Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nancy Drew

An outfit for the last school day before Thanksgiving.
Top-Loft, Skirt and tights- Target, Shoes- DSW
My friend said my tights make me look like Nancy Drew.
I wanted to try out this embellished sweatshirt trend but I feel like I;m really bumming it in a sweatshirt. My mom got this for me at the Loft. I think its a good blend of sweater and sweatshirt.
I have my food for Thanksgiving figured out. I'm making a hot buttered rum apple pie with a dutch top and homemade vanilla bean ice cream ( if I can find reasonably price beans).

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Before school I was doing a light version of the make-up I plan on wearing when I see the Hunger Games so I threw this on really quick.
Shirt-Thrift,Pants- Loft,Necklace- Forever 21,Bracelet-Vintage,Shoes- Sam Edelman
I really like long sleeve button-ups but I never really know what to pair them with.
The thing I like about this shirt is the ruffle that disguises the button placket.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I wore this to go to school and help my friend shop for an outfit for out Great Gatsby party. I got home too late to take pictures outside so I took some myspace style mirror pictures.
Jacket- Oscar de la Renta (thrift), Tights- Target, Top- Forever 21, Bracelet- vintage, Shoes- Sam Edelman, Skirt- New York and Company
While shopping I let the shop owner put some make-up on me. I wound up getting this lipstick. I can't resist a good red. And my friend did find her dress.
This jacket is awesome. It's Oscar de la Renta. I found the whole suit at the thrift store for $10! It has real leather accents and it's wool so it's super warm.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I wore my doggy sweater today. I think my cell phone is taking better pictures than my real camera.
Most of my outfit is from J. Crew which I would normally find kind of lame but that shade of blue in my pants perfectly matches the dog's collar.
Sweater and Pants- J. Crew, Shoes- Sam Edelman, Trench- Thrift

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I'm wearing this to school and trivia night.

Dress-Forever 21, Jacket- New York and Company, Scarf- vintage
I'm trying out a different lip color. Normally I go super red or a shade of pink this is darker than what I normally do but I think I like it.