Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Imperial Dress

I finished my Star Wars dress. I made it in one night. The inside does not look as beautiful as I would like it to but, I think I'm only wearing it once and for a one night effort its not bad. As I showed it to my family, I played the imperial march. It is the same pattern as my birthday dress. I made it to wear to my one acts because my play was sort of about space. When someone puts it on YouTube, I'll post it here. Right before the play an actress and I decided that she should wear my dress so we switched clothes.I mostly ignored the grainline suggestions and the recommended layout in favour of using the print the best. It's from an old bed sheet. Darth Vader is on the front with Yoda on the shoulder. Chewbacca and Princess Leia are on the back.I feel like it is a really fun themed dress. Hopefully, there are more Star Wars related occasions in my life. My play was also a success.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dogwood Tree

Today I wore the paisley dress I altered. I love its sleeves but it is awkward to wear a sweater with; thankfully, I didn't need one today. I had a spring break last week. It was pretty good. I don't have outfit photos because it was usually close to night when I got dressed and ready. I wore my sequin shorts a lot. Dress- Vintage altered by me, Betsey Johnson belt - filenes basement I tried to show off my cool leopard nails here but they didn't show up too well. My dress in sewing class is almost done. I just need to hem it. I did my first invisible zipper with it. I'm really excited about it. It is a bit larger than I would like but I'm really happy with it. And I'm going to cut out my Star Wars dress tonight and hopefully be done by Friday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blueberry Top

Today I finaly finished what was supposed to be a quick little weekend project. It took me about a month because of school and other things.It is Simplicity 2501. I made it before in green. Surprisingly the second time around came with a lot of obstacles. I think it looks really cool and modern with my sequin shorts. I love the shorts and I'm pretty sure this blog will turn into an I love sequin shorts blog over the summer.Paired with the matching dress it creates a subtle New Look feeling that I like.My mom really likes the shirt and wants one for herself.
There were some good things about this project: my covered buttons turned out so well,I got to use my cool labels,my sleeves turned out so well.Like I said it also gave me a bit of trouble. The waistband turned out weird so I hemmed it instead of doing it the way the pattern said to. My buttonholes were too small so they are decorative. I fixed it by closing it with hooks and eyes. I think I need to add one more to the middle because when I sit or slouch it gaps a bit.
Overall, I'm happy with the way it turned out even though it took longer than expected.
In other news I got a twitter. The link is in the about me section.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Chic on the Cheap

Do you see my nice new header? Well, Lydia from Chic on the Cheap made it.Chic on the Cheap is an outfit blog. She has such great color combos and awesome accessories. I have an interview with her.
Name: Lydia

Dayjob: Office work... nothing of consequence.
Why did you start a blog?:I just wanted a small creative outlet. At the time I wasn't even reading any other fashion blogs.

What's your favorite part of blogging?: Getting to know other bloggers, and becoming friends through the posts and emails and tweets; I love my blogger friends!

What are some of your tips for staying chic on a budget?: Patience. Most of the time, getting a great deal is all about the waiting game. Weather you are checking back at your favorite store waiting for the top you want to go on sale, or spending hours sifting through all the junk in a thrift store to find a gem; usually it's a trade off. You save money, but you spend time. There is a reason they call it deal hunting.

What are your favorite color combos?: Turquoise and anything. Eggplant and olive, mustard and navy.

What is your absolute favorite outfit?: Tough to say; I had a hard enough time choosing four favorites each month (for an end of year wrap up). But I do love this one:
It has a nice color mix, was super comfortable, and the photo came out well, which I feel is a big factor in how much I ultimately like an outfit.

What should your readers know about you? Although I've been working at my blog for over two years and it's actually gone from tiny little thing that no one knew existed to SECOND result on google (woohoo!) I still feel like the tiny blog, and I love to help out new bloggers. So if you need anything, please ask!

Thank you for the interview!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pat Field

Patricia Field is best known for creating the style of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City. She also has a store that has covetable accesories. It has a wide range of prices from out of reach to afforable. I'm not usually a ring kind of girl but the peacock ring is just the right amount of decadence for everyday. The peacock feathers are bold but delicate. It also has a matching bracelt. $26
I don't believe there are enough whimsical sunglasses in this world. This pair may make up for that! Rhinestones and flower apliques!$400
Hats should be worn more often. This would make an ensemble completely fabulous and make passerbys jealous. I can see this with a modern take on the Dior's New Look. Nipped in waists,big hips and a modern hat.$120
I think this store has the best shoes. I love these. As you know I love mirrors; I put them on leotards and sometimes my face. Shoes would complete my mirrored life. $1500
I love these so much. They may be the perfect shoe. They are soft but tough. And I love all the colors and the spikes. These are the shoes a girl wears when she needs to be noticed or is feeling great. $3000

What do you love from Patricia Field?

Monday, April 11, 2011


Today's outfit wasn't exciting in terms of silhouette or color/print mixing. But it does have something which I haven't done in a while: bare legs. It felt so nice to not wear tights; as much as I love them, there is something nice about bare legs on a warm spring day. I wore heels to school but, the department I aid for was going outside and I changed into the flats I keep in my bag when I wear heels. I remembered to accessorize. Look, I'm wearing a necklace. Dress-Target,Necklace-Macy's,Shoes-gift,sweater-New York and Company
In retrospect, black was not the smartest choice because my walk home got quite toasty.

In case you didn't notice, I changed the blog layout. It has three columns which I think looks sleek. And I have flowers instead of polka dots. The polka dots were very me when I started this blog but the flowers feel more me now.
I just need one of those header things. I don't know how to make one. So if anyone wants to volunteer to make one(I'll write a post about you) please comment or email
I finished my play and the head of the drama club really likes it. I'm excited to put it on.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I had a pretty good day today. I got spring themed pencils. It was not the ideal day to wear a white skirt though. I had to sit on the floor during physics and I was afraid of getting it dirty. Skirt-Handmade by me, Sweater and top- New York and Company, tights-gift,shoes- Old Navy
I hand embroidered this skirt last year. It took so long but it was worth it. I don't wear it enough. Which is weird because it goes with everything.
I really want the white tree in my yard to blossom because I need a background that doesn't match my sweater. Laying in the gravel is an option but I sort of look like a stylish corpse.

I have a busy night ahead of me. I have to finish my play it is about 75% done. I'm also thinking of changing my blog to a 3 column layout. I like when the post is in the center of the screen. What do you think?

I also started an email for the blog because I've just been using my personal one. The new email is tresfly[at] if you have anything to write you can reach me there. It is also in the about me section.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I decided to start off my week with a blue outfit. It was super warm so I wore sandals and a jacket. I was so happy I didn't need a coat. Dress-Target, Tights-American Apparel, Shoes- Old Navy, Jacket -Handmade
I love this dress because of all the textures in the same shade. It has tulle,lace and Swiss dots. I love the tights too. But they confuse people; a lot of people thought they were tattoos.
Today I wore my mirrored leotard. It was hard to take a picture of because of the wind and mirrors. Jacket and Leotard- Me,skirt-thrift,tights-gift I love pencil skirts but to avoid looking like I'm going to an office I pair them with fun things like mirrored leotards or just a tee shirt.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Full Skirts

Is there a better springtime feeling than swishing around in a full skirt? Full skirts are great for everyone. They make you look and girly. If you are afraid of looking like you stepped out of a time machine, you can wear them without crinolines or fluffers. This one is adorable. I love that the print looks painted. $68 This is so casual and would be cute for a daytime date. I like the embroidery and the gathered waistband. $85 This is so girly. It has princess seams and the skirt is super full. $165 What do you love to wear in the spring?