Sunday, September 27, 2009

The September Issue

Friday night I went dress shopping for homecoming, I complained to my stepdad how most homecoming dresses looked the same. Then we went to H&M and I tried on a fifties style leopard print one, its perfect. Then I crashed boy's night. I showed them the dress and they agreed that it is very me.

Saturday I finally saw the September Issue. In the first scene Anna Wintour talks about how you can be smart and like fashion and to look nice. But in my opinion Grace Coddington is the best part of the movie. She is so passionate about what she does and you can see that. You really feel sad with her when Anna cuts some of her pictures. Grace really sees fashion as a fantasy she insists upon not retouching a real person. You see Anna Wintour judging the designers and she says a lot by saying a little. I thought this was a great movie, my stepdad not so much, he fell asleep. The women I was talking to after the movie loved it too.
I got invited to go to Europe this summer. It would be to the south of France, Italy, and the Alps. I put some ads up so it would be nice if you would click them so I can get a little money for the trip.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh like Yoda

There are a lot of photos for today since I have a tripod now and I LOVE this dress. The skirts is very swishy, which is good because i like to enter rooms dramatically.

Our backyard looks like an archaeological dig at the moment since we are making the pond bigger. I decided to hop in and take a photo. It goes even further to the left than in the picture.
I haven't gathered the courage to take pictures where there are other people yet, because even though I love the camera when other people are taking the photo, it would just feel weird setting up my tripod and camera right in the middle of where I'm not the only one there.

dress-me, sweatshirt-Erin Fetherson via thrift, shoes-thrift,tights-target

I decided to sit in the grass because I thought the green would contrast nicely with the red in my skirt.And you can see my shoes better.

Monday I wanted to wear my flapper dress and military jacket. My science teacher told me I was born in the wrong decade and that I should have been a hippie or a flapper. I love this dress but since the fringe is in loops I get stuck on everything. I got stuck on my friends jacket at lunch and I repeatedly get stuck on door knobs.

Dress and jacket- H&M, shoes-payless,tights-target
This is the first day I got the tripod. I wanted to wear my silver GoGo boots since it was cold.
t-gift,tights- We Love Colors,GoGo boots-vintage store,skirt-me

I have the sweetest friends. My friend drew me this a few weeks a go. Its a calendar but not a only is it calendar its a calendar of me in chibi form. My friend told me chibi's were small cute people, to which I replied," Oh, like Yoda".
The homecoming dance is coming up and I need a dress. I drew three that would be great.
The first is a dress with two layers of ombre purple fringe and the final layer extends past the hem. The one in the middle is a flapper style dress with beaded fringe and a beaded belt. The third is a pencil dress with a tulle overskirt and a rhinestone collar and belt.
I would have to make these but the first one my fabric store doesn't sell long enough fringe. The second one I don't have enough time since it's completely beaded. So I'll probably get something totally 80's from the thrift store.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here are some outfits from this week and last week. I don't have many from last week because I was a bit sick so I didn't feel like taking pictures.
Tuesday, I decided was a good day to reveal the sequined leggings. When I was outside during free period they made polka dots on the ground. The best comment I received was wow Jess you're patriotic today.

top-vintage,skirt and sweater-thrift,leggings- H&M,headband-Forever 21,shoes-payless

Friday I was recovering but I went to the big football game, its like the super bowl of the area I live in. I wore a skirt to school, but a friend advised that I should wear pants to the game, so I did but I put on a neon sweater and hot pink trench coat so my friends could find me.After that I had my first taco bell meal with some friends.

sweater-vintage,jeans-American Eagle,Hat- KMart
After taco bell we went to a friends house and played darts. Below is one of the shots I made, yes that's the ceiling.
Last week I wore a coat as a dress I also had a dress under the coat but I didn't take the coat off since I was cold.Dress coat and belt-thrift,shoes-payless,headband-forever21

There may not be outfit photos for a bit since my picture spot is getting a make over and I don't have a tripod. I found one for $16 and one for $40.
So I'm going to some fashion week coverage, which I haven't done before. So soon this blog will have some actual writing. How exciting!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

how you like to aggravate the ice-cream man

Monday I thought we were going to start the great Gatsby in English (we didn't), so I wore a 20s style dress. I wore the t-straps because I was trying to prove a point about something.

Dress- vintage,shoes- thrift,jacket-forever 21
I bought the dress in my birthday money spending rampage at the vintage store. It was only $10.I think its pretty its BLUE LACE and it has a peter pan collar. I adore peter pan collars.

Wednesday I listened to White Rabbit while picking out my outfit so I decided to dress like Alice in wonderland with a card accessory theme. My environmental science teacher got it. Themed dressing is awesome.
dress-thrift,tights AA,shoes-payless,jacket-Marc Jacobs,fascinator and necklace- me

I wore my Dorothy skirt under my dress to give it some pouf but it kept falling down and I got tired of doing an awkward shimmy motion to pull it up so by the end of the day lace was peaking out.
The fascinator was going to go in the shop but I decided it was perfect for the outfit so I'll make another one to put up. There's a necklace like mine in the shop.