Friday, March 26, 2010

Scoot along

So its spring-ish we had a week of sunny weather that I really enjoyed and now its kinda rainy. I've been dressing really cute but haven't been taking pictures.
I have a scooter. I love it.Its a little blue razor scooter.I got a lock for it so the world is my oyster. Maybe not the world but like a mile or two radius from my house is my oyster.
Whenever I ride my scooter I always feel like wearing really retro clothes. I went on etsy today that I feel are great for scootering because they are so happy. And as we all know the scooter is the most joyous mode of transportation.

This Vivat Veritas dress is so charming. I really like the open back and the floral print. It's $65.
This vintage dress just screams summer to me. It also has pleats which means that it is extra fun to spin and dance in. $40

I know a vintage bathing suit is a bit sketchy. I suggest that you wear it with tights as a cute little romper. $42

How fun are these. Scootering in heels is a bit dangerous but once you get used to it its very easy. I think these would be super adorable with the blue and green dress. $28

These boots are just wonderful. They are pretty much the boots I've been think of for a while. And they are Frye but they are also super tiny. $155

Friday, March 12, 2010

Be our Guest

I'm done with Beauty and the Beast. I think it was one of the best shows our drama club put on. Our last two nights we had 500 people! It was really fun I don't have any pictures because backstage I was too busy being social and my mom didn't take any of the show. Cast party and our Friday dinner were wonderful.
On Sunday I picked up this romper from Forever 21. I saw it a few weeks ago when I went shopping with my friend and I could not stop talking about it the entire time we were there.

Pockets! It has pockets. And rhinestone buttons that actually unbutton. When I tried it on I didn't think they did so the fit in the bust is bigger than what I would like but I can fit things under it easier.

When I was walking the mall with my friend talking about I think I made up a scenario where I called everyone pamplemousse and frolicked.

However when I wore it I just cut cardboard and tried not to spill things on myself; which is almost the same as giving people nicknames and frolicking.

romper- Forever 21, sweater-gift, tights- We Love Colors