Sunday, June 28, 2009

Early presents and Jewelry

The other day me friend came over to give me an early birthday present. A petticoat. I've wanted one for a while so I could put them under my 50s style dress so they were extra huge. And i could also hit people with my skirts.

All that puff is only two layers.That was pretty much the highlight of the week. Oh I went to King's dominon with my mom that was pretty fun. Last night I had to listen to my friend talk about his London trip, he met Ray Davies,from the kinks, and gave him birthday cards.

I made bird earrings, I think they are martlets since they don't have feet.

I've wanted a birdcage necklace for about a year new and I finally made one. The little door even opens up.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ergy Erg

The other day I got an email from Caroline telling me about her new one-off clothing website,Ergy Erg, she described it as,"pieces using knotted lace, ruffs, vintage charms and findings, tatty dogtooth and silk, hand written on dresses, feathers and plastic farm animals."Sounds fun so I checked it out. This playsuit is adorable it has lace trim and a cameo. Aww.
I love things that have writing on them.
This is my favorite thing from Ergy Erg,its a corset panel and you can throw it over anything. I love all the lace and trims.
This dolly pinafore is cute and creepy at the same time.

They also have quirky jewelry.

Whats your favorite?

Friday, June 19, 2009


I wore this to go to the fabric store. I bought hot pink linen,and some eyelets. I also went over a friends house watched Wall-e and hostel. And we played Mario kart I got first place once then the rest I was 3rd or 4th and it was my first time playing the game. skirt-me,top-forever 21,shoes-Steve Madden,hat-vintage no,5
Today I tried to make a mock up of this pretty dress I wanted to make but it didn't turn out well. The neck was too high and the armholes came into the bust, it looked like wearing a racer back tank backwards. If anyone know any good pattern making books or videos please help me out. But in successful sewing news I made my mom a purse it has flamingos, I'll show you in the next post.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just like a circus

I finally am out of school for summer. I'm so excited I don't have any outfits for the weekend because I was too busy to take them but I do have fun exciting stories.

On my last day of exams I promised my sewing teacher that I would show her the skirt I made in her class and my new hair. She loved it and said she almost cried. I worked really hard on it the pleats weren't as difficult as I thought they would be, it was supposed to have a contrast hem but we decided with it the skirt would be too long. James told me I had to wear purple though he didn't tell me why. I still don't know why. That means I had to wear my Marc Jacobs jacket, darn I probably would have worn it anyway.

shoes-thrift,socks-American Apparel,skirt-me,tee-concert,sunglasses-Urban Outfitters,Jacket- Marc Jacobs via Filenes basement.
On Friday I went to my friends graduation party,then went camping in my friends backyard.In the afternoon we got in a pool noodle and splash fights and if some one whacks you hard enough they hurt a bit (male friends don't take it easy on me). We stayed in the pool until 4 in the morning after a 2am Slurpee run. The next day we watched the first Pokemon movie since I never saw it before. Then I went to my grandmas and bought Missbehave. Then I went to another graduation party. Every body was dunking each other and i was thrown. SO I'd say it was a good weekend.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Flapper Hair

I had a good weekend. I got my haircut. Then went to a graduation party,to the mall then swimming in an ice cold pool in the rain. I went to a surprise party for my friend it was a real surprise since his birthday was a month ago. We went swimming in his pool and the creek.I also had my first crab at the surprise party. I lived in Maryland all my life and never had one. Taking apart a crab is a difficult skill but worth it but it is better when someone generously donates their crab meat, which is apparently a very rare thing.

My haircut gives me an excuse to wear red lipstick. I use Arbonne Lipstick in Bravo. It lasted 12 hours one,through two musicals,dancing,fried chicken,fries,cookies, and my lack of coordination.

Now for pretty flapper photos.
This was the photo I brought into my hairdresser. She thought it was Katy Perry. I want this dress.

I really like this one for some reason.

photos from the fashion spot and flickr