Tuesday, May 31, 2011


On memorial day I went to a family cookout. Which wasn't as terrible as they usually are. My uncle forgot my name. I decided to look very 50s. In my mind, the fifties was the age of cookouts. Usually I wear heart glasses to match my outfit but I couldn't find my blue ones. I remembered I got a black pair from prom.Dress-made by me,shirt-thrift,shoes-Old Navy, Glasses- promI haven't worn this dress in while. I don't know why. It has a great shape but it needs something over it because the bodice is a bit weird. Today I'm going to pick up Tina Fey's book and a cookbook. I'm also going to start my undersea dress, which I'm going to attempt draping.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


On Friday I completed my last day of high school, I realized I changed a lot in the past for years both personally and in my style. I didn't cry like many of my friends I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm heartless or maybe I know that high school was just the beginning of the adventure of my life. No more waking up at 6 and occasionally having something thrown at me but, also no more birthday cakes in math, lovingly said empty threats from my English teacher, and drama club. The last few months have been a roller coaster with AP tests, finals, my last few moments with my drama club. I realized that after graduation and the subsequent graduation parties I'm not going to see most of these people again. And while I hope that me and my friends will stay close, I know we will slowly drift apart next year.

Personally I've grown. Ninth grade I got picked on; sometimes I would go with home and cry.Then, I found a wonderful group of friends who always support me. Surprisingly at the start of high school I was shy and awkward. I still am but, I've gotten a bit bolder. I feel like Lady Gaga has been a big part of that but that's another post. I've learned to let criticism slide off. In addition to knowledge, I've learned patience. My last semester I was the peer buddy for the special education department. I've never met a better group of people. Always caring and nice.

My style has evolved too.I used to just throw things on but now I think about it for a little bit. I used to get picked on for the way I dressed. My parents solution to this taking me Hollister, I refused. I grew Now, they support my love of fashion. My stepdad is the person who has picked out my favorite dresses, my feather prom dress and my rainbow Diane Von Furstenburg. The kids at my school enjoy the way I dress too, well most, I have had milk thrown at me twice this year. Thanks to high school I found a hobby I love: Sewing. Most of my office is devoted to sewing there are machines,fabric and patterns everywhere.

These past four years have been great but I'm excited to see where I'm going next.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Simplicity 2602

My final project in sewing class (that I actually didn't get to finish in sewing class because it ended two days ago) is a sheath dress from 1958, Simplicity 2602. I meant to show it to my teacher but I got out earlier than expected and didn't want to interupt her class.My inspiration was this photo of Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway. I really wanted a pencil dress. It isn't a pencil dress but I still like it. I used a hot pink cotton from Jo-Ann. The dress feels very casual but it is cute. I got so many,"Where did you get that?" comments. I feel like it really need the belt.I learned and practiced some new techniques that you can see some of below:

  • Tracing the pattern
  • Tailor tacks - I love them, they mark just as accurately and much more visible than a tracing wheel.
  • Hand picked zipper

I'm in love with the zipper I thought of adding pearls to it but the ones I had on hand were too big. All in all, I'm happy with the dress. I love the v-back and the little kick-pleat.

I do wish it was a pencil dress, so over the summer I may make a Joan-inspired pencil dress.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Highway Unicorn

This is what I wore today. In more important news, I got the new Gaga album yesterday. It is truly one of the best albums. I love all the songs but Government Hooker,Judas,Schiebe, Highway Unicorn and You and I are my favorites. I can't believe I'm almost done with high school.I really like the colors in this outfit. I think blue and yellow always looks good together. I also enjoy how many textures are in my dress.Dress-Target, Sweater- New York and Company, Bracelet-gift, Shoes- Old NavyMy grandmother sent me this bracelet. Isn't it pretty?
I had my last sewing class today and my teacher almost made me cry. I want to finish the dress I started in there by Friday so she can see it finished.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Here are a few end of the week outfits. I wore my dress I made. I got up early and I curled my hair. It looks really big. A few weeks ago, I showed off StarWars accesories and my mom got me the yoda necklace I showed.
DressI wore this Thursday. I was watching Gaga videos before I got dressed. When I went to school my teacher told me I was rocking a very Gaga look.
Dress,jacket shoes-Thrift, Necklace- Marc JacobsI had a great weekend. I had my last banquet and got to wear my feather dress.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top Ten Lady Gaga Looks

Lady Gaga is my favorite musician and style icon. I admire the way she takes risks and has fun. In honor of the Monday release of Born This Way, I'm listing my top ten looks. Its two tops fives in two categories: Leotards/Underwear and Clothes.
Top 5 Leotard and Underwear Looks

Number 1- The Spark Bra: The Spark Bra is my favorite. It's great because pyrotechnics are so exciting. The Spark Bra makes a real statement.Number 2- Sparkly Leotard: The neckline on this is really interesting. Its also sparkly so really it's a win in my book.Number 3- Studded Bra: As soon as I saw this on stage, I decided I needed it. After I watched the MonsterBall special on HBO, I immediately went online to find studs and leather. I'm not sure if I like this because its awesome (because it is) or because she performs great songs in it.,strong>Number 4- The Deco Leotard: I'm not sure if its called that but it looks like an Art Deco building to me. Art Deco is one of my favorite building styles. I also love the one shoulder and what looks like padding in the loops. Number 5- VMA Leotard: Gaga wore this to preform "Paparazzi" at the 2009 VMA's. The best part in my opinion; I don't even remember the rest of the show. This leotard sparkles and bleeds.
Top 5 Clothed Looks

Number 1- Armani Dress: Its magical,whimsical,sparkly and paired with shoes that normal human beings can't walk in. In short, this dress is everything I want and need in my favorite pop star.Number 2- The Living Dress: It moves! The dress is so pretty and when she sings "So Happy I could Die" while wearing, it creates, as Jenifer Lopez would say, a moment. The hat is pretty cool too.Number 3- Bubble Dress: Inspired by Hussein Chalayan, this dress helped me fall in love with Gaga. The dress is so whimsical and fun. How can anyone not be inspired by someone covered in bubbles? Number 4- McQueen outfit from Bad Romance: I love anything Alexander McQueen (last night I yelled at a Beyonce video for misuse of McQueen). When I first saw this look from the Plato's Atlantis Collection, I fell in love. My favorite part of the Bad Romance video is the part where she walks in this outfit, because it is so beautiful. Number 5- Harper's Bazaar dress: This isn't technically a Gaga look because it's from photo shoot but it still makes an impact. She looks like she's rising from ashes.
I love Lady Gaga and her positive message. I'm so excited for her new CD. What is your favorite Gaga look?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flowers and Leopard

I can't believe I'm almost done with high school. I only have this week and next week left. I wore this dress yesterday. I really like it because of the bold floral print. Dress-Marshall's,Sweater- Forever 21,Shoes - Old NavyLook at my shoes! They are heels. I've missed heels so much. I feel that Spring-fall is the ideal time for them because there is no danger of hitting a hidden ice patch or being caught in a sudden snowstorm. The shape is different from what I usually wear but, it is one of the most worn pieces in my closet.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


My prom was last night. I had so much fun and I loved my dress. I did my own hair and makeup. I put hot rollers in my hair. And applied fake eyelashes.This is my dress. I love it. Its the perfect dress for my personality.This is my date. I took my best friend.And this was everyone in my limo.I really wish I had more words but I had a really awesome time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mirror Mirror

So this is really casual look that I wore on Tuesday. I love that I am the kind of person who can describe a mirrored and rhinestone leotard as casual. I also did some print mixing.Leotard-Diy,Sweater-Forever 21,Skirt-Thrift,Necklace- Macy's, Tights- TargetLook, flowers,dots and leopard in the same place. My week has been a mix of good and bad. I've had two ap tests and someone threw milk at me. But I played Sorry and got donuts.My prom is Saturday. I'm really excited because I love my dress so much and I figured out how to do my hair. Still no clue about makeup though.

Monday, May 9, 2011


I was looking at feathers on etsy and I found this really awesome designer. Jlinsnider is an avant-garde designer from Charleston. I love the way she experiments with texture and shape.This was the first piece of hers I saw and it made me want to see more. I love the small feathers; it is an instant wardrobe staple with a twist.Available here for $145 This dress is made of cotton and leather, so it is wearable in the summer. I love how the pleated leather section mimics a rib cage.Available here for $175 I love the pleats in this skirt. I also love that it closes with buttons.Available here for $375 In addition to making clothes that cool girls wear, Snider makes unique accessories. This chain dress bridges the gap between clothing and accessory. I love the small hint of emerald.Available here for $325
I love the macabre sense of humour in this neck piece.Available here for $75
What do you think of this designer?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet Summer Dress Simplicity 2250

I'm having a pretty good day today. And I got to wear the dress I wore in my school's sewing class. It is a Cynthia Rowley pattern which I love;the pattern is 2250. It took a long time to complete but I love it.Dress-Me,Tights-We Love Colors,Belt-Betsey JohnsonThe bodice has so many darts and pleats that took a long time to complete. The bodice is also both lined and underlined. I think the print really lends itself to this pattern. If I make it again I'll do it in stripes.This is the back. It has an invisible zipper. My teacher told me I couldn't do an invisible zipper with a regular zipper foot. But, I found this tutorial on Sew Serendipity and it was easy it took a few reads though. Though next time I may line up the zipper with the seam allowance instead of the end of the fabric.This is the inside. I did Hong Kong seams you can see the lining,zipper and pocket. I feel like the fit is a bit big at the waist I may add darts to the back next time.

Monday, May 2, 2011

May the Force be with you

In case you aren't friends with any nerds, Star Wars day is quickly approaching us.On Star Wars day I will be hoping the force is with me because I have my big Calc test. Etsy has so many Star Wars accesories that range from subtle to dramatic.These cufflinks are perfect for the guy in your life. Cufflinks are an understated piece of jewelry. This pair just happens to be the most feared cufflinks in the galaxy.$20
The rings are a mystery until you get close to them. What's cooler than having silouhettes of Yoda,C3PO and R2D2 on your hand? The super neat thing is they can be worn together or apart.$12
How cute is this jewelry set? Yoda is my favorite character.$23
I have never seen Star Wars shoes before! They have all the characters from the original/best trilogy. $300
I hope this post gave you a New Hope for nerd related accessories.