Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not Your Average Ball

So this is the Lady Gaga Monster Ball post. Its been a few days since then and I feel I can finally speak about it coherently. It was the best Christmas present and definitely the best Thursday I've ever had.The energy was amazing.I had a pretty good standing spot.I was pretty close to the stage. It was like a religious experience. Just imagine the best thing you have ever experienced and then multiply that by infinity! I have to see her again on the next tour.
Lady Gaga
I would talk about the performance in some sort of order because it was spectacular but I don't want to ruin it for anyone who wants to be surprised when they see it(when I described it to my friend he asked if I was on drugs). I will say that the costumes were the sublime. The sets were great. And Gaga can sing like no other! She did all her hits and some new stuff and my favorite song(Teeth).
Lady Gaga
The feeling at the show was just exhilarating. And you can tell that she loves her fans.And she is stunning. There's this inner confidence that is infectious.She is so inspirational, a sharply dressed Oprah.Gaga said,"remember one day you'll have a big shining stage." It's something we know anyway but when someone makes fun of your outfit or thinks you're strange or doesn't believe in you,its so comforting to know that someone -even if they don't know you personally- thinks that you are a superstar.
Lady Gaga
During the show she also said she didn't want us to leave loving her more but loving ourselves more. Well both happened to me. I saw the concert of all time and I feel like a new person. Brave,more confident,stronger somehow. I don't know how a concert did that but it did. My paws will forever be up for Mother Monster.
photos from flickr

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Gaga Post Sort Of

I saw Lady Gaga last night! I'm still in a post concert euphoria where I can only say it was the greatest night I have ever experienced and I feel like a new person. Gaga puts on the best show! The post where I actually talk about my concert somewhat coherently will come soon.
This is my friend and my makeup. We put rhinestones and mini mirrors on our faces with eyelash glue. I also did my special going out makeup which is eyeliner. I also broke out the bump-it. I only bring it out on special occasions;Gaga is the most special special occasion.
This is the outfit. Everything is entirely new as this is a life changing event. I have a feeling I will wear the sequin shorts all the time.
Shorts-Forever 21,Bustier-Marshall's,Tights-American ApparelThis is me today. I needed an outfit that says this is the first day of the rest of my life. What says rebirth more than sequins? I got the bag at the concert.
This picture is to show off my second day bump-it.
Dress-Macy's,Sweater-Forever 21,Tights-gift

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Analysis

While looking forward at fall fashion week is important. I think we should remember the spring shows because they are going to affect us very soon. I threw in a few resort pictures because they are spring-ish. I found a few trends that I think will be exciting this spring. Brights- Bright colors are always great for spring and this year isn't different. I think they look great paired with neutrals or by themselves in a dress. If you aren't sure about how a certain color will look try it in a skirt;it is also a nice way to play with volume.
Alice + Olivia, Karen Walker,Marc by Marc Jacobs

Lace/Cutouts-This is a great thing. It can be done in many ways, you can use lace/cut outs to show skin. But, you can also use it to show case a cool shirt or fabric underneath it. I think the red dress is so stunning and could look great on a lot of occasions.
Erdem,Cynthia Rowley,Marc Jacobs Monochromatic- One color outfits look put together. It's easy to add a personal spin to. You can do all pastels,all brights or a mixture. You could even through in a print like in the last example.
Marc Jacobs,Chris Benz,Chris Benz
Retro-I am always a fan of retro trends. But this retro trend has a bit of a twist. In color like the yellow dress,or in a cool space print like the Erdem dress, or an nontraditional fabric like the Marc Jacobs separates.I think the key to keep from looking like you stepped out of a time machine is a modern touch, either in the piece itself or an accessory.
Alice + Olivia , Erdem, Alice + Olivia,Marc Jacobs
Interesting prints- Spring has always been about florals which will get no complaints from me but, it is great to see new print ideas.The Mary Katrantzou dress is a picture of a room! How cool is that? And it works perfectly with the silhouette.I'm not sure what the Erdem print is but it is so pretty. I like the coral print on the Cynthia Rowely bathing suit. Undersea prints will make a big splash
Mary Katrantzou, Erdem,Cynthia Rowley
pictures from
What trends are you looking forward to for spring?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Red dress

I have outfits from the past two days. The first is my Valentine's Day outfit. I wore a long red velvet dress because I love themed outfits. I didn't have a date on Valentine's Day but I did have many kinds of cake.
The dress is vintage, I got it at the same time I got my other velvet dress.and it is so pretty. It is really warm so I probably won't get to wear it much until next winter as it is slowly starting to get warmer. I paired it with my handmade denim jacket to make it casual.
My favorite part of the dress is the neckline. I love the little loops of fabric;it makes a simple dress something special.
I wore this dress today. I don't wear it enough because sometimes it feels too formal for everyday but, sometimes you just need to wear the happiest dress in your closet. It always makes me smile. It is very delicate though.

Diane Von Furstenberg dress-Gift,Tights-We love Colors,Jacket-H&M

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Did they really get pinned?

Thanks to rehearsals, The Telephone Hour has been stuck in my head. So I've decided to show some of my favorite 1950s finds.

So the main premise of the song is Kim gets pinned. So I found some good brooches. I love the green one because it has such an interesting shape $14.50. The middle brooch is so classy and it is a steal at $10.The last one is really sparkly $12.
There is a lot of cute telephone jewelry. I love the pin. The phone and the speaker are separate pins $8.99. The ring is really nice, and I like the base of it too $10.
Sweater guards were really popular in the 1950s. I can't understand why they went out style. The owl one is a recent one. It would work so well with all of my other owl themed jewelry $28.
The orange flowers would look stunning on a blue cardigan $14.40.
A nice full skirted dress completes the look. I love the print and neckline on the first one. The color is really striking too $178.Shirt dresses are always great, I think it would look really nice with a large green belt $48. The sherbet one is so fun. I love the bias waistband $105.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slightly Secretarial

Today's outfit is a little secretarial. Sometimes it feels good to wear a pencil skirt. I really wanted to wear heels but there are hidden patches of ice that I do not want to fall in.
I feel like the bow print and the plaid mix really well together. I also like the silhouette it creates.
Blouse-H&M, Skirt-Thrift,Tights-Target,Marc Jacobs jacket- Gift
I'm really excited for this weekend. My best friend is coming home for the weekend. So hopefully we are going to do stuff. AND there is only two weeks left until I see LADY GAGA! The friend I'm going with and I keep sending each other countdown texts. Do you have exciting plans?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Strong Colors

My days have been good and I'm getting excited about the future.I love wearing bright colors in the winter; it makes the winter days cheerier. I love this shade of yellow and this pink/purple. I think they work really well together.
It was a little windy today. I feel like the grey tights make all the super bright colors work together.
Coat-thrift,Cardigan-New York and Company,Dress- H&M, Tights- We Love Colors,Shoes-Payless
I'm taking an independent study class for sewing. I'm almost done all of my samples, so I'm going to start the above dress in a floral print next week. It has a lot of techniques I'm looking forward to. My second project is the Joan Holloway dress but I need to find the perfect pattern/fabric for it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


It is almost Valentine's Day. It's is not my favorite holiday, but I can not resist pink things and things covered in hearts.
This dress is grown-up but fun. I love the flower lace sleeves and yoke. The color is also really pretty.$42
I adore chrysanthemum jewelry. This one is special and perfect for Valentines day because the flower is heart shaped. $13

This is the frilliest pink dress I have ever seen. Its like cotton candy. $89.99

Since it February, staying warm is important. I love this cardigan the stitched in hearts are something I haven't seen before. I also like that it is not in a traditional Valentine's color but its a green. $98
I love bubble style umbrella's. The hearts make it really festive. $29.99
I hope you guys a great Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


So the snow has melted a bit so I'm wearing real shoes. I'm not brave enough to attempt heels in the ice and snow. I decided to wear my pretty vintage velvet dress that I got in Hampden.

It fits really well and I love the ribbon detail at the waist. I wore it to school today.
Dress- Decades (I got mine from their store but that is the online shop),jacket made by me, tights- Target

I wore it with my denim jacket you can see the cool inside details in the top picture. I love the jacket and the dress but I don't love them together. When the jacket is open or closed it covers the detail that makes the dress really special. It also makes me appear just up and down; I like to have a little waist definition.

What should I pair with it next time?