Friday, June 25, 2010


So I have a mostly crafty update. This embroidered owl is going to be a necklace. I'm putting him on a much smaller hoop so he's less Flava Flav.
I've actually accomplished more than what's in this picture. I've finished the branch and started his wings.

Dress- made by me, shirt-walmart
I wore this outfit today to go to lunch and a bit of shopping with my mom. I bought pants! Its the first time I've bought pants since 9th grade that I don't plan on turning into shorts. They are pink and fit well so I said why not.

Here's me and my dress form. I'm making a green button up shirt with a bow collar. I think its going to look really nice.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feathered Friends

I love feathers so much you would swear I was a showgirl in a past life.There are a lot of feather looks in stores now which I find really exciting. This is my favorite thing in this post. Its also a top you can never have enough tops. It is in a liberty print. Liberty prints are awesome. This is just really pretty. $145 I really like these feather tights. Since they can be skin colored it look like you have a feather tattoo. $18
This is a great fall dress. With knee high brown boots and a big brown hat you'd be the most foxy person in the room. It has 6 days left and is currently ten bucks.

This is a perfect party dress. It's trimmed in feathers and has a rhinestone belt.

This is just really really pretty. $35
I like this because the print sort of looks like a watercolor.The dress has 7 days left.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


So I haven't been taking outfit photos lately because my camera battery died and I couldn't find the charger but I found it about three days ago. I've been enjoying summer so far I've gone to a few parties.So these are things other people took.

This is a dress I tried at HonFest. I loved it because it was so sparkly.
Dress was from forever 21. We went to the ocean during senior week to surprise our friends. And my face is a yay we are finally here face.

This was from the Litmag party that was supposed to be a picnic but it got moved to my house. In this I'm about to do the Single Ladies dance. I really like this dress.
How has your summer been?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

like my iPod's stuck on replay part 2

I've had fun lately. I've pulled a lot of pranks. And yesterday some friends and I went to Ocean City to surprise some friends that were at senior week. And today I went to Honfest and saw I friend I haven't seen in a year.

This is part two of albums I can listen to on repeat.These are the more recent albums.
Volume One - She & Him
This just feels like you should be drinking iced tea on a porch swing. I like it because it sounds old. It's super adorable. "Black Hole" is one of my favorites.
Give Up - The Postal Service
I don't really dig music that sounds all computery but this is an exception. The lyrics are sublime. "I want to take you far From the cynics in this town And kiss you on the mouth" is a favorite line of mine.

Rabbit Fur Coat - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
This album helped make me a Jenny Lewis fan. I purchased it after my Rilo Kiley concert. And I listened to it when I got home. It's a slow album so I don't listen to it much but I love it. You are what you love is my favorite.

Hot Fuss- The Killers

I actually forgot how great this was until it popped up in my shuffle the other day.It's filled with good pop songs and it is a really good album to listen to in a car.

Funeral - The Arcade Fire

It's just brilliant. All the songs flow into each other spectacularly. My favorite is Neighborhood 1 (Tunnels). There was a long period where I would listen to this everyday on the ride home and my friends built a snow tunnel this of course was quoted. I still listen to this a lot. The guitar on Neighborhood 3 is really fun. And Crown of Love and Anee Sans Lumiere are good mellow songs.

What are some songs or albums you adore?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Like my ipod's stuck on replay part 1

I don't talk about music much but I feel like ignoring it on a style blog is stupid. Music can influence one's style choices. There are very few albums I can listen to the entire thing over and over again. Listening to entire albums is like talking to a friend, you've heard the story hundreds of time but every time its still exciting. Axis Bold as love - Jimi Hendrix experience
Out of the two albums of Hendrix I have this is my favorite. The first time I heard Little Wing on vinyl I almost cried; the beginning sounds like falling stars. All of the tracks are good. The album proves that not only is Hendrix a sublime guitar singer, he has a sultry voice. I played "Little Wing" and he said are you sure you didn't write this.
Beatles 1962-1966 - The Beatles
Technically this could be cheating since its a compilation. Side 3 is pure musical euphoria! I can listen to side 3 on repeat for days on end (my family can attest to this). It contains my favorite Beatles song Norwegian Wood. It also has "I wanna hold your hand" and "help"
The best of Carly Simon - Carly Simon
This is a greatest hits album. This was one of my first records my parents got me it because I really loved You're so Vain. I really love "The Right Thing to do" .
Let;s get it on
This is just great music. I generally just love Motown. It is just a feel good album. The album is very seductive. Although, listening to lets get it on with a guy friend can be weird.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - David Bowie
It tells a story which is always a plus for me. I remember winning my copy for 65 cents on eBay. It has great tracks like Starman, Ziggy Stardust, Suffragette City, and my all time favorite Moonage Daydream. I also like to say,"wham bam thank you ma'am".

What albums can you listen to on repeat?