Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pink dress

I wore this about a week ago to grab some Italian food with my mom. The last time I wore this dress I decided that it needed a wide belt. So I paired it with my wide belt and I think it looks better. I still think the fit is a bit off but I can live with it. I think better undergarments would make it better.I'm slowly learning that pushup bras don't work with everything. Dress-Handmade,Belt-Forever 21, Bracelet- Gift,Shoes- Old Navy Wednesday marks the end of my clothing challenge. There are so pieces I haven't worn that I don't think I will get a chance to wear.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Part 2

This is the second and final part of my fall fashion post. You can read part 1 here. One of the trends I talked about was mid-calf skirts. I really like the B. Jones Style skirt because of it's vintage shape and the flocked velvet print. The crimson midi is an excellent choice because the color and fabric can be dressed up or down depending on the blouse. A 60s dress is a nice dramatic way to bring in a geometric print and a longer length. If you read this blog often, you can probably guess that sequins are my favorite trend. Shine can go from day to night. A sequined crop top would look amazing with a high waisted pencil skirt and cardigan. I don't think I need to explain why this bra and short set is great. Velvet is a good fall trend because it can help keep you warm. The ASOS dress is a great party piece. These Dvf pants are so cool and velvety. The Rodarte for Opening Ceremony coat isn't for sale yet but it is so regal and wonderful. Leather is what all the cool kids are wearing.Leather shorts are mystifying to me. I think leather is warm shorts are not and I just get confused and envious because they look cool. Shorts can go into fall with the addition of tights. This H&M skirt is popular in the blogosphere and I understand why. The toughness of leather and the girlyness of a full skirt is a fun combo.Leather jackets are always in style.
What are you looking forward to wearing in fall?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Painted Face

A great outfit for a not so great day. I got called in for work on my day off and then I got some things taken from me. I was uspet so when my friend called me to go out I got really dressed up to get some Italian ice. In my mind, DVF makes a bad day better. Dress- Diane Von Furstenberg, Shoes-Payless, Bag- Kate Spade, Cardigan- Forever 21 I like this dress. It's a lot more wearbale than my other DVF because it has a lot of black. I love Diane Von Furstenberg becuase her dresses make me feel so confident. We went to the mall to get the Italian ice and there was free face painting and I couldn't resist.I used the manual setting on my camera and things aren't blue anymore! I don't know why my face is missing in the first picture but I think it looks cool. Do you like to get overly dressed up on your bad days?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I had an end of summer party. I made the dress code travel. I went with a nautical sailor loook. Skirt and Shoes - thrift, Shirt- Rave, Necklaces- Gifts I wore my challenge shoes. It didn't even make it to the party because I needed to help some friends bring in food in a massive rainstorm. I do like the color they give to an all black and white outfit. I took pictures next to a globe to bring in some travel theme into the photos.I saw these really cute cupcakes on Cupcakes take the Cake and thought they were adorable. I made my own version (shown above). All you need is cupcakes,icing and two bags of m&ms. They were a big hit though one of my friends thought they were old ladies.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Change of Scenery

I wore this when my mom and I were going to see a movie and wound up going to Little Italy instead. My mom took these photos. Shirt- Marc Jacobs gift,Skirt and shoes - Thrift,Bag- Kate Spade gift, Necklace- Ayana Designs (won in giveaway) We went to Vaccaro's to have dessert for dinner. We took the photos at the Inner Harbor. I've been dressing up more in my downtime because I wear a uniform for work.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blogging Tool kit

The theme of this week's IFB project is blogger tool kit. I'm sharing what is in mine.
Laptop- This is my laptop. I got it last year, I use to use a Gateway that was almost as old as I am. I like this because it is very portable so if I wanted to write a post from my living room while waiting for a cake to finish baking, I can.
Notebook- I got this notebook from Marshall's. It has a really pretty cover with early Andy Warhol drawings. I use it to write down post ideas and take notes on runway photos. I used to use my laptop for that but I found it's quicker to leave the photo up and write in the notebook and it's always there to flip back to.
Index Cards- Index cards are along the same lines as the notebook. I use them for post ideas, to-do lists, writing down which photos to use. I'm going to start using them to start writing down photography tips and keep them in my bag for when I take my outfit photos.
Pencil - I use really cheap Papermate mechanical pencils. I love them so much. Most mechanical pencils break for me. It turns out I write very intensely but these do not break.
Ipod- I use this to check emails in other areas of my house.
Camera (not shown) I use the camera to take my daily outfit photos. It's not shown because it was taking this picture. I use a Sony Cybershot.
Tripod( not shown)- The tripod is also an important part of my toolkit. It was a really good investment for my photos. I used to have to take photos in certain spots because I needed to balance my camera on something. Now I can go anywhere.
That's my toolkit. What's in yours? Is there anything you think I should add to mine?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Fashion Part 1

Fall is upon and and we are going to take a look at five fall trends that I've found. We're checking out: monochromatic looks,leather,velvet,mid-calf length, and glitter. Monochromatic is a wonderful look for fall. Diane Von Furstenberg used different shades of blue,all the way down to the accessories to make an interesting look. Using entirely different shades is something easy and probably already in your closet. Alice and Olivia used too matching suit-like pieces mixed with a darker texturized piece to look cool and put together. Chado Ralph Rucci was very into texture in this monochromatic look. I love all the close shades but the fur,sheer,and suede make the reds look less similar. It would be hard to wear all those textures in different colors without looking circus-y. Monochromatic looks are fresh for fall.Leather has been hot for a while; it's still going strong. 3.1 Phillip Lim used a lovely shade of brown. Alexander Wang paired leather pants with a jacket that contains leather accents. Double leather creates a tough look. Balmain created a leather suit. Leather or pleather adds toughness to fall clothing. It would look great juxtaposed with a girly skirt or dress.Mid-Calf skirt are another carry-over trend from spring. The McQueen skirt is interesting because it uses zippers to go from a pencil silhouette to a flare. Chloe has a flowy hippie skirt that would look great with boots. The straight skirt from Cynthia Rowley can go from business to pleasure easily. Mid-calf skirt will be hot for fall and they will provide a bit more warmth. Velvet is such a rich fabric and perfect for fall. Cynthia Rowley combined it with a sheer. While, Givenchy used it in a mini skirt for an accent. Proenza Schouler has put a simple dress in a wild zig zag velvet print. Velvet looks great in prints,burn-out and just a simple solid.Glitter and sparkles may be my favorite trend. Alice and Oliva did a simple ballerina dress with a glittered top. Alexander Wang used glitter to make pants that I, a staunch dress and skirt wearer, wants to wear. The pants are so Bowie. Monique Lhuillier used subtle sheen in a girly dress.
I hope you enjoyed this look at fall trends. Some trends can be combined think: monochrome and glitter,velvet and mid-calf,leather and velvet. The possibilities are endless! Stay tuned for part two where I find shop pieces to fit into these trends.
pictures from style.com

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Progress Report

My friends came to my house for game night last night and I wore this. The first friend who arrived said that I looked like a schoolteacher. We played game of things, Uno and taboo(which I am a master at!). Dress and shirt- Made by Me, Shoes-TargetI wore my blueberry shirt with my blueberry shirt with my blueberry dress. I think it would cute or children's show host like with blue shorts.I tried to use the manual setting on my camera. Somehow things turned out blue. It's the middle of August and it time for my mid-challenge progress report. To see any posts where I've worn something in the challenge click the clothing challenge tag.
Sequin Shorts- Worn to: Birthday party. I feel they work good in the daytime with a casual shirt. In the fall, I will pair them with tights.
Polka Dot Heels- Worn to: Bowling and a job interview. They add much needed spice to simple outfits.
Pink Dress- Worn to: Library This dress needs intense heels and I think era appropriate undergarments would help.
Leopard Shoes- Worn to:Library. They go with a lot they just need to be broken in.
Blueberry top- Worn: Here.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I wore this to go to a surprise bowling get together that my friend planned for her boyfriend. I am the world's worst bowler but a pretty good smack talker.I have high hopes for me being good at laser tag.Shirt- JC Penney, Shoes- DSW, Skirt- Thrift, Brooch-Vintage, Bag- Kate Spade I was a little bit more dressed up than everyone else. I used hot rollers on my hair and while my bowling game was terrible my hair looked good and even looked nice after the curls fell out. It still had some volume. I wore shoes from my clothing challenge. I love this little brooch. I picked it up the last time I went to my favorite vintage store, Dreamland. Here is my what's in my bag for the IFB project. My bag is a Kate Spade bag my mom got me for Christmas a few years ago. I use it all the time. I keep a pair of flats in my bag when I wear heels. Urban Decay lipstick in Revolution and a mirror for applying lipstick
Ipod,cellphone and sequined wallet
A pair of sunglasses ( usually I have two or three pairs in there)
and a blister stick which is such a lifesaver when wearing heels or breaking in shoes

Friday, August 12, 2011

Second Impressions

I wore this outfit to a second interview. I kept it simple because I wanted to make a good impression. Dress-Marshalls,Cardigan-New York and Company, Shoes- Payless, Bag- Kate SpadeI wore the cardigan buttoned to keep it super super classy. I kept the accessories simple (nonexistent). I wore my comfy heels that I used to do the musicals in. My dog joined me when I was taking pictures. She looked very confused.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Audrey Style

Audrey Hepburn is one of my style icons. Cliched, I know but sometime cliches are cliches for a reason. I'd describe my style as "Audrey Hepburn on an acid trip" meaning I tend to stick to fifties and sixties shapes but go crazy with the color. The school yearbook asked me that question; I couldn't use that quote so I said, "vintage with a twist'. Hepburn has a simple lady like style.Hepburn wore coats so well. While most envied the little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's I loved the orange coat. By loved I mean went on an extensive hunt for a similar coat and wound up with a nice orange pea coat. I realize they aren't the same but I'm still waiting for the perfect one. While the coats her characters wear are simple they have a striking detail like a bright color or stand collar that make them unique.Audrey would have loved this pink Anthropologie coat. The stand collar and color are very vintage inspired.
Trenches are wonderful and romantic. Just ask Holly Golightly. They are always in style. The khaki trench is classic and great for every occasion. The striped one is a daring choice.
When talking about Audrey Hepburn's style it is impossible to ignore the little black dress. She made it an icon.The crisscross dress has an interesting back. The BB Dakota dress is simply adorable.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Today I wore two pieces from my clothing challenge. I wore my pink dress and leopard shoes.I really like this dress but I think it needs heels and a bigger belt.
Dress- Made by me,shoes-thrift,Bag-concert,Hat- Key West
I think this dress can work.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday, my stepdad and I went to New York to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit. We had a quite a journey getting there. Our car stopped in New Jersey, thankfully, the nice people at Autozone gave us a jump and replaced our battery.
We got to the museum and got in the longest line ever. It was like a line at Disney World. We met a super nice woman from D.C.
When we reached the end of the line our patience was rewarded and we were greeted with that microscope slide and ostrich feather dress. My stepdad went ahead and said he would meet me at the end.
The first room had all of these wonderfully tailored jackets. This one was my favorite.This exhibit made me notice pieces I've never noticed before. Like the one above. It was so stunning in person. The place was peppered with his quotes which only made me love everything more.At the end, I was face to face with my favorite dress of all time. It's romantic and dark at the same time. That's what McQueen is all about. Somehow the dress is even more perfect in person. It was a wonderful exhibit and worth all the wait.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blank Canvas Dress

I finished sewing my perfect summer dress. I haven't started the embroidery yet. I used McCall's 6331. I made a major change. I didn't like the style of skirt so I changed it to a circle skirt. The skirt is pretty short but I love my skirts short and my heels high. The embroidery on the skirt will be a coral reef with coral,seaweed,fish, and a seahorse or two. I found some new stitches to try out. They'll provide a bit of texture.
I made view C. I really like this pattern. It fits nicely and I love the slight bustier style top. I'm going to make the romper next in the brown floral. Since I love the top half of the dress, I may use it to make a few tops. If you read the sewing plan post you know that I lack stylish tops.Since it was a halter style I didn't want to wear a bra with it so I used Sewaholic's bust pad method. She used five circles and said it wasn't enough. I used 11 and I think it may be too much but it still works well. Here's a detail of the bust. I found it difficult to get the cups in on the first try so I hand basted them in. You can see that it's a bit padded. There's also top stitching. I used a waist stay because the skirt will need to hold up a lot of embroidery and the last pieces of my sanity. Since the top was lined I left a small hole where the stay could go through. I also hand-picked the zipper.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sequin Shorts

I wore this outfit on Saturday to a party. I used one of my challenge pieces. I just treated the sequin shorts like regular shorts and the outfit put itself together.Shorts- Forever 21,Shoes and Shirt- ThriftMy summer dress is almost done. I just need to finish up some hand sewing and hem it. Then I get to start the embroidering process.