Friday, December 24, 2010

Links a la Mode

Happy Holidays! I was selected to be a part of this week's Links A la Mode.

links a la mode

Flash Forward

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With mere days left in 2010, it's time to make that *other* holiday list and check it twice. Continuing last week's countdown to a beautiful new year, our favorite bloggers create a veritable "gift list" of tips, suggestions, and inspiration. In those lazy days before work and school start up again, peruse ways to end the holidays on a charitable note, own your own greatness, own less stuff, make more money, and build a better blog. It's enough to make you put down your hot chocolate and get started on 2011 already!

Links à la Mode: December 23rd


Shopbop Boutiques: Temperley London, Kiki, Dsquared2, LIM, BINNS, Thakoon, Ports 1961, Ellery, Preen, Benz

Have a wonderful holiday. I still have to finish making all of my Christmas presents.This is going to be my last post until 2011.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wardrobe Staples

When I think of magazine articles that talk about wardrobe staples the suggestions are usually the same: blazer, a good trouser, trench coat. My wardrobe staples are a bit different. When I think of wardrobe staples I think of things that are worn a lot for many occasions and can be dressed up and down. My wardrobe staples are:
1.) BLACK MARY JANES- Yes, they are possibly one of the most boring shoe choices but since they are flat I can walk long distances in them with out foot pain and the constant fear of falling over. Since they are black they go with everything.

2 BAD ASS JACKET- What is a bad ass jacket? It's a jacket that makes you feel cool and confident every time you put it on. My Marc Jacobs jacket is that for me. Purple Velvet has the tendency to be Prince-like but this one isn't and it has stripes. It goes with everything.

3 LEOPARD DRESS This one is probably the most different from magazine suggestions because they would say leopard print is a trendy item. I whole heatedly disagree! You can never have too much leopard. I love this H&M dress because it can be dressed up or down. I bought it for my school's homecoming dance. I wear a lot more than I thought I would when I got it; when I don't know what to wear I throw this on.

4 RED LIPSTICK I hardly wear makeup but when I do I wear red lipstick. It makes me feel pulled together. I use Urban Decay's lipstick in Revolution because the color lasts a long time and the the packaging is good. It also smells pretty good.

5 BLACK TIGHTS If you read this blog, you should know that I love tights. I have a few pair of fleece lined black tights and they are possibly the greatest thing ever. They are so warm and a total life saver when you insist on wearing miniskirts through out the winter. And you can wear them under a more colorful pair and stay extra warm.

What are your wardrobe staples?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Dresses

Holidays for me are usually a quiet family thing. But do use it as an excuse to get extra fancy. Last year, I wore my Diane Von Furstenburg dress(its at the bottom of that page). I don't think any dress can top it.I'm probably going to make a dress but here are some online dresses I think are good holiday dresses. Even if your entire family is wearing jeans, it is still fun to dress up.
I love Anthropologie. I've never bought anything there but, every time I go in the store I just want to live in it for a while.This dress is so sweet. A full skirt looks great on a lot of people. Since it is a neutral you can really go crazy with the styling, colored tights, statement jewelry and maybe big hair. $288

I love the drapeyness of this dress. It's a knit so it will feel like a sweatshirt. Grey is a great color for any occasion and this dress can be worn again. $47.99

This dress is super retro. Pencil dresses are one of the greatest things. They can give you instant confidence. I think this dress looks great in green. $148

I really love the scallop hem on this one. It also has some glitter on it. $134.99

This dress looks like separates. I love the big bow.This a dress that you can wear anywhere.$140

Monday, November 29, 2010

Polka dots and flowers

I wore this outfit to get lunch. I think it looks modern. I can not stop wearing this jacket. I haven't worn this dress in a while because it is almost childlike. So I really need to avoid looking like a kid when I wear it.
Dress-vintage,Jacket-me,Belt-forever 21,Tights-We Love Colors, Shoes- thrift
I think the print is adorable; it is polka dots and flowers. I have to go back to school tomorrow after having a week long break.
How was your Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Denim Jacket

I finally finished my denim jacket. I finished it this morning before I went out. I made my mom wait about 20 minutes so I could put the sleeves in it. I used Simplicity 2443; it's a Cynthia Rowley pattern. I really like it.
jacket - me, dress- rodarte for target, tights- filene's basement
It's starting to get to cold to take photos outside.
I really liked this pattern. It has a lot of pockets so I won't have to use a purse when I go out. I thought the sleeves were really difficult. The placket was really hard. But I think they turned out fine. I took a lot of care to make the inside pretty. I did Hong Kong seams on the inside since it is unlined and jackets are garment that I take off a lot. I used space print cotton for my front facings because I thought denim would be too heavy and the print is a lot more fun. I had this left over from when I made my friend pj pants. It was out when I was cutting fabric so I picked it. I wish I would have done the waist facing in it too because it feels a bit heavy. I'm really happy with this jacket.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 years of Blogging

This is my third year of blogging so, its a special video post!

I made this on Monday. I think I look really excited in that video. It's been a really busy week! I have my last show tonight which is really bittersweet. Thank you guys for reading and commenting.

Here is a collage of my favorite outfits!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pretty Winter Coats

As you can probably tell by now dresses are my favorite item of clothing, but outerwear comes in a close second. If I had a coat and jacket for every different outfit I would be a happy happy girl.
My favorite coat is the orange coat from Breakfast At Tiffany's. Most people admire the little black dresses in this movie but, the orange coat inspired me to make my winter coat orange. I think it is the best thing ever. It is simple but has great details like the standing collar.

Or the little knot in the back. The length of the sleeves is interesting an good because it allows you to show off a pair of longer gloves.
Today, I'm going to show you some of my favorite coats in stores this season.
I love Kate Spade's clothes and if money was no option I would have everything on her site. The Mona Coat ( $745) looks so cozy and the collar is a giant bow. A leopard coat adds glamour to anything. The galleria Lynda ($595) looks great with a lot of looks. It looks great with jeans too.
I really like the color on this one. It looks like something Betty Draper would wear. $68

I love the scallop hem on this coat and I like that its mimicked on the sleeves. The full skirt is also good because you can wear puffy dresses under it with out smashing them. The decorative stitching makes it prettier than the average coat. $259.99

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Inspiration

1. green gown, 2. Colorful India, 3. Vintage Deco Bridge Tally--Rounded Out Nicely, 4. Kate Spade Ad, 5. Charm March 1959, 6. Return of the lady: Louis Vuitton’s fall/winter 2010 collection, 7. detachable peter pan collar - seafoam floral, 8. Eye, Jaipur, 9. Twiggy Lawson
I'm really excited for fall fashion. I'm ready for tights and sweaters and jackets and heavy fabrics. Here's what I like for fall:
  • Plaid Full skirts like the ones at Louis Vuitton. I have some plaid fabric around here somewhere that could be a contender.
  • Bright colors like in the second picture. Who said fall needs to be pumpkin colored? Those brights combined with a neutral would be stunning and the colors would pop even more.
  • Yellow. I really like the color yellow lately in any shade.
  • Peter pan collars are adorable. I think they would look super in a fun print with a solid colored dress.
  • Sheer overlays like in the first picture. Sheer overlays are great for fall because its all the fun of sheerness with out the being cold part.

What are you feeling for fall?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Business in the Front

With today's outfit I focused on the tights. I really like this Urban Outfitters pair I've wanted to wear them recently but it seemed too cold. Today seemed just right. I picked a simple dress to go on top.I wore my infinity dress. I tied it in a different way today. I did it one shouldered; you can't really tell because my shirt matches the straps.The tights look like regular black tights from the front but when I turn around...
The back is like pantyhose. The back is very thin. My friend told me that they remind her of cookies that are chocolate on one side and vanilla on the other.
Dress- Me, Tights- Urban Outfitters, Jacket- Marc Jacobs
I feel like today's outfit was a nice mix of formal and casual.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall is here

It's finally starting to feel like fall here.
Since it was pretty cold today, I broke out my Marc Jacobs jacket. I also got to wear a dress that I got for my birthday. The dress was too warm for the summer.
Jacket- Marc Jacobs gift,Dress-gift, tights-Target, shoes-Old Navy
I've been wearing tights everyday this week it is so exciting. But I think I need to organize my tights trunk (yes, a trunk like one of the ones they use in Harry Potter). Getting these tights out this morning was very difficult. I didn't realize until I uploaded the photos but my dress matches the lining in my jacket.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mad Style

I'm excited for tonight's Mad Men season finale. The costumes on the show are very beautiful.Janie Bryant does a great job designing them. Joan is my favorite; I love pencil dresses. Betty is a close second for me. I adore her cupcake dresses. Tom and Lorenzo have a great series called Mad Style where they take a close look at every costume in the show.
I love the fur coat with the chiffon dress. I adore the neck detail on Joan's dress. I think I may try something similar on one of my dresses. I decided to pull together some late 50s and early 60s looks
This is a Joan-y dress. I love the color and can you believe its only $18!
The next dress has a full skirt so its more of a Betty style. I love everything in the shop this came from $ 130
A lot of the girls on the show wear brooches. I think they are great on jackets and scarves.
The first one is shaped like a bow and its Weiss which makes great costume jewelry. $9
This next one is just a beautiful color. $39.99

If your more inclined to make a dress. There are a plethora of patterns available.
The first dress is very season 4 of mad men because you have the cleanness of the early 60s but it adds a graphic interest with the center column. $ 14
The second dress is so classy. I think it would look good in a dark purple. $18

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Purple and Grey

Here is my outfit from Saturday. I had a long day; I took my SAT and then changed and headed up to the mountains with my friend and my stepdad. My friend was in a play in his college so I went up to see it and hang out with some friends that go to that school.
I wore my purple leopard dress. It is one of my favorite things I've made but I feel like I say that every time I make something.
Dress- Me, socks and sweater- Forever 21, bag- gift, shoes- thrift
My mom got me this bag a few Christmases ago. I use it all the time. I hardly show my bags because usually I use the same ones over and over. I haven't been sewing much lately because I haven't had time between freaking out about where to go to college, makeup work and musical rehearsals. I also lost some weight from being sick so I don't want to make something that only fits great when I'm not totally healthy.

I do have a jacket project already cut out in my size that I will start this weekend well after I do my calc packet.