Friday, October 30, 2009

Dancing Queen

This is from a while ago. I've been forgetting to take pictures lately because I was working on my Halloween costume. I really like this dress because of the color yellow and all of the pleats. And pleats make things much more fun to spin in.

I was told I looked like Snow White, Madeline, and a dressed up blueberry I was going for disco princess.I really like the way the yellow looks in the sun. And I match the plant pots.
sweater-gift,dress-thrift,tights- We love colors, shoes- thrift

Monday, October 19, 2009

Homecoming and Dc

WOO! It's time for an outfit post in nonchronoglogical order! Let's start with the last day of spirit week again. Why? Because I have a better picture of the caution tape dress.
That thing was tight, I think this looks like that famous Diana Vreeland photo but, maybe I'm just full of myself.
This was my homecoming dress. It's a bit casual but heels, no tights, red lipstick and eyeliner say formal.

I attempted makeup. I did red lipstick, which is what I normally do when I feel like wearing makeup to school. And I did a sort of cat eye with eyeliner.
Dress- H&M

Yesterday I wore my science project dress from 9th grade.I also wore my "latex" leggings by Hannah Montana from walmart. I like them but, I feel like they are a little low in the back.

Dress-diy,leggings-walmart,jacket-Marc Jacobs,shoes-payless

On Saturday I went to D.c. with a few friends and we went to Secondi and my friend scored a new Marc Jacobs dress for $88. Then we went to Filene's basement and I got the best tights ever there's like a blanket inside.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Diece Boutique

Di[e]ce is a new boutique in Federal Hill. Its filled with local designers. Its also mostly sustainable clothing. The owner used to be a manager at the Clothing Warehouse. She's very young and a sweetie. There's a lot more guy stuff now. There is a wide variety of clothes; casual dresses,formal dresses and even backless overalls!I think they have great accessories. I loved the hats and my friend fell in love with a purple bag.

I'd would say that they have good prices since it's all handmade local stuff.

This yellow dress was one of my favorites. A ruffle, a zipper and yellow!

It's just a short walk from the inner harbor. So you should stop by. I really like it there. Then when your done shopping you can walk a few blocks and go to the aquarium and see a fudge show.

1211 S. Charles Street

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who's got spirit?

I love spirit week, not because I have large amounts of school spirit but because I love to dress up.
Tuesday was sports day so I wore a tutu and a jersey because dancing is a sport

I put the jersey over the tutu because the tutu is a really pale shade of pink.

Wednesday day was wacky Wednesday, my friend told me I should wear jeans and a tee but I told him I was going allll out. I really like this outfit actually.
When one of my friends saw me she said why hello Lady Gaga which made my day. The glove is practical and stylish since I only had half a jacket I needed something to keep my non-jacketed arm warm.

I did the half had by creating a hair clip and sew my hat to it.

I also had on two pairs of glasses during the day. I took them off after school.
Look at that I even did half of my lipstick.
shirt-rave,orange skirt,black glasses and shoes-thrift, pink glasses-Florida,necklaces-Claire's,tights AA,skirt and hat-gift.

Thursday it was decades day. My grade got 70s I wanted to be Penny Lane from almost famous but I didn't have the right stuff. So I dressed as Columbia from Rocky horror picture show since I already had the outfit.

It's just a jump to the left with a step to the right.......
you put your hands on your hips and bring your knees in tight.....
Do the pelvic thrust....
It really drives you insane-ane....
Let's do the time warp again.
I already had the outfit because my friend had a horror movie party so I sewed ribbons to some black shorts and put on fishnets.
shorts-diy,tights-target,top-from a kids jumpsuit,hat party city
Friday is black and gold day. So everyone wears caution tape. I made a dress. I taped myself into that morning, this is just when I was trying it on. It started to break during the pep rally from all the sitting standing and jumping. Thankfully I had shorts and a shirt on under it, so i took it off when I got of the gym. It was very hot.

Tonight is homecoming.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New York Part 1

Here's the start of my fashion week review. I'm starting with New York and going alphabetically by city.

Let's start with Alexander Wang

Generally, Alexander Wang doesn't thrill me but this season I was impressed. It was very sporty. I was a fan of the sheer front sweat shirt. It was collegiate-Wang with Sports bras and football shaped purses. But I'm in love with the quilted leather shorts.

Anna Sui is a master of prints. I love the way she mixes them. This collection was very sixties-so of course I liked it. It varied between a boy band-esque suit to little mod dresses. I loved the tights.And the mask as a headband.


I've never heard of him before but his looks are very fun and sparkly. My favorite look is the purple shirt with sparkly sleeves. Most looks had a full skirt. Benz showed a large range of styles from a Grecian style top and a marabou skirt.

Marc Jacobs
I go back and forth between liking and disliking this one. It has forties shapeswith 80s prints. I really like the plaid shirt striped shorts look. And I loved the jackets, Marc always does great jackets. The styling was great: little geek glasses and Minnie mouse bows/ears. And there was a pink and orange print I loved.
This is my favorite look from the show. I love the stripes, the pink and orange-ness,and asymmetrical sleeves.

My next post is my SPIRIT WEEK POST. Tomorrow I can't be Penny Lane but I will be someone possibly even better.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ready for takeoff

Yesterday I felt like a flight attendant. I'm not sure why,I think its the scarf. I told my friend she told me I did look like a colorful flight attendant.

I really like this blue dress. Its actually quite warm well you know as warm as a mini dress can get. Which is good because it's starting to turn to fall.
Hound sooth is one of my favorite patterns.
Dress-Vintage,Tights-Target, Jacket-Marc Jacobs,Scarf-Lola
Today I think I might clean my office and finish watching the Office season 5 ( I love netflix).
Next week is spirit so I have to get working on my Penny Lane outfit.