Saturday, July 30, 2016

July Budget

It's time to look at what I bought in July. I think I got some really good pieces. I also have some things that aren't in the collage. My mom bought me some clothes for my birthday and I'm only including things that I've bought in the collage. I've already worn a lot of the items but I haven't uploaded those outfits yet.
1. White Crop Top I've been wanting one of those cute matching sets and I grabbed this crop top to pair with the eyelet skirt. They aren't identical but I like them together. I think it will also go with my other high waisted skirts. $15.90

2. Eyelet Skirt I love eyelet for summer. My navy eyelet skirt met its demise at a fourth of July party. I really like the full skirt shape. It does have a matching top but I didn't like the boxy look and I didn't see it at my Forever 21. $22.90

3. Pink Flats I used to have pink flats and I wore them out completely so these are just a replacement. I paid $20.62, they are on sale for $27.49.

4. Betsey Johnson Heels. I showed these in my Quirky Shoes under $150 post and I had to have them. I think they are fun but super wearable. I paid $50.99 but they are on sale for $59.99 and you can get an extra 15% off with the code WKND

5 H&M Top. I really like the print. The colors are really nice and it was an awesome price. It may not get a ton of wear in the summer but I know I'll wear it a lot in the fall.  $9.99

6. Hot Pink Pants These were another Jc Penney purchase. I went with the short instead of petite and I really like the way they fit. I love pink and I don't have a lot of pink clothes. They are $27.99 I got them for $20.99

7. Charming Charlie Tassel Necklace I've really been liking tassel necklaces and layered necklace so I really liked this Charming Charlie necklace that has both. I paid $15 but now it's on sale for $6.99

 In total I spent $135.77 I feel like I got my money's worth. Most of the pieces can be worn year round. They all can be worn with a lot of different things.
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Great Ways to Use A Flat Iron

Last week I gave you guys a review of the Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron. I’ve been trying to use it in a few different ways and I am going to show you some of them. I still use it mostly for styling since my hair is pretty straight.

My most used way is getting the ponytail bump out of my hair. Most days at work I wear a pony tail and I don’t like to wear them all the time when I go out. The ceramic flat iron gets rid of the bump so fast you can’t tell I had a pony tail in.

I’ve also been using it to spice up my ponytails a little. I curled the hair in my ponytail to give it a little bounce. I think it looks fun and kinda sporty. When I take it out of this style my hair has soft waves. I’ve tried curling my whole head with the straightener but I need a little more practice.

I wanted to try a retro flipped pony. I used the same method the instructions described to do a flip out I just did it on a pony tail. It took a few passes. This pony has a retro flair.
 Thanks to Irresistible me for the flat iron. All opinions are my own. Do you guys use straightners in creative ways? I’d love to learn some new ways to do my hair.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I went to a crab feast last week. I had a lot of fun. I had to wear my crab print skirt to a crab feast.

Skirt- made by me (see more crab stuff below), Shirt- Target (similar), Shoes- Sam Edelman (similar), Lips- Vivid Rose

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron Review

The product was offered to me to review by Irresistible me; all opinions are my own.

I received the Diamond straightener from Irresistible Me. The hair straightener sells for $149.It arrived very fast. The packaging is sturdy and details the features of the iron. It is a one inch plate and the cord rotates completely around. It is a ceramic flat iron with a twist. The ceramic plates are coated with crushed diamonds and tourmaline. It heats up extremely fast but takes a while to cool down. I like that it has an auto shutoff. The instruction booklet contains instructions for heat for your hair type and some styling tips. I really liked the included styling tips.

 Since my hair is very straight naturally I’ve been using it for styling. I’ve done a flip in. It was very easy to use and didn’t take a long time since it heats up so quickly. It also helps tame my frizz. I think it makes my hair look shinier. This iron doesn’t take many passes to create straight hair or the style you are going for.

I wear a pony tail at work most of the time. So I always have a little bump. I’ve been using the straightener a lot to get that bump out for when I go out after work. I think this is a really great styling tool.
I’ll be back with some before and afters and a hair style or 2.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pin Up Print

 I wore this to work and to dinner. I love this print. This dress is getting a little tight so it doesn't fit as well as it used to but I still like it.

Dress- Made by Me (similar style), Necklace- LOFT (similar), Shoes- Sam Edelman (similar) Linkups, Facebook,Instagram,Pinterest

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quirky Shoes under $150

I love really unique shoes. Unfortunatly quirky shoes tend to be very expensive. I've found some slightly more budget friendly options. They are all under $150 and many are under $100.
I like these shoes because not only is there glitter but there also some flowers for texture and color. $65
These Miss L Fire sandals are perfect for vacation. The little swimmer helps create a t-strap. $104.99
These Daisy Street shoes have macaroon heels! I think differently shaped heels are so fun. I also like that they look like a basic black pump from the front. $65
These Betsey Johnson shoes are very wearable. I like the mix of polka dots and pom poms. They are really fun without being completely over the top. $59.99
These Keds baseball sneakers are perfect for the sports fan in your life. These are also pretty subtle but they are interesting. $49.99

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Birthday outfit

This is what I wore on my birthday. I didn't do anything crazy. I just went to dinner with my parents and boyfriend. We went to my favorite Indian place so  I wore a loose dress. I think this dress will also look nice with some flat sandals.

Dress- Sandro Ferrone (similar), Bracelet- Ann Taylor (similar), Shoes- Aersoles (same style, similar), Lips- Urban Decay Firebird Linkups, Facebook,Instagram,Pinterest

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Palm Print Dress

This is a dress I bought in June. I wore it to the beach first and I got a pretty bad sumburn. On it's second trip out I wore it to get some lunch with my friend. I think I'll be wearing this dress all summer. It's very comfortable.

Dress- Old Navy (exact,similar), Bag- Coach (similar, steal), Shoes- DSW (similar),Necklace- Charming Charlie (similar), Bracelets- H&M (similar), Lips- Melted Matte It's Happening 
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Monday, July 11, 2016

Birthday Thoughts and goals

I turned 23 a few days ago. I thought I'd give some thoughts and goals. The cake in my post isn't my birthday cake, I didn't have one but it's the cake I made for my friend's daughter's first birthday.
Sometimes I feel behind for my age. I see my friends and other people landing great jobs and I feel stuck. My business is struggling right now and I occasionally get discouraged. Starting a growing a business is difficult. I know that it won't last forever but it's tough when you see people you went to high school with out buying houses and you still live at home.
Some goals and things I want to do:

  • Be more active- I used to go to dance class 3 times a week and sometimes I'd take two classes at once but the studio closed. I still go to my old teacher once a week, but the other studios in the area don't fit into my schedule. I'm seeing changes in my body and I'm not happy and I don't want to keep going down this path. I really need to find motivation to go to the gym. 
  • Get a headstand or a split. I've been working on a headstand for a little bit during dance but I'd love to be able to go it. I'd also like to get a split, I feel like that is farther off than a headstand. 
  • Make more time to sew. I used to sew a ton and I feel like I don't have too much time for it anymore but I need to make more time. I need to learn to schedule better. 
  • Buy a home by the time I'm 30. I'd like to be looking for a home by the time I'm 30. Since I live at home I'll be able to save a lot. 
  • Decorate sewing room and bedroom. Since I'm going to live at home longer than I planned I should decorate. I already have plans for my sewing room so I'll start doing that soon. 
  • Grow my blog I'd really like to grow this blog and turn it into a nice side income. I'll get better at social media. I really like Intstagram,Pinterest and Facebook, so I think that's what I'll concentrate on. 

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Makeup I'd like to try

I just got a few things from Ulta. I got some NYX and a Becca set on sale for $20. I've been playing more with makeup lately. I like learning new things and trying new looks. There are a few things that are catching my eye.
 Buxom customizable eyeshadow palette. I love the idea of being able to pick all the colors you want  in a palette. Wild Nights and Prenup look like great colors. I have a lot of neutrals so I'd pick accent colors. $40
 Narsissist Cheek Studio Palette. Blush is one of those things I don't have alot of. I normally use Super Orgasm and I have a few blushes from holiday sets. This palette looks like it will do it all. It has contour,highlight and blush shades.$65

Makeup geek. I haven't tried anything from this brand.  I saw this cool Jaclyn Hill look with orange shadows and mint liner and I think it looks really fresh for summer. I want to try some of their orange shadows(Chickadee,Morocco) and the mint liner. Shadows $6, Liner $9 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. The colors are so gorgeous. It has some good neutrals,some berrys and orange-y tones. I think its' a really interesting mix.I like that is mostly matte because I have a lot of shimmery and glittery shades. It isn't like anything I have in my collection and they will complement what I already have. $42

Too Faced Melteds. I've tried these formulas before. I want to try new colors. I have It's Happening in the mattes but I'd love to try Bend and Snap. In the original I'd like to try Jelly Donut. $21

Thursday, July 7, 2016


I wore this to go to dinner. We tried Jamaican food. It was so spicy but very good. I went to the beach the weekend before I wore this dress. And we went to a bar with tables in the water. I had a great time but unfortunately I got a pretty bad sunburn. This dress was comfortable to deal with my sunburned back.

Dress- Vintage (similar), Necklace- Charming Charlie (similar), Shoes- Steve Madden (similar), Earrings- Charming Charlie (similar), Lips- Urban Decay Naked 
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Here are some more tropical prints

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


This outfit is a little out of order. but I didn't want to show my fourth of July outfit too late. I wore this to a fourth of July party. I wanted to be festive. I also did blue eyes and red lips.

Shirt- New York and Company (similar), Skirt- Loft (similar), Shoes- Sam Edelman (similar), Necklace- Loft (similar), Lips- NARS Cruella

Saturday, July 2, 2016

June Budget

I like reading other bloggers budget posts because I'm noisy and I like to see what people buy. I don't nessercarily have a shopping budget but I would like to be more mindful of what I buy. I haven't bought clothes in a while but in June I picked up a few things.
1. Old Navy Tropical Dress I wore this when I went to the beach. I didn't get pictures of it but I can see me wearing it all summer.I love the print.  Currently on sale for $20. I spend $12, when I got it was on sale for $22 and I had a $10 gift card from Shopkick.

2 Denim Shorts I've been wanting a pair of denim shorts for a while. These are very short but I have tiny legs and these make me look like I have long legs. I got them for Beyonce. Worn Here $15.90

3 Mint Necklace I got this to go with my Beyonce outfit. I can't find it online but I wore it here. $10.00 (similar mint necklace)

4 Sandro Ferrone Dress I got this in a local shop. I can dress it down with flat sandals. It was approximately $70. I had a coupon and a gift card. Worn Here (similar dress)

Total Spent 107.90 I feel like I got a lot for my money. The dresses and shorts I can see my wearing a ton all summer. And the dark dress would look good year round. I like the mint necklace I will probably wind up sharing it with my mom since she is really into mint right now.

Do you enjoy budget posts?

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