Monday, October 31, 2011


I wore this to go run some errands. I got some new boots too. I'm kind of unsure how I feel about this outfit. I like the top part. I think the colors and layers look nice together. I like the tights with it too but I think the shoes kill it. I don't think that two kinds of animal and the eatles mix well together. Next time I don such dramatic tights, I'll wear a simpler shoe. I made this skirt a while ago. Maybe about two years ago and my hook and eye fell off and I never fixed it. I fixed it a few days ago because I wanted to wear it when I went out with a friend and I love this skirt. I think I may make it in some more colors.

Sweater and shoes-thrift,tights- Celeste Stein,skirt- made by me, polo- Tommy Hilifiger,striped shirt- idk, necklace- Marc by Marc Jacobs

Friday, October 28, 2011

Barbie dresses I want

I went to the Barbie collector website because I have nice memories of getting the special holiday Barbie every year. When I went to the website, I wished I had a reverse shrink ray because Barbie has some nice dresses that I want. Van Gogh dressThis dress is so charming. Retro and modern. I love the full skirt and the print is used so nicely. Barbie also has really great hair with this dress.
To Catch a Thief This one is from a movie. It's just so darn glamourous. The blues look so nice together.
Darya This dress is amazing. The embroidery looks so nice. It looks like a McQueen dress. This doll is dressing how I want to dress.
Tribute This Barbie is so over the top glamourous so pretty much the exact opposite of most of the Barbies I played with. I'm in love with the embroidery and swooping skirt.
Joan Holloway 'Nuff said. But really having a Joan Holloway dress would help ease the pain of the long Mad Men hiatus.

What dress is your favorite?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I wore this to run some errands. I wore the jacket because I wanted to brighten up my dark dress.
DVF Dress- thrift,jacket and shoes - thrift, purse - Ralph Lauren, tights- Target

I really like how this dress has a bit of crochet without a lining so fun tights can peek through. This dress is a part of my clothing challenge. I feel like I'm wearing it pretty well so far. Navy looks great paired with pink.

Monday, October 24, 2011


This is the last of my New York show posts. This one is short and sweet. Proenza Schouler had a drab color pallete; it makes sense with a forties inspiration but the addition of teal was a much needed touch. I adore the blazers with matching shorts. The final looks had such interesting draping.
Chado Ralph Rucci is usually for the more mature woman but this season there were a lot of youthful looks. A white beaded dress could look wonderful on so many women. The workmanship was impeccable as always. I wish I could find detail shots. There were very figure flattering insets. Looks are bold but understated.
Next up for my fashion week recaps is London.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shoe Saturday: Flats

Heels are so beautiful but, flats are practical. I love flats but they don't last very long with me. For today's Shoe Saturday I'm spotlighting some flat shoes. I really like these Anthropologie flats. The color is so rich and the flower detail is very sweet.
These Miu Miu brogues are so fun and wild. The zebra print suede really updates the classic style.
Mary janes are one of my favorite shoes styles. I like this Miu Miu pair because they are so shiny.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I love underwear. No matter why I go into Target, I can't escape without buying a pair. I will be milling around and then BAM, I see starfish,elephants, and polka dots. It goes without saying that my lingerie doesn't coordinate most days; however, when it does I feel like a bonafide adult. That's why I love the idea of lingerie sets.

When a rep from AdoreMe contacted me to tell me about the site I needed to learn more.It's so simple; it's brilliant. You take a fun personality quiz, based on the answers a showroom is created for you and it changes each month. Lingerie,personality quiz and variety! What more could a girl want? The lingerie sets are $39.95 each with free shipping! They also have staff to help with fitting. If you have a problem with it they also do free return shipping. It sounds like AdoreMe will have awesome customer service.
AdoreMe website
I think this look is great. Stripes with a hint of lace. Its so fun!
I really like the lace straps on this bra. This set is sophisticated.
I can't wait for AdoreMe to open.
*I will be compensated for this post

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I wore this to see an Elvis impersonator.Dress-Target,Jacket- Thrift,Bracelet- vintage gift, Shoes- Eternity Shoes
I decided to keep the color of the dress neutral and let the blazer and accesories be the color.

I love the shoulder detail on the dress. I always wind up covering it because I never think about this dress when its warm.

I got these shoes in Philly. I really love the color.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Progress and Philly

Today I'm going to show you my Philly outfits and my challenge progress report. I wore this on the first day. We did a little bus tour and the Eastern State Penitentiary. I wore my crochet DVF dress which is one of my challenge pieces. I like this dress but I don't like it with this color tights.
Dress- Thrift,Jacket-Forever 21,Tights- We love Colors
I wore this to the aquarium and the ride home.
Sweater and skirt- Thrift,Tights-target, Bag- Kate Spade

Progress Report: I've been wearing the shoes a lot. And I think I'm figuring out the tricks to ankle boots. I still don't know what to pair with my dress. Hopefully, I can figure out some combos by the end of the month.

Friday, October 14, 2011


My family went to Philadelphia last weekend. Vacations are interesting with my family because my mom loves to plan while my stepdad doesn't. We didn't really know what we going to do once we got there. My family knew that we wanted to see the Eastern State Penitentiary and the aquarium. Other than that we didn't know what to do. So how do you pack a suitcase if you aren't sure what you are going to do? I'll show you what I did. 8
Colors and Warmth- Most guides recommend that you stick to a color palette. That really works when you wear a lot of separates but since I'm a dress girl, I did a twist on that and just kept my outerwear coordinating. I brought a grey sweater and a white blazer. They both matched every outfit but they also went with each other so if I got cold, I could put the blazer on top of the sweater. Staying comfortable is a big deal on vacation. You want to look like your stylish self. I think having sleeveless or short sleeved items is a good way to pack for fall,spring and summer vacations. Winter you'd probably want to have some sleeves. Sometimes it is really hot outside and cold inside so taking your sweater with you will be more practical than wearing something long sleeved all day. I brought light tights and a pair of fleece lined tights in case it got cold at night.

Personal Style- This should really help you pack your suitcase. Take what you love to wear just make sure you are able to move in it for a while. You should also consider your environment. No matter how much you may love chiffon dresses, I think we can agree that you wouldn't want them in a place where you have no clue what you are doing. Vacation is a great place to try out new styles. If you have a blue lipstick you want to try, vacation is the perfect place to try because most likely you won't see the people you encounter again, so you may be a bit more confident. I would recommend bringing a just in case outfit. I brought jeans just in case the family did something athletic. I also suggest bringing a smart outfit or a smart jacket in case you decide to eat somewhere nice
Shoes and other- I brought two pairs of flats I tend not to wear heels on vacations because I assume I will be doing a lot of walking. I bought the pink suede boots while I was away. I also brought my lipstick,blister stick (that I neglected to use) and a big purse. Next time, I'll pack a smaller purse because by the end of the day the purse started to hurt my shoulder. Also, remember to pack underwear and pjs. Sadly I don't travel with a nice yellow trunk. I don't know if I got any outfit photos from Philly but if they didn't turn out good enough, I may put them back on.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Sewing Wishlist

For my fall sewing list I have a bit planned and hopefully I can manage to finish a good percentage of it.
1. Diaper Bags- They aren't my favorite thing to make but my mom wants a few for her friends.
2. Embroidering my undersea dress. Its so pretty and I can't wait to wear it.
3. Red dress. It will be in the same style as the undersea dress but in a red that matches the lipstick shade I tend to wear.
4.50s style tanks in a variety of colors. I have so many skirts but very few blouses that aren't tees. So I want to add some nice sleevless tops with some neckline variations to my wardrobe.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Another scheduled post. I wore this to pick up my grandma.
Dress-H&M,jacket and shoes- thrift I rarely wear this jacket but I thought that the shoes matched the houndsooth jacket perfectly.

These shoes are in my challenge because I'm still not sure what to wear with ankle boots but I think they look nice with short things.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


This is a scheduled post. When you are reading this, I'll be in a Philadelphia. I wore this outfit on Thursday to go pick up a few things. Dress-Thrift,Tights-somewhere in dc, Shoes-Off Broadway, Bag- Kate Spade

I really like the combo of a really covered up dress and vaguely S&M heels. Juxtapostition is one of my favorite things.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


On the dress Nina challenge of Project Runway Michaeal Kors said that no one gets excited about yellow. As I watched in my yellow cardigan, I said, "ME,I get excited about mustard." I love mustard yellow. I have a mustard yellow cardigan that I wear with everything seriously. I guess in my mind mustard yellow goes with everything. Mustard is a great color anytime of the year. I love to wear it with fall food colors like: pumpkin,cranberry, and carmel. It's also a good transition color when paired with bright, saturated hues.
This is a warm weather fall look. The ASOS blouse has a really nice button back and pussy bow that give it a vintage vibe. A teal skirt looks lovely with yellow. A pair of sparkly shoes and a ring add some glam.
The fall look is very cozy but sophisticated. Mustard
pants are the center. It is topped with a
Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater in a warm cinnamon color. DVF shoes make the outfit chic. And a
Temporary Secretary necklace adds a little but of whimsy.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NYFW Part 3

In my mission to make Fashion Week as long as possible, here are three short reviews to start your week. We have Alice + Olivia,Carolina Herrera, and Marchesa. Saying Alice + Olivia was slightly disjointed is an understatement. The connecting thread was retro but, a specific era wasn't nailed down. However, I did like most of the looks on there own. A floral sheath and floral wide legged pants were my stand out pieces.
Marchesa always makes me wish I was a princess. They use feathers and fringe so well. Fringe was used in a new way in a white dress dripping with sex appeal. Marchesa is living up to its namesake.
Carolina Herrera showed a great bird print that looked spectacular in maxi dresses and peeking out of coats. This is a collection for a girl on the go; the pieces looked breezy and like they could pack very well. There is a jacket with a wide lapel that I love. Some of the dresses have a slight geometric feel to them.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I wore this today to a meeting and Chipotle.And you guys get to see my new haircut. I was going to do another runway post but it didn't happen. Dress-made by me,bag-Kate Spade,Sweater-Loft, shoes-thrift,tights-Target


It's kind of a 60s style bob. I brought in this photo from Vogue's September issue. I need to tease it more to get some more volume. I love it and its easy to take care of.

This photo really shows off the darts and pleats in the bodice that manipulate the swirls. I worked so hard on this dress and I think it will look good in the fall too. I wore my challenge flats today and I think the prints look good together.