Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Challenge Pieces

It's time for me to unveil the pieces for my clothing challenge. I only used five pieces this time because I don't really get out too much. More than half of my pieces are shoes. The clothing pieces are difficult pieces for me.
My two clothing pieces are this navy Diane Von Furstenburg dress and a red pencil skirt; they are both thrifted. I've had this dress for a while and I rarely wear it because I feel the skirt is long and I have a slight aversion to navy on myself because I wore navy everyday in middle school. The skirt I got recently. I love this skirt because it fits so well and it has a little touch of sequin making it very me.I'm just not sure how to wear pencil skirts without looking too secretary.
The ankle boots are challenge becuase I still don't know what to pair with them. The flats were in the mix last time and I didn't really use them but I hope I will this time. My new shoes are in the challenge because I want to get my money's worth.
A few other bloggers are joining me (if more sign up after I publish I'll update my list):
Rose and Violet from la boutique verte
Olivia from Brooklyn Life Style
Isabel from I fly a starship

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I had to reinterview for my job today so I wore this. I didn't really need to dress up but I like to dress up. The old people I usually see in the morning thought I looked very nice. I'm particpating inThursday's are for thrifters. I got a hair cut today after these photos were taken. My new hair is very sixties.
Shirt-Walmart,Skirt-Thrift,Sweater-New York and Company, Tights- Target, Shoes-Payless, bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs

So if you skipped my video log. Its basically saying in November I'm going to start allowing advertising, to join my clothing challenge leave your email in the comments, and please follow me so that I can brag to my step dad that I have more followers than he does.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Breaking in

This isn't a proper outfit post because I didn't wear these shoes today;I bought them today. After pining after Sam Edelman's for months, I saw these in the mall and got them. They were half the cost. I couldn't spend two weeks of money on one pair of shoes especially since I'm saving for Paris. Dress-H&M,Sweater-The Loft,Shoes- Off Broadway,Tights-Target

I took photos in a different spot today because I don't want these to touch grass. I made a video to go along with this post but somehow when I uploaded it to my computer it was blurry.

I plan on wearing these shoes a lot but I'll need to get some insoles. Another reminder, if you want to join my clothing challenge, drop a comment with your email and I'll put you on the email list.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shoe Saturday:Studs

I've been so busy with work and drivers ed that I haven't been commenting and posting as much. I'm done drivers ed now. I decided that a few Saturdays when I post it will be about shoes. I'm calling it "Shoe Saturday" because alliteration is fun. This week's Shoe Saturday is focusing on studs. Studs add some badassery to otherwise plain shoes or plain outfits. The Sam Edelman Lorissa,my favorite shoe on this list, looks classy from the front but fun from the back. The mullet of shoes. Imagine pairing it with fifties style dresses or wide legged pants for a more casual look. The rhinestones add some sweetness. I saw these shoes at Nordstrom a while ago and showed them to the family and they asked if I was getting into S&M. So they may not be the best shoes if you hang with a conservative crowd.
They look like simple pumps with a bow on them at first glance but, when you move in closer you realize the bow has some studs on it.The Bruno Magli heelsare a great mix between sweet and sassy. With a bow for your girly side and studs for your wild side, this shoe becomes a basic shoe with a twist.
The skull is the center piece of this Alexander McQueen shoe. The studs frame it so nicely. The skull reminds me of mermaids at the bow of a ship.Suede is the perfect fabric for this shoe. Even with a giant rhinestone skull at it's center, this shoe manages to be subtle.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I haven't done an outfit post in a while mostly because I haven't gone anywhere in a while except work and drivers ed. And by time I get off it's time to change,eat and head to class. Yesterday I got home a bit earlier.So I did some kickboxing and had time to take outfit photos. Dress-vintage,Tight-Target,Necklace-Forever 21,Shoes-DSW

This outfit feels very 70s so I added an owl necklace to make it more 70s. I feel like my polka dot pumps make it modern. This photo looks like a school picture but I like it. Remember there is still time to join my October clothing challenge. So if you want to comment or send me an email.

Monday, September 19, 2011

New York Part 2

Art as inspiration is nothing new but Rodarte makes it interesting. At times the shapes were so interesting that I barely noticed the Van Gogh prints. I loved the nipped waist and cut-outs in unexpected areas. Rodarte always makes stellar knitwear and this time was no exception. Color blocked sweaters start as a cable weave at the top and change to a basket weave. It creates a cozy statement piece. While literal, a standout piece for me was the Starry Night dress. A pretty print makes the dress disheveled and neat all at once.
Jenny Packham feels very ethereal. Tons of texture from lace,embroidery and sequins. The collection swayed between two extremes: very decorated and simple. I preferred the decorated looks but, the simple pieces act as a nice palate cleanser between looks. I understand why Kate Middleton loves her. While some looks are provocative;they are always classy.
Jill stuart is tropical and girly. Shades of orange were prodominant in the begining and scallop hems kept things soft. Soft rolled collars topped double breasted jackets. A butter yellow one is a favorite of mine. She added texture with quilting and mixes of different fabrics.I can see this collection working on girly girls from coast to coast.
Western and Bollywood? Not a typical mix of inspirations but Thakoon made it work. It has the bold colors one associates with Bollywood but with a classic western style. At first, the looks seemed a bit clunky but as the collection continued the looks grew better and better. The prints are mixed with flare. The full skirts will be fun and flattering to wear. The idea of a sheer sari style top is interesting. I think it could be a light alternative to a spring scarf.
Christian Siriano really excels at mixing formal and casual. Pairing tees with long velvet skirts is unexpected. A lovely chartreuse ran through the collection in all kindsof fabric. A skirt with ruffles is my favorite look;I'm already planning a d.i.y inspired by it. He really lets his creative flag fly in evening wear. Even with ruffles,feathers and tulle everywhere it doesn't feel expected or forced.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Floral

I wore this to look at Missoni for Target the other day. There wasn't any left. I bought this dress in May from Dreamland and needed a nice fall day to unveil it. Next time, it will hopefully be a little cooler so I can wear it with my crinoline. It has a really nice subtle v-back.
Dress-Vintage,Sweater-New York and Company,Shoes-Old Navy
Yesterday I bought my self a present. I got a new cardigan with rhinestones. Please sign up for my clothing challenge in the post below.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Join Me

My summer clothing challenge was just the push I needed to wear some of my lesser worn items. Now, I'm inviting you to join me in the fall clothing challenge. If you don't really get out much I would recommend picking less than 9 items, that was my flaw in my summer challenge. If you want to you could include accesories. Rough Timeline:
End of Sept: Show challenge pieces
October 1: Challenge begins
Mid-October: Progress Report
November 1: Challenge Report card

To participate leave a comment in this post saying something like,"I'd love to join" and leave your email somewhere I can easily find. I'm planning on doing an email list of weekly wardrobe tips and some questions to help you write the progress report and end post. I will also link to your blog in the beginning post,progress post and end post. I really hope that you will join me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New York Fashion Week Part 1

It's fashion week in New York and I have been browsing it. Okay, stalking obsessively is more like it, I have a notebook. I'm going to talk about 5 collections I like so far. So far, next spring will be colorful and joyous.
While inspired by a nude photographer, Prabal Gurung looks lady like. I love the wilting flower prints. The way the prints and solids are laid out create a really flattering hourglass. The pants on a floral suit look like a Rorschach test. Fabric was used to add volume to shoulders and hems on printed dresses. A sheer dress with black detailing is a stand out look.
I would describe the Jenni Kayne collection as a fun country club; it is basic preppy pieces with some done in a colorful way. I'm picking up a Cher Horowitz vibe from how well it is coordinated. I adore the playful short suits and the wonderfully tailored jackets. The pink preppy skirt look is my favorite.
Gary Graham is fantastic a bit darker then I usually like. Tea stained coats and dresses provide some whimsy and old world charm. I like the way some of the sheers were handled:paired with something shorter underneath. It adds a bit of mystery.Graham has a great future ahead of him.
Cushnie et Ochs uses simple color palette: white,pink,yellow,tan and black. There were cut outs that made the little white dress sexy. Full leather skirts create a flirty and girly look. The gravity defying necklines interest me. A bright yellow skirt suit will make its wearer into a ray of sunshine.
Vivienne Tam,my absolute favorite so far, put on a great show. I want to wear everything she showed. The collection feels like a flower. I love the short suits. Her interesting prints give a nice spice to basic cigarette pants. Mixed prints make simple separates more exciting. A pink and orange look showcases an amazing color combination and some great texture.
What shows do you like so far?

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The weather has been dreary the past few days so I decided to put together a fun outfit in dreart colors. I kept the jewlery simple since the sweater and shorts provide sparkle. I think I will get more wear out of the shorts in fall because they feel very casual with tights. Shirt-Rave,Shorts and Sweater- Forever 21, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag- my mom,tights- Target, Bracelet-gift
I love this bag. It has a ton of storage,isn't too large and smells like leather. I borrowed it from my mom because I thought it went better with my outfit than the purse I usually use. I wore this to go get lunch with my mom. We were going to go to the food truck I like but then it started to pour so we tried a place close to our house.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The P Word

Petrifying and pants begin with the same letter,P. Is this a coincidence? I don't think so. I love them on others. I truly do. My fellow bloggers wear them so chicly. Audrey Hepburn wore pants even Lady Gaga wear them on occasion. If these iconic and stylish women can wear them then why do I think that pants don't work for me? Is it four years of wearing almost nothing but skirts and dresses? Possibly but, I love jumpsuits, the middle ground between my beloved dress and pants. Is it because my rainbow striped jumpsuit is kind of ridiculous? Maybe. Pants just have too many variables: length,crotch depth, making sure it fits in both the waist and hip, avoiding the dreaded camel toe and visible panty line. Then you have all the different styles: flare,boot-cut,skinny,wide leg, tapered.Don’t even get me started on how much jeggings confuse me! It is too much! Calculus is easier than finding a suitable pair of pants. I don't want jeans. I have two pairs: skinny jeans and really tight skinny jeans.I need pants. Trousers if you will.
Pants project an image of power and know-what-you-are-talking-about-ness. Yves Saint Laurent liberated women by putting them in pants. I’m liberated, I guess. I could wear pants;I guess I’m afraid. Of all the things I’m afraid of, pants are by far the silliest. I shouldn't be afraid of them.I loved pants as a child,actually, I really enjoyed knit cotton pants but they were pants nonetheless. I think pants made me feel tougher and less vulnerable. Now, I just rely on cynicism and sarcasm. I wear pants ever day to work because I have to. They happen to be the least flattering pants ever made. Turns out the word unisex is a fancy way of saying, “these are man pants but we will make them small enough for you to fit into.” The only plus side of man pants: big pockets.
This year will be the year for many things: going to Paris,finally finishing 1984 and finding a pair of pants for me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The force

I wore my Star Wars dress to a family cookout. I thought I would only wear it once because it is a bit out of my comfort zone.Dress-Handmade,Belt-Filene's,Shoes-Target,Jacket- Forever 21, Bracelet- GiftThis dress looks surprisingly good with a blazer. Sadly, the blazer didn't last too long because it was hot out but the few minutes I had it on, I was quite stylish. I love the bracelet because it is such a dramatic statement piece.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nailing it

This is my submission to this week's IFB project. The theme is nails. I'm going to show you what is currently on my nails and the story of my first manicure. I'm currently wearing Sally Hansen Salon effects in Check it out. I love these nail sticker because they are quick to do (about 20 minutes from prep to the end) and they are a fun change from my usual no polish or red polish. They also last a long time. When I did the leopard ones they lasted a bit over a week. I think using them for the fun prints makes the most sense because they cost way more than a normal bottle of nail polish.

My first real manicure was around last Christmas. I went with my mom and grandmom. Occasionally I would get my nails painted by my mom's nail lady that used to come to our house but I had never gotten the whole treatment. My grandmother love to have her nails done so I went with her. We went to the little nail salon near her house and I picked out a red that matched my lipstick because I'm predictable.

Then I went with my manicurist to the table where she proceeded to push back and cut my cuticles. I don't know why this is done. Then she lotioned my hands. We didn't talk to much; I am terrible at doing small talk. She told me that my grandma and I were adorable together. Then as she painted my nails asked if I had a boyfriend. I said no and she asked why don't you have one? I didn't really have a good answer then my nails were done and she moved on to the next customer.
That was my last manicure, I haven't gone back since. Maybe because I'm lazy or because I'm bad at new situations. What is on your nails?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mini Braids

I wore this outfit to go to Bob Evans with my grandma. It's entirely made by me except the shoes,belt and purse. It's all made from Cynthia Rowley patterns. I love them because they are challenging but worthwhile.I took some photos on my grandma's porch. I would have gotten more there but I forgot my tripod.
Dress and Jacket- Made by Me, Shoes-H&M,Purse- Kate Spade, Belt- Filene's Basement
I did mini-milkmaid braids in my hair. I saw the idea on a blog but she did an updo behind it. I just left my hair down and pushed my bangs to the side.
I'm really excited to wear this jacket more this fall. I really love the dark denim it feels a bit more formal than a light denim and I love being just a touch more formal.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Challenge Report Card

So it is September and that means that my August clothing challenge is over. For the month of August, I challenge myself to get more wear out of nine pieces in my closet: a pink dress,pink bed jacket,chiffon dress,blueberry top,embroidered skirt,sequin shorts,pink shoes,leopard shoes, and polka dot shoes. Now is the time to see how I did. So I made a little questionnaire. What did you wear the most?
I wore my polka dot shoes and pink dress the most. There aren't a lot of documented photos of the shoes but I guarantee you that I wore them a lot. I wore the pink dress twice because I'm determined for it to fit into my wardrobe because I put many great details into the dress.
The least?
I wore the shorts,leopard shoes and pink shoes the least. The shorts feel too formal for day but I feel that I can work them easier for day in the fall. The leopard shoes were worn once because they still need to be broken in. The pink shoes were worn once because they feel very very dainty and I don't think I'm used to that.
Not at all?
I didn't wear the bed jacket, skirt and chiffon dress. I don't know what to wear with the jacket. I never thought about the skirt and it is just too hot to wear a dress with so many layers in this heat.
For lesser worn pieces what will you do to get more wear out of them in the future? I think I will pair my shorts with tights and jackets in the fall. I'll find/make some wide belts for my pink dress. I will break out the chiffon dress in spring when it is a bit cooler. I still don't know what to wear with the pink jacket.
After the challenge is there anything you realize doesn't work in your wardrobe? Can you fix that?
Sadly, I don't think the pink jacket works well in my current wardrobe. It looks out of place with black. I do occasionally wear around the house. I could wear it the few days a year I wear jeans to add a girly edge.

So this is the end of this months wardrobe challenge. Is anyone interested in participating in the next one? I will announce more details around mid-September if anyone is interested.