Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All dressed up

I finished that halter dress I showed you guys. I wore last Friday to a birthday party and today to fix my schedule ( the custodians really liked it) and watch Men in Black and play the wii with some friends.When I started making my idea was a feminine tuxedo dress. I think I accomplished it.
The back closes with a vintage zipper and a hook and eye.

The skirt is circle skirt. Its so fun to twirl in.
The top is trimmed in bias tape and has buttons on the waist band.

Sadly when I go to school I can't wear it as is I have to put a shirt under it or a jacket over it, because we have to have straps and its probably too low cut.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Today I walked a half hour to pick up a job application only to find out you apply online. Umm on the plus side I had a cute dress on.dress- me hat-vintage no.5
Sunday there was a family cookout, I decided pink sequins would be appropriate.
dress h&m headband-forever 21
My mom wanted me to make her a dress for the longest time, I finished it last night she's going to wear it tomorrow.People think we look alike wait until we start wearing our matching dresses to the same place. Its from the same pattern as the dress I made at the top of the post.
She was very happy when she came home, I could barely get her to stop moving so I could take pictures.

I also made her a bag a few weeks ago, it has flamingos everyone's favorite lawn ornament.
The bag is made from a bed sheet I found at the thrift store.
My Fashionary arrived today. I'm really excited to start using it. Expect a review soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Doll house

This is slowing turning into a look what I bought blog. On Monday I went into the city to spend my friends birthday with her she got sick so we couldn't hang out. The next day I went to the Vintage store that's about 6 blocks away from the house with my grandma and two baby cousins.,they were having a huge sale since they got a new owner she's very friendly.
My friend got unsick the same day so we went back to the store she looked at sunglasses and this little fellow caught my eye, she bought him for me.
I was a member of the VIP card thing where you could free tee shirt,I got one and its the last one and sooo comfy.
Possibly the best thing I got SILVER GOGO BOOTS!!!!! they go with everything.
This one need to be made shorter,be quite a bit.
And this one is adorable but it is scandalously short and too short to wear to school thankfully there is about 3 inches in the hem so I can bring it down.

This one is a flapper style and Its blue lace. I got alot of blue there actually another blue dress I didn't photograph,strange I always thought I was a pink person.

I bought a shirt because I don't have many,and a silver leather mini skirt. They look so cute together.

A sailor dress.I'm kinda broke now. The lady gave me all the dresses even though some were 20 and 30.
My friend and I were in my cousins room sitting in her doll house, my lack of coordination knocked it down Perfect photo op.

The house before.
The cousins they had me up at 7. The little girl adores me she always wants to play with me and sit next to me. I did her hair I made a little crown of bows.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sunset dress

When I was a little girl I had an orange and pink dress I called it sunset dress. I would wear just about everyday while doing kid things. I loved that thing, sadly there are no pictures of me in it. I think it started my pink and orange love affair. I've been searching for another sunset dress and a maxi dress on Wednesday it magically appeared in the same dress. It may be a bit formal but I don't care I don't believe in wearing clothes just on certain occasions though I do believe in debuting them on special occasions.

I think it may be a prom dress but there's also a freshman girl who wears prom dresses to school, and I've inadvertently worn a wedding dress to school and have birds in my head so nothings shocking anymore.
I thought about wearing it yesterday but I thought it needed a more special occasion than just hanging out at a friends house. So I wore a flapper dress and got stuck on everything.

It was my 16th birthday. YAY for birthdays.
Here's a VLog I used YouTube to upload it because blogger takes forever.

Also my friend started a blog you should check it out here. She's ranting and showing pretty pictures.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

I wore this to meet my friend at the library I found out that he's moving to England in the middle of next year.
Sometimes when I get ready I pretend I'm Holly Golightly. It leads to me talking in a wonderful accent in my head. ooh for the birdcage necklace I found the pendant and attached to the chain.dress H&M,necklace-me,hat-vintage no.5,sunglasses Urban outfitters
On the fourth of July my mom and I went to the mall and I saw flapper dresses and the word sale in the H&M window, I dashed in of course. Usually the H&M sale section doesn't impress me because its a rack of clothes that are either too small or too big. This time it was a quarter of the store. And it fit.

I got the flapper dress for $10 it was $40. The shorts weren't from the sale section but my mom saw them and new I would love since I wanted sailor shorts.
I also saw this cute orange dress, I love orange if you hadn't noticed,it wasn't on sale but it was only twenty dollars. I wore it on fourth of July night when I went to my friend house with some friends swam watched his neighbors fireworks and Will and Grace and waited and hour for delivery pizza, but it was good.
A sparkly pink dress,I got it in a medium instead of a small because I liked the shape the medium made and it was a bit longer which means I can wear it to school. $15
Before we went to the mall I told my mom I wanted a military jacket. I found one I had to buy it myself so I used my money from all the change I've accumulated. The jacket was $50. It may be one of the coolest things I own,I'm almost excited for fall. I love jackets almost as much as I love dresses.

We got some lillys for the pond.

We also got a cute little frog to encourage frogs to come to the pond.

How was your fourth of July?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Just keep swimming

Its another DIY post since I've been staying home wearing pjs all day. Well I did go to Six Flags yesterday with a friend yesterday and had tons of fun. And there was this couple that I bumped into that was being flanked by security, my friend told me it was T.I so I think I walked into ti the rapper not the calculator.
Last week I made a bag for my mom's coworker and sold it for $40. It has fish.

I didn't notice it was blurry till I put it on the computer today. But as you can see this is one behemoth of a bag, its almost as big as I am.

Just because its inside doesn't mean it can't be fun.
I added a pocket and stitched lines up it to hold a phone or ipod,pens and a camera.
I included a little change purse that I made out of the leftover lining fabric.
I'm also making some halter dresses. This is the start of one for me, I need to fix the bust a bit. Then I'm making some more in this cool plaid I have.

This weeks projects are to finish this dress,start my coat and make my moms dress and get my learners permit because I've been neglecting to do so for the past three months, the website is just so confusing.