Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tuesday I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear.So I wore my default dress. My leopard H&M always looks good. I knew that I wanted to try something new with my hair.
I did the milkmaid braid with the clotheshorse's tutorial. I really like the look. I think my hair needs to be a bit longer for it. I feel like it definitely requires a red lip to keep it sophisticated. It is really simple and takes about two seconds
The shade of yellow on my cardigan is one of my favorite colors. I love wearing heels. I always go to this dress when I don't know what to wear or I have a lot of company over because the large pockets are good for holding things that people need like drinks and bags of marshmallows.

Dress- H&M,tights-Target, shoes and coat- Thrift,Cardigan - New York and Company
It's been a weird mix of warm and cold. So I've been wearing my coats in the morning but by the afternoon, it's sweater weather.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pretty People

This weekend I went to Alexandria,Virginia. I was in Old Town. It is a cute neighborhood with many antique stores and restaurants.My stepdad found a place called Pretty People Vintage. It is a vintage and consignment shop. It has a great consignment section but it really shines in the vintage selection. It is owned by the same woman who was a part of Annie Creamcheese. There were so many lovely vintage pieces. There were fifties button-back blouses,60s hippie dresses,some designer pieces,and fun dresses for the evening. The jewelry selection is so impressive! The prices are so reasonable. I got this cute dress for $25 If you go to Alexandria make sure you stop at Pretty people. It is minutes from D.C.
108 N. Patrick Street Alexandria, VA 22314
inside photos from pretty people website

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Story of a dress

So here is the story of my prom dress.
My best friend arrived at my house early in the morning. And me,him, and my family headed off on the search. My mom was confused about why he volunteered to come along. We got to Tyson's Corner and headed to Neiman Marcus. We saw this Theia dress.We grabbed three other dresses and I proceeded to try them on.I tried it on and this man ran over and told me that he designed the dress for Carrie Underwood to wear. He was very nice and the family continued to talk to him while I tried on the next dress. I came out and everyone loved it,including myself. It was declared so me. Don O'Neil said,"I didn't design this but it looks great on you." I wanted to get it right there. But we didn't;we headed to Sak's and didn't find anything I liked. We all looked around the rest of mall and couldn't find anything. My friend and I went to Williams Sonoma because there was free food;he loves free food as much as I do. My stepdad went back to Neiman's and get the dress. I was so excited.
Isn't it beautful? I love it so much. The feathers are beautiful. The color looks great on me too. It's by Sue Wong. I have no clue how to style it. What kind of shoes (cheap would be best since the dress was so expensive)? How should I do my hair? Is a rhinestone hairband too much?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


So I thought a video log would be easier to say this than to write it. Don't worry it's nothing serious.

So I went dress shopping yesterday and I found my dress. This isn't it but I tried it on. Carrie Underwood wore it to the Cma's. I'll show you my dress later in the week. I need styling help.
Posting will be a smidge lacking this week because of my show. I only get one night off.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

50s style

I wore my purple leopard dress today because I love it a lot and if fits really well. I have some of this fabric left so I may make a top from it. I paired it with my nerd tights and military jacket to make it modern. Dress-Self made,jacket H&M,tights- American Apparel
I took my picture in front of the one blooming tree in my yard. My yard doesn't start to get beautiful until mid-spring.
Dress- Vintage, Tights- Target,Jacket-Handmade
I only managed to get one picture before my battery died yesterday. I love this dress so much. It fits great but it is so delicate I ripped the sleeve a bit so hopefully I or the dry cleaner can fix it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day

Today is pi day and my outfit reflected that in more ways than one. The skirt on my dress is a circle,which you use pi to find. I also knew that I would be consuming tons of pie in my math class so I wore a loose fitting dress. I left my cardigan buttoned all day so it would appear fitted.
Everyone in my calculus class brought something, we had oatmeal cream pies,cupcakes,donuts,sweet potato pie,and mango almond pie. I made this strawberry tart. I didn't use raw sugar or vanilla bean in my whipped cream but it tasted good. The site has a child making it so I knew before I made it that it would be in my skill level.Dress-Vintage,sweater-New York and Company,Shoes-Payless,Tights-Target
Yesterday,I went to Rockville to have dinner with my grandma. We also went to G Street fabrics and they have so many beautiful things. I didn't get anything but when I get an idea, I'm going back.Diane Von Furstenburg dress-Gift,Cardigan-New York and Company,Bracelet-Gift,Shoes-Old Navy,Tights-Target
My stepdad took my outfit photo inside the restaurant. I think my dress is surprisingly versatile. It has every color in it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

McQueen Fall 2011

I loved this collection. I do, pretty much, love all McQueen collections. I feel that Sarah Burton is doing a very good job at filling such big shoes. The silhouettes we have come to know and love were still there. However, they were updated; they seemed softer. There was an absence of prints. This collection was called "The Ice Queen and her court." The show starts off with fur, zippers and a blinding white to introduce the iciness. I love the way that the zippers create little pleats. The collection is rigid but still light
Then the mood shifts to our beloved McQueen darkness. With bondage inspired pieces,we can see the queen's army.The looks are all very waist-defining which, looks good on so many people
The end of the show is like a party at Versailles. There is so much chiffon. I love the way it is pleated in the white dress. It looks like a party decoration.
This look is my favorite. The bodice is smashed china. I imagine it is very heavy. If you have a chance click the move it button on because in motion it made my draw drop.It glistens so tastefully, not like sequins and beads but like something organic.

The whole collection had an air of regalness to it and the fur only added to this. In addition to hard looks and soft looks,there are looks that combine both. The mixture of hard and soft makes sense because Queens are both powerful and kind. Most of us mere mortals don't wear McQueen but I can't wait to see these gowns on the red carpet and in magazines.The tailoring,as always,was impeccable.
pics from

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Indoor Photos

Its been cold and rainy the past two days so my outfit pictures are inside. I wanted to wear a chiffon dress and heels today but the weather put a damper on that plan. I did wear my dress that is a mix between a slip and a ballerina. My tights are black on one side and white on the other. Jacket-Handmade,Dress-Target,Beret-H&M,Tights-Marshall's
Yesterday I wore a toned down color combo. When I walked in my sewing class a freshman said,"Wow,you look normal today. I don't mean that in a bad way."She was confused by the toned down colors. But the same elements of my style are in this look. Mix of textures(sequin,leather,denim),whimsy(bow print,space print inside my jacket) and a simple silhouette. Skirt-Thrift,Jacket-Handmade,Leggings-H&M,Top-Forever 21
In this picture the outfit looks a bit 80s. I never get tired of showing off the inside of my jacket. I love how pretty,neat and fun it is.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flowers and DVF

Yesterday, I wore my flower dress. It has chiffon flowers attached to it. I think it is a very interesting take on floral print. I paired it with my floral blazer because what's better than double florals? I'm generally wary of wearing white because I'm not too coordinated but, I managed not to spill anything on myself.
Dress and shoes-H&M,tights-Target,Blazer-Thrift
Today I wore the Diane Von Furstenberg dress I found at the thrift store for $15. It isn't as joyous as my other ones but, it is just as lovely. I originally passed by it in the store because it was dark and I tend not to wear dark colors. Then I saw that it was crocheted and I had to have it. The lining stops around my knees so you can see tights through the holes in the crochet. I wish the sun was more out so that you could see the details better but I will definitely wear it again. If you make the picture bigger it is more clear.
Dress and Blazer- Thrift,Tights-Gift,Shoes-Payless
You may have noticed that I've been switching up my shoes lately. My black flats are pretty much dead and I have so many shoes I don't wear. This limbo period between finding the next perfect pair of mary janes is a good motivator to wear all the shoes I've collected.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweater Guards

Today I'm going to show you how to make a vintage inspired sweater guard using old earrings. Sweater guards are a vintage accessory to keep your cardigans from blowing away. They went out of style but I think they should be brought back. This is a really quick and easy project.And you may have a lot of the materials on hand.
Materials: 2 jump rings,chain,2 post style earrings,2 pins, pliers,hot glue gun, small fabric or ribbon(optional).
Step 1 - Using the pliers take the pointy part off of the back of the earring. On one earring I managed to get it all the way off. On the second there was a little stub left,that's okay. I placed a small dot of hot glue and a tiny piece of fabric over it so it didn't hurt me or my cardigan. You can see it better in the next picture. Step 2 - Glue the pin to the back of the earring. I don't like the way hot glue looks so I covered it with a small strip of fabric. Step 3- Attach a jump ring to one end of your chain. Then place it on the pin bar. It will move around.
Step 4- In front of a mirror determine how much chain you want. I used about 10 inches. Then cut you chain and attach a jump ring. Place the other end on your pin and wear.
Step 5- Feel accomplished.
This isn't a traditional sweater guard because the chain is removable. That is better because you could make a ton of earring pin and just switch the chain. You could also make a few kinds of chains and maybe add beads. You could also use an old necklace as your chain.
I hope you try this out. If you have any question you can leave them in the comments.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breaking the Rules

Yesterday, I decided to wear heels because I haven't in such a long time.I love to wear heels because I feel like a normal height and I walk better. Generally, I clomp around like an elephant. But in heels I'm a gazelle; not a graceful one. Jacket-H&M,Dress-gift,Tights-Urban Outfitters,Shoes-thrift
I love these tights and they cause confusion. Sadly, I think this may be the last time I wear them because they have a giant run in the back that I didn't notice until the day was almost over. I'm breaking the "fashion rule" of mixing black and brown but sometimes rules need to be broken. These shoes make the most lovely sound when walking. Since it was oddly warm I decided to get a bit more adventurous in my picture taking. I really like this one.
What fashion rules do you break?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Velvet Take Two

The last time I wore this dress I asked for your advice on what to wear with it. Ashley suggested I wear it with pink. I wore pink tights and my pink flowered jacket. This is sadly still not the right jacket. But the tights make the green look better. Dress-vintage,tights-gift,shoes-payless,jacket-thrift
I've come to the conclusion that this dress looks best with out a jacket. Look at the picture,see how sassy I look. Like a modern day Joan Holloway with smaller hair.
This is more sass!
Today my power went out and my mom needed new professional clothes,so we went to the value village. I found A BRAND NEW DIANE VON FURSTENBERG DRESS for $15! I also got a top and book on tailoring. Have you got any cool finds lately?