold will go nicely. I think the gold will add a nice contrast.  $37.99

Thursday, August 4, 2016


I wore this outfit to the mall, work and dinner. I wore this with flats to the mall and work. I wanted to get a good walk in at the mall, I did two laps and used my Aerie coupon. I put this outfit on hoping that my pom-pom shoes would come in the mail that day. When I got home from work I saw the box! I put the heels on as soon I could. So I got to wear my new shoes to dinner.

Shirt- Target(exact), Skirt- Forever 21 (exact), Bracelet- Vintage (similar vintage,similar new), Purse- Kate Spade (similar,steal), Shoes- Betsey Johnson (exact), Necklace- Amazon (similar)

I love these shoes! I know ankle straps tend to make people with short legs look shorter and these aren't an exception but they are so fun I don't care!

Shirt- Target(exact), Skirt- Forever 21 (exact), Bracelet- Vintage (similar vintage,similar new), Purse- Kate Spade (similar,steal), Shoes- Betsey Johnson (exact), Necklace- Amazon (similar) Linkups, Facebook,Instagram,Pinterest

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I wore my hot pink pants to go get some bbq and cocktails. The bbq was a great deal and the cocktails were really unique. I wanted to pair the bright pink with bright blue. I feel better in pants when I'm wearing heels. I think makes me look more in proportion. I didn't know the parking lot was gravel so I had a little trouble navigating it.

Pants- JcPenney (exact), Shirt- New York and Company (similar), Bracelet- (similar), Earrings- Vintage (similar new, similar vintage), Shoes- Target (similar)

Pants- JcPenney (exact), Shirt- New York and Company (similar), Bracelet- (similar), Earrings- Vintage (similar new, similar vintage), Shoes- Target (similar)
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I did want to mention that you can get a Clarisonic Mia  for $89. I love my Mia 2 it really changed my skin and I just wanted to let you guys know about this great deal .