Friday, July 29, 2011

August Challenge

I have a lot of clothes I love but don't wear. I'm sure you do too. My sartorial goal for August is to incorporate these nine items (2 tops,2 bottoms,2 dresses,3 shoes) into my wardrobe more. I feel like if I do this once or twice a season I will wind up with a well worn closet.1. This beautiful pink jacket. I love it because it is so floaty and girly. I just have no clue what to pair it with. I think it looks silly with black and much too sweet with really girly items.
2. Blueberry top made by me. I like it but no clue what to wear it with. It looks good with it's companion dress. 3. Handmade embroidered skirt. I spent a good three months embroidering it and it looks so good but I never wear it.
4. Forever 21 sequin shorts. I was so excited to get them. I need to figure out how to make them work for daytime.5. Pink Joan dress. I love it. It's well made. The hand picked zipper is stunning. It longer than I'm used to so I sort of feel like a one woman salute to pepto bismol.
6. Vintage Chiffon dress. I love love love this it just feels so costume-y. This is the piece that concerns me for this month because it may be too hot to wear it. It has a lot of layers.
7. Polka dot heels. Cute and worn occasionally.
8. Pink heels. Adorable but they feel so sweet.
9. Leopard flats. Most of my flats look like they've had a rough life these still look presentable.
What pieces aren't worn frequently in your closet?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Floral Jedi

I wore this to take some books back to the library. I didn't pick up any because I have Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris, This side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Time Traveler's Wife . Typing it out makes it seem like a weird mix. If you have any book recommendations leave them in the comments.Do you see the big smile on my face? It's there because I can finally leave the house without turning into a massive pile of sweat and I played music when taking photos. I really like this dress. I rarely wear it because it's white and I'm clumsy. I tied a leopard scarf around it for some waist definition.Dress- H&M,Shoes and Scarf- Thrift, Sunglasses- Street Vendor, Necklace- Etsy, Bag- Fred FlareI like this tote bag. I spilled pen in it in the 9th grade so I only use it when I have a lot of things to carry and people constantly let me know that something in my bag is leaking.My mom got me this necklace because she knows I love Star Wars. It's so adorable. If I knew what seller made it I would link to them.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sewing Plan

I've been thinking about a sewing plan.It's made me think of hole in my wardrobe. There is a chance I won't accomplish all of them. My sewing goal is to start using nicer fabrics and do more details. A big gap in my wardrobe is tops. I have so many cute skirts but pairing them is hard. In the shops, it's hard to find a blouse that isn't a tee or one that makes you look like a secretary. I can imagine the first one in a blue or emerald. The second set is really pretty it could look a bit mature on me. The last group is so youthful. I think the halter would be great in a tiny floral or graphic print. I tend to favor sleeveless items because they go from season to season easily. You can pair them with sweaters in the colder months without weird sleeve bulge. McCall's 2206. I picked this up at the thrift store. Of course, I love the sleeveless view. I think it would look wonderful in a nice mustard or bold purple. And the long sleeve in a cool black and white print would look perfectly mod.Another Joan Holloway dress. My last Joan dress wasn't a failure but I haven't worn it out. I think this time I will use a modern pattern and use vintage details like hand picked zippers. The Jenny Lewis romper. I already have the fabric. Well I've had it for three years and I may have enough left to make a cute matching skirt. The print isn't exactly the same but it's a brown floral and that's close enough for me.
What holes are there in your wardrobe?

Friday, July 22, 2011


Mixing textures creates such a richness in an outfit. It can be simple or dramatic. As simple as adding a leather jacket or playing with different fabric combinations like velvet and leather, heavy wool and silk, or a sheer fabric and denim.Rodarte (1) played with a textured sheer and a grandpa sweater. McQueen (2) is dramatic, mixing ceramic tiles and organza for a royal look. Christian Siriano's (3) look can be done similarly for everyday: a basic tee and a textured skirt in a complementary color. The look can be quite striking when done monochromatic like at Chado Ralph Rucci (4) and DVF (5).
Going monochromatic allows you to get crazy with textures. I love the ribbon flowers on the Modcloth dress. They are so sweet. The buttery smoothness of the blazer provides warmth. The studded Sam Edelman's add some sass to this saccharine look.For a casual everyday look choose one piece that has a lot of texture. This skirt is so floaty and adds some fairy princess into your everyday life. A simple black tank anchors the dreamy skirt. This necklace is perfect because it's David Bowie. Bowie goes with everything. Brogues are a great shoe for this look. This is a party look. For me parties are an excuse to dress up even though no one else does. The focal point are these Bebaroque leggings. The sequins will do the dancing for you. These leopard shoes are insanely amazing. The gold skirt and sheer blouse top off the look.
How will you be using texture in the fall?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fly Away

I wore my embroidered skirt to run some errands. I changed into something else to hang out with my friends. It took me so long to finish this skirt and I barely wear it. Do you ever take a long time on things and never use them? I remember spending countless hours of rehearsals embroidering this.Shirt-Thrift, Skirt- Made by me, Shoes- ThriftI decided to balance out the innocent bottom half of my outfit with a slightly sexy top. I feel like the lace is a nice contrast to balloons and ruby slippers.I really like this skirt but I always have trouble pairing it with things and it has so many colors so it should go with a lot.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Disco Shorts

I'm wearing this to having a sewing day with my friend. She taught me how to draft an a-line skirt. I'm going to make that when I finish my dress.I'm not actually going to wear these shoes because I have to lug a giant sewing machine and my fabric up some stairs so flats will be worn. Shirt-Forever 21, Brooch- Vintage,Shorts- New York and Company, Shoes- Thrift The shorts are so sparkly in person. Sometimes the lining peeks out. I saw Harry Potter it was great. Different from the book but great.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Subtle Mixing

I wore this outfit today. Capturing black details is very tricky.I loved mixing the graffiti print of my Marc Jacobs top with the brocade of the thrifted skirt. This top is so comfortable its soft but it looks pulled together.Shirt- Marc Jacobs,skirt-thrift,necklace- Ayana Designs, shoes- Old Navy I'm not going to midnight Harry Potter but I will be seeing it tommorow with my mom. I've started sewing the lining of the undersea dress. I can't wait to show you guys when its sewn up.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Outfit

It was birthday over the weekend. My parents took me to my favorite restaurant. This is what I wore. On Sunday, my friends threw me a Star Wars themed surprise party. They gave me Star Wars trouble and a Jar Jar binks key chain (because they think the amount I don't like Jar Jar is very funny). I know it sounds like I was turning 5 but really it was 18.
This is the dress I wore to my last homecoming.
Dress-Macy's,Sweater -New York & Co,Shoes- DSW,Bag- Kate Spade
I still need to find a job. There are going to be some changes coming to the blog and once I get my ducks more in a row, I will let you know what they are.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Harry Potter Necklaces

Harry Potter and millions of childhoods are ending soon. There are a lot of really cool Harry Potter inspired necklaces on Etsy. They are perfect for going to see the movie and allowing Hogwarts to live in your heart forever. The time turner is one of my favorite magical items. It allows the wearer to go back in time. In addition to being practical, it's really pretty. This one has a cat charm on it too. $35Quidditch is a really popular wizard sport. If you catch the snitch you pretty much win the game. This one opens and says, " I open at the close." $19 This necklace has the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, the invisibility cloak, resurrection stone and elder wand. This one is perfect for watching the last movie. $25 I remember being very dissapointed that I never got a Hogwarts acceptance letter. But with this necklace I can finnaly go there. $23
Do you have any Harry Potter memories?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Purple Leopard

I wore this to go to the grocery store to get ingredients for dinner. I'm cooking and it is striking fear and excitement from my parents. I will be making Beouf a la ficelle and pommes puree from The Les Halles Cookbook. One of my goals for this year is to learn to make something other than ramen. Hopefully by the time my meal is done I will look as smug as Anthony Bourdain.This is one of my favorite dresses I've made. I wear it so often. Tomorrow I will be starting my undersea dress. I'm going to buy a pattern because it turns out that I don't know a lot about pattern drafting. Dress- Made by me, belt-don't know,shoes-DSW, bracelet-gift,Bag- Monster BallI love this bag because it reminds me of my favorite day ever. Do you have any items that remind you of something special?

Monday, July 4, 2011


It's the fourth of July and I'm wearing red,white and blue.Dress- made by me,shirt- don't know,shoes- target,bag- kate spade I was going to wear this dress without a shirt under it but I decided it was too much cleavage for today. I'm going to a fort where they do fireworks and going to have a picnik.
I finished Harry Potter. I also reached 100 followers its 102 now! So thanks you guys.