Monday, January 31, 2011

Double Dots

My last semester ever of high school started. There are a few inches of snow on the ground so cute shoes are out and rain boots are in. I got a new dress I really wanted to wear but in my mind velvet doesn't go with plastic rain boots.I really like all of the colors in the outfit. The slightly muted yellow tunes down the brightness of the green. I really like this dress because I think that shade of yellow is my color. In fact, when I went to rehearsal today a kid yelled,"That's your color!" I had a hard time picking tights this morning and I thought dotted tights with dotted shoes would look cute.
coat-thrift,dress h&m, shoes and tights- Target.
I got to take home my art folder from school and here are my favorite pieces.
We had to a combination of a skull and a self portrait. My teacher called this creepy.
This is a detail shot. I drew hundreds of long crazy lines and little shapes.
That is the whole thing. It is my favorite piece.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It may be too early for this

It may be early but I've already started thinking of my prom dress. Gowns during award season will do that to you I guess.I'm under no grand delusion that prom will be the best night ever; I know that will be the Lady Gaga concert. I'm not shopping for it until March.
I know that I am not making my dress because that you only get one shot and if it doesn't fit or get done in time, you're screwed. I also don't have fabulous fabric stores in my reach. And as any mathematician can tell you an equation with too many unknown variables is bad. I have a list of things I like in a dress.

I was watching the Golden Globes with the friend I'm going dress shopping with and when Olivia Wilde came on the screen I said,"I want that." I love it because it has a big skirt and sparkles. I adore sparkles.
I've seen Black Swan twice now and I love this dress. I love the subtle rhinestone and the tulle. Don't like that it is white.
I like this because it is a ton of different colors and the bottom has a really interesting texture.
So things I like in a dress are:
Sparkles or texture
Big skirt- they are also practical because they are easier to dance in than a tight skirt

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bow Down

I adore bows! While I'm working on round two of the bow collared blouse, I thought I'd show some cool bowed clothes from the Internet. The bow is on the collar. And the print is possibly the cutest thing ever! It's little mustaches. I love the colors too. $68

This bow dress is sophisticated. The bow is hidden in the open back so it is super subtle. I think low backs are an interesting alternative to low cut clothes. Cool backs also allow you to make sexy back jokes. $48

The shorts are pretty masculine on their own but the bow makes them girly. I think it would look great with a loose shell pink top. $39.99
This dress is fancier than the others. I love the shade of green. I think velvet can be worn anywhere. This can be made casual with some black tights and a leather jacket. $69

I finished up my midterms today. My English teacher gave me a bag of fabric. And now I have small break so my friend and I are going to my favorite vintage store tomorrow.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Future Projects

I usually don't show off my projects to be but, I feel if I do it may cause me to actually do them instead of sitting around thinking about them. I also get to show off my awesome paint skills. I don't have photos for everything because somethings I need to draft myself.
Summer Shorts- I feel like I'm lacking in the shorts department. I plan on getting more of the denim I made my jacket out of and using similar details:hongkong seams and quilting cotton facings. I've made a pair of shorts out of this pattern in a flamingo print (pictures will come as soon as I can go outside in shorts without freezing).
Pink Linen Jacket- This baby has been on my list for years. Everything is cutout and marked but I'm too afraid to ruin it. I think in the pink linen it will make and excellent spring jacket. That could be carried into the colder months with additional layers under it. It is hard to find online but it is here.
Joan Holloway dress- If you knew me in real life, you would hear me talk about how great this fictional character is on a weekly basis. I love this dress so much. I want a version for myself but there will be changes. First off I'm making it in either yellow or fuchsia. And I'm shortening the sleeves.
Blueberry shirt- My wardrobe desperately lacks tops. My green shirt looks really good with my blueberry dress so I'm going to make a blueberry one. Hopefully, it can work with the to be made denim shorts.

Also on the list: another ridiculous embroidery project-I'm thinking undersea dress,and a 1950s style Mondrian dress.
This is more spring summer options but I have thought of winter stuff. My list seems large but i think I can get a good bit of it done. Things that don't get made may not be meant to be.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Green Coat

I love my green coat. I got it a few summers ago for $5 at the Goodwill. Some of the buttons fell off the first few wears and I finally got around to fixing it. It is surprisingly warm. It's from the 60s and it was made and sold in my hometown which I think is really interesting. I've been wearing it the past week but today I finally manned up and took pictures outside. It is brighter in person.
I also wear this cardigan too much but it is one of my favorite colors.
Coat-thrift,tights and dress-Target,cardigan-New York and Company

I have midterms this week which I'm not thrilled about and most of my friends are heading back to college this week and next week. But I do get out earlier which is fun.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Marilyn tights

I finally saw Black Swan over the weekend. I really liked it, but I was sort of confused about what actually happened. The costumes were so stunning though. This is what I wore to school today. I was cold for most of the day because as cute as bell sleeves are, they are they good for cardigans. The bottom part is really warm.
My tights have Marilyn Monroe on them. I think they are really cool. My mom got them for me for Christmas. I actually edited my photos today. I fixed the lighting because it is too cold to take photos outside with out a jacket and my house lighting is not very great. So I fixed the exposure in picnik.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Graffiti Flowers

I was going to post this the day I wore it but life got in the way. Not all bad, some bad that I won't go into here. And good like ice skating and chipotle. I wore this Tuesday. I got the dress for Christmas. Diane Von Furstenburg makes such fun dresses.
dress-gift,shoes-thrift,tights-We Love Colors,sweater-New York and Company.
One of my New Year's resolutions was to wear more red lipstick because it always makes me feel put together. It is also a really easy thing to achieve.
I love the print on this dress. It has cut outs which reveal a graffiti print lining. It also has a deep-v back, but it is still a bit too cold to go without a sweater.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Back

My Christmas was great, I got Lady Gaga tickets and a Diane Von Furstenburg dress! It's 2011; and I have to go back to school tomorrow. People reflect at the start of a new year. So lets look at my favorite outfits from 2011.

The dress on the left I got as a present last year. It is one of my favorite dresses; but I rarely wear it because I'm not sure how to make it casual. The second outfit is surprising because I never wear pants. But I love my sparkly leotard. I wore this outfit during a huge snow storm. I like the outfit on the left because of the skirt. It took me about half a year to embroider but it was so worth it. The second outfit I like because I'm wearing my favorite jacket and it has a lot of colors.
The outfit on the left was my Korean food outfit. I really like the romper and I made the giant owl necklace. The second outfit is entirely made by me. I wore it to play mini golf.
I wore the outfit on the left to see my friends' play. The dress is one of the favorite things I've made and I love the combination of purple and grey. The one on the left I like because the skirt is so pretty.

2010 was a good year for me. But I think 2011 is going to be my year.