Thursday, June 30, 2011

What to wear for the Fourth of July

Fourth of July is a great holiday. It revolves around fireworks and food, two of my favorite things. I guess its also about freedom and patriotism but I can't eat that. I like to dress in themes. The fourth is difficult because it is very easy to look like America just threw up all of its patriotism on you. If you're like me and like to avoid things described as "it looks like (blank) threw up on you" my only exception to this rule is glitter. So let's get some classy Fourth of July paint collages!This dress is so sweet. The ring adds some red and white. The leopard heels make things fun and modern.If you find yourself attending a party without pesky things like grass,children and things you can easily spill on yourself, wear beautiful shoes. These Alexander McQueen's are so beautiful. So pretty they could be an outfit just by themselves but you should probably wear a dress with them so you don't get arrested. The Anthropologie dress is a good pick. For those of you who plan to do sports stuff like Frisbee and soccer you should wear shorts. These scallop shorts are adorable.The tank top has a really cool back and it will keep you comfy while running. Sneakers are essential so the sneaker that look like saddle shoes are a good choice. Unicorn earrings keep things girly, and as everyone knows unicorns are the animals of independence!If those ideas don't help you, find an engineer and/or firework expert and wear a spark bra! It works for Gaga;it can work for you!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I wanted to use this post to show you what the saleslady called "disco shorts" but the photos looked too sad. But today's photos turned out well. This is what I wore to the library to pick up the last two Harry Potter books. Dress-H&M,brooch-giftI wore an owl brooch to make the outfit fun. I put my hair in milkmaid braids because it was really hot. I'm going to experiment with more hair up styles. I can't wear a bump-it everyday. My hair couldn't tolerate that much teasing. The length of the dress is longer than usual. I tend to wear knee-length or mid thigh dresses. I think the longer length is a nice change. I wore this when I was interviewed for the news a while ago. I can't find the video online but if you guys want to see it I'll see if my friend has it.
These photos remind me that I need to cut my bangs soon.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell makes a solid shoe. I used to not get the hype but, now I do. Interesting heels,lots of glitter, a fondness for leopard print I don't know what more a person could want in their shoe. I picked four of my favorites and made outfits for them.This jumper shoe is so modern that I think it would look really cool with a completely vintage look. A 1950s dress with interesting bust details echoes the gap in the shoe.Cat-eye glasses complete the retro look.
These silver shoes are so Ziggy Stardust! It makes sense to pair them with a jumpsuit and a seventies style hat to complete the look.
The skate shoes are a favorite of mine. I love the really interesting heel. Pick up the angles in the shoe with an origami style dress and a contrasting necklace .

Some would say with a glitter shoe less is more and to pair it with something simple like a black dress. I say, "more is more. Pile on the sequins and glitter." (That statement is why I have been told I have the taste of a drag queen). A short set is so fun. The cardigan adds some modesty and the bracelet adds some more color.
What shoes are your favorite?

Friday, June 24, 2011


I wore a very casual dress today and decided it needed to be spiced up. And what's spicier than a giant hat? Nothing! I made this dress in tenth grade. It was the first dress I was ever really proud of. I still love it even though I wear it less. I don't wear little a-line dresses as much anymore. I mostly wear full skirted things. It is a great summer dress so, I'll pull it out more often.Dress-Made by me,hat-Key West,Bag-Monster Ball I wore this to grab lunch with a friend. I told him about a food truck I tried at a street fair. It was in a location close to us today so we stopped by the Gypsy Queen Cafe
. I got the crab cone and it was wonderful! I think I'll try something different next time I go.If you are in Baltimore you should check it out.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I wore this to go dinner the other night. I wore one of my favorite DVF dresses. It isn't as jubilant as my other one but, I love it. Dress- Diane Von Furstenberg gift,Shoes-PaylessMy step dad and I went to Fogo de Chao, it wasn't as fancy as we thought it would be. We wanted a really classy meal. They keep bringing you meat if your card is green. I think that their lamb was very good. I paired this dress with my leopard shoes. I thought the two prints looked really good. I'm on the second Harry Potter book. I'm hoping to reread them all before the new movie comes out.

Monday, June 20, 2011


I went on a short boat cruise for fathers day. I was told to dress up.Dress-Target,bracelet-gift,necklaces-dont remember,shoes-paylessI think I accessorize more in the summer because I generally just rotate through a few loose-ish dresses and shorts. I feel like all the sparkles make things more interesting. I added the octopus necklace to make this serious outfit more fun. I decided to reread the Harry Potter books and the muslin I made fits so I'm going to start the real thing tomorrow.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Belt it

I wore this outfit yesterday to hang out with my friends. We tanned in overcast weather and made cookies. She showed me her design work from college and I looked through her books.Dress-Vintage from S.Carolina,Belt-Forever 21,Shoes- Old Navy, Brooch - Vintage from DreamlandI love this dress because of the adorable border print skirt. The dress is a smidge too big but it looks with belts. Sometimes I go with my friends idea of, "If you like it, you should put a belt on it." I also love the brooch. I got it last summer at Dreamland. I've been working on draping and bloggy stuff. So here are some links for you. They are already in the side bar but...Facebook , Tumblr ,Twitter and if you want to email me click the email button in the sidebar.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Alexander McQueen is know for theatrics but, he also made beautiful clothes. He was a trained tailor. His clothes are dramatic,romantic,dark,and tough. McQueen is my favorite designer. It was said that,"if he had nothing he would still create." He put so much beauty in the world and these are my favorite looksFall 2006
I love that this look draws back to McQueen's Scottish heritage. He was very passionate about his ancestry; he says that," The reason I’m patriotic about Scotland is because I think it’s been dealt a really hard hand. It’s marketed the world over as . . . haggis . . . bagpipes. But no one ever puts anything back into it.” I also love the asymmetrical bustline and the floral underlay. This is a romantic and tough look. It really exemplifies the McQueen woman.Spring 2010
One of McQueen's strengths was contrast. This piece shows it perfectly; the jersey dress and tailored coat. I love the print of this coat-dress.

Fall 2009

I like the way different sizes of the same print were used. I also really like the shape of it.

Fall 2010

This is from his final collection. I love the way it flares out at the hips. The heavily embroidered center is my favorite part of this dress.

Spring 2006
Saying that this dress is dramatic and beautiful is an understatement. In my mind, the antlers are just a fraction of what makes this dress lovely. The lace work is so stunning. The way it cascades on the skirt is masterful. This is such an amazing dress.

Spring 2001

This collection was dark. The presentation was like a hospital. I love the contrast between the microscope slides and the feathers. The slides were dyed red to suggest blood. I love the back of this dress. The racer back and feathers work so well together. It has a high neck which is one of McQueen's signatures. He says,"There’s blood beneath every layer of skin."

Spring 2003

This collection was the story of a shipwreck. I love this dress. It has layers of organza. They are arranged perfectly. I love how the dress looks disheveled and like it is falling off of the body. The dress is called the oyster dress and the bottom of the dress looks like a oyster shell.

Spring 2010
Everything about this look is perfect. She's a modern day underwater siren. I love the shape of the skirt. It has perfect folds. I'm also so in love with the shoes.

Fall 2008

Fall 2008 was such a magical collection. The story behind it was wonderful; a girl who emerges from a tree to meet a prince and become queen. This dress is wonderful because it's covered in sultry red feathers. I adore feathers. The back is spectacular too. It turns into a frothy confection.

Spring 2007

I remember seeing this dress in a Harper's Bazaar editorial and I thought it was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. I love the real flowers and the Victorianness of the high collar. This is such an amazing piece. I was always into fashion but this was the dress that made me realize clothes could be art too. This was the dress that made me fall in love with Alexander McQueen.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I went to Honfest today. I love that it is an excuse to wear red lipstick and leopard print. Dress-Forever 21,glasses-prom,shoes-Target
I used two bump-its in my hair. I really like this style and it only took about five minutes. There is so much hairspray in my hair. I think I may try this hair more often.
I got to go back to my favorite store today. I got a dress and a brooch.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I've had a good week. I'm going to see the Hangover 2 tonight. I'm probably a little too formal but I spent all Tuesday in gym shorts. I went kayaking. And Wednesday's outfit was simple because moving hurt (from kayaking). So today,I'm making up for all of the casual. I love the combo of blue and purple. Are you noticing that I look slightly less pale? I got some sun while paddling. Shirt-JcPenny,skirt-thrift,shoes-Payless,Necklace-Ayana designs These are the shoes I wore to my prom. They are really pretty and really high. I packed flats in my bag.
I finished Bossypants by Tina Fey it was really good.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Chiffon is the fabric of glamour and sophistication. I love the way it drapes.I love the way blue chiffon looks paired with a purple underlining. I love the collar on this dress too.$204 I think printed chiffon is awesome too! I love the way the print accents the draping on the bodice of this dress. This dress looks so perfect for summer barbecues.$310 As big of a fan as I am for full-skirted dresses, chiffon can also be used in other ways. I love the way it was used in this wiggle dress.$58 I love the pleats on this dress. So pretty.ebay
How do you feel about chiffon?

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yesterday I got my Ayana Designs necklace that I won in Couture Carrie's giveaway. It is so pretty. Dress-Marshall's,glasses-prom favor, necklace- Ayana DesignsI'm wearing it to dinner with a family friend. I was so excited about the necklace I forgot to take a picture of it while it was in the box. I'm really happy with necklace.
I had my actual graduation on Thursday. I was short,sweet and my last name was pronounced right.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I love peplums. Peplums are fabric attached at the waist that flare out. They define a waist. They were popular in the forties, fifties and eighties. You could say they were popular with the New Look and New Wave.
I say that we should bring the peplum back. Here are some vintage examples:This dress is from the eighties but in a fifties shape. I love the abstract print on it.$47This dress is from the sixties. It has a boned bodice. And a special treat of a big bow!$20
Modern peplum dresses are a bit more dramatic!I love how big this peplum. The color is amazing too. You would stop traffic in this dress. It has a really cool open back too.$212.35 I love Alice and Olivia. I love this dress. The colors are great. The pencil skirt of the dress really allows the peplum to stand out. I also like how the peplum is sort of a wrap.$400
Will you be wearing peplums this summer?