Friday, August 31, 2012


I love to bake. I don't come up with my own recipes but I have found the greatest chocolate cupcake recipe. The ones I made this time were Chocolate Peanut butter cupcakes. It's Glorious Treats recipe.
I topped them with tiny Reese's cups and used a Ziploc bag to pipe on the icing.This is the only chocolate cupcakes recipe I will use. I put it with a peppermint Swiss meringue butter cream for Christmas.
Since only 3 people in my house eat cupcakes and I hate changing around recipes I brought some into work and they were gone in seconds and got rave reviews. So if you need cupcakes use this recipe.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day

I wore this on my first day of school. Afterwards, I cooked dinner with a friend. We have a great system where I take care of the vegatables and she does the meat.

Top-JC Penney, Skirt- Made by me, Sweater- New York and Company

Monday, August 27, 2012


My friend threw a party and while most people don't dress up, when the party word is thrown out my mind goes straight to sequins. I also could not wait to wear this dress again. I picked it up in Tampa and wore it to a drag show in Key West.
I just love the beading.
And I love the super low back. I paired with everything black to let the dress really shine.
Dress- Vintage,Tights and shoes- Target, Blazer- Loft

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I wore this to run to Target and the beauty supply store.
I really wanted to wear my polka dot pants because they are so fun. They are almost the right length because they are ankle pants for normal heighted people. I love polka dots so I paired a polka dotted top with the pants.
Pants- JcPenney,Blouse H&M,Blazer- Loft, Shoes- Old Navy, Bag- Kenneth Cole Reaction
I really like the combination of dots and leopard but I pretty much like anything and leopard.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Leopard Suit

I've been wanting a leopard suit for a while. I finally got my fabric. It's a sheer polyester, so I'll have to underline it. That's not a big deal. I wanted a cotton because they are so much easier to sew with. I think I figured out my patterns.

For the jacket, I'll use McCall's 6172. I don't know if I want to make the mid length or the short one yet. But if I make the mid one I'll leave off the pockets.
   For pants I'm thinking about Butterick 5614. I want an ankle length pant and according to the Internet, this sews up pretty well. It says it's fast and easy which is good because I don't want too many challenges in working with an unfamiliar fabric.I wanted to use the Collette Clover pattern but that's designed for stretch.
    The plus side of using a Butterick and McCall's pattern is they go on sale for a dollar really often. So I'll be able to buy 2 of each ( in case I mess up the paper completely). As soon as I'm done my playsuit set, I'll make a quick blouse or two and then start cracking on my suit!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Do you remember when JC Penney used to be awful for clothing? You'd browse through the racks to kill some time after buying towels and housewares. I went there the other day to buy some school clothes for fall and I was so impressed. Things had style. Not everything was polyester. There were shopping bags. And maybe the best part, everything is decently priced so if you like something in multiple colors you can get everyone!

Their shoe department is pretty good. Look at these. So fun and $24!
This I heart Ronson dress is so darling. It has a shape that is so flattering.
I got this skirt. It looks super modern on. The yellow belt adds the perfect pop of color.
T-strap shoes never go out of style. The piping helps make the shoe distinct.
I also got these pants. They are super adorable but they fit like regular pants on me. I love the polka dots and the pintucks on the front.

Have you been to the new Jc Penney? Do you like it more now?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fancy Pants

I've been looking at so many pants lately. Getting pants in classic cuts with fun prints is a great way to update any look.
I'd like to say something intelligent about these but I just like them because they're shiny.
Cropped pants look really chic and retro. Polka dots make these super girly!
I love cropped leopard pants. These are from Loft. One of the great things about Anne Taylor and Loft is the petite section. Almost everything has a petite option.
I love yellow and the shape of the Oscar de la Renta trousers are wonderful.

Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm back

So I'm back from my unexpected break. I was feeling a little disenchanted with blogging and other things. But now I'm better. I went to Florida last month and here are some of my outfits.
I met Darth Vader at a baseball game.
The red dress I made photographs really well.
This is one of my cooler vintage dresses. I rarely wear it because it's almost imposible to walk in. In Tampa, I went to a super cool vintage store so I'll show you what I found there later in the week.