Saturday, February 28, 2009

With a circus mind thats running wild

A while ago I bought what i presumed to be a bag of fabric at the thrift store. But it actually was a bag of precut pattern pieces and an unfinished skirt and it had some more fabric too! I the print on this dress was the reason I bought the bag of fabric,it looked so fun. So I assemble the dress I had to lower the neckline since there was no zipper in the back and hem the sleeves. I added a placket with cute little flower buttons from my button stash.

Sweater-gift,dress-me, tights- American Apparel

So when I fell down the stairs on Sunday it turned out I sprained my toe. Here is my super stylish footwear until Tuesday.Even though I was limping I still had to wear a cute outfit to school because it made me feel better.

Blazer-forever 21,skirt me,shirt-JC Penny,tights- Target

After repeating over and over that I want to expand my tights box to include more prints my mom got me these cool polka dot tights from target.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Make my funk the P.Funk I want my fun uncut

I saw George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic on Saturday. It was amazing. I was two rows back.And I wasn't behind a tall person so I was able to see!! They played some songs I didn't know and some I did. Before the show started the crowd started swing down sweet chariot I though that was really cool.the girl near me got her hand kissed by Sir nose on her smoke break.George Clinton is awesome, he is so filled with life its quite infectious. Then Sir Nose came out and he held up a towel that said Fuck George. I think Sir Nose is attractive,so there was some conflict because Sir Nose is bad because of the Pinocchio effect but then because of the sapiens it turns out he is funky so I guess there is no emotional conflict. Kendra Foster is amazing.
I left my mom in charge of pictures and video ( bad idea) I got a few blurry pictures,one or to that turned out well, and 30 second video clips, and the moments that I thought were great were not captured.
I would he liked good picture of George Clinton smiling and Sir nose.
My mom made me leave early because the drunken man behind me kept trying to touch my butt and that made her mad so we left during flashlight. I'm more upset about leaving the concert early than a drunken man touching me. My mom told me we only missed the end but I don't believe her so I'm silently mad.My mother also couldn't handle anymore than two hours of funk. I HATE YOU DRUNKEN MAN!
They are coming near me again Friday, it turns out I have a friend interested in the P.Funk, I realize I just saw them but I feel the need to see the whole thing. I would totally go if I had $40, but I don't.And I don't know anyone in the band who can get me in for free.

So It was a SUPER GREAT AWESOME CONCERT. I just wish I could have seen all of it.
Today I needed to wear my funkadelic shirt and a dress. I fell down the stairs Sunday and it hurts and its bruised. I'm going to the doctor tommow to figure out what it actually is so I can stop worrying about it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Outfits, Vlog and a patern review

Yesterday I wanted to wear all plaid again. I love plaid. All I need is a plaid jacket and shoes and I could be all plaid out. I really like this dress because its not a silhouette I wear often.

I used Butterick 4513 to make this dress. it was an easy pattern to follow, and it was quick because there is no zipper. However if you use this and you are short you should shorten the pattern. I hacked about 11 inches of of the pattern. It is calf length on a regular person. I went a size smaller on the top since there was allot of ease. but I left it a bit loose so I could get out of it.
I wore the dress today. I actually put it on inside out by accident this morning so I was glad I could have gym class so I could fix it. I had to wear a dress and a skirt under it to get it as puffy as it was. I think it needs to be puffier. It felt really strange to wear a 50s style because usually when it looks like a step out of a time machine I look like I'm form the 60s.


Hem and fabric detail.I hemmed it using bias tape. I'm in love with bias tape now

And a vlog


Monday, February 16, 2009

Yesterday I woke up at 6:20 a.m.. Insanity probably but i had to go to a record show. When I by records I either buy one two or an insane amount.

I walked around the show and and everyone was charging about $15 a record and then I stumbled upon a treasure trove. saw the Beatles and Jim Morrison. There were no prices so I inquired. " Singles are $3 doubles are $5" Oh yes I thought I assembled myself a large stack.

I spent all of my left over Christmas money on:I haven't listened to half of them yet.
  1. Woodstock

  2. Woodstock 2

  3. Volunteers- Jefferson Airplane

  4. The Beatles 1962-66

  5. Magical Mystery tour -the Beatles

  6. Axis : Bold as love- Jimi Hendrix Experience ,(I really love this one my favorite is still Little wing the guitar sounds like falling stars.)

  7. The Doors

  8. Stage -David Bowie

  9. Big Hits (High Tide and Green grass) -The Rolling stones

  10. Lets Dance- David Bowie

  11. Lets Get it on - Marvin Gaye

  12. Sticky Fingers ( the one with the zipper) - Rolling Stones

  13. Meet the Beatles

  14. Donovan

All for a bit under $50

I was going to get Disraeli Gears by Cream because I thought it looked pretty but I didn't because I didn't think I would have enough money, but I so should have gotten it.

I wore this dress because it was so happy. And the Bright colors woke me up.

Today I went to paint pottery with my friend,I decided to go for a Luella-esque look. I put my silver leggings under my pink tights for added warmth and sparkle.

I also made a dress yesterday it''s really charming but I need to leave ti hang for 24 hours before I hem it to let the bias set that its the easiest sewing step. and my parents got me an ipod touch its so fun!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sometimes lonely hearts just get lonlier

This morning I couldn't decide between my orange and pink skirt and my flapper dress. So I wore both.

Tomorrow I'm auditioning for the schools musical. I'll probably sing some jenny Lewis
But in bigger news. Molly got me hooked on Parliament, the band not the stuffy British guys, I'm going to their concert! Well my mom needs to buy tickets.
So you should get something form my etsy shop so I Can buy souvenirs.
Elie tagged me. I'm so glad she didn't give me the show me your room one cuz its not good.
Four places that i go over and over: kitchen,basement,school,thrift shop
Four people that email me regularly:my mom blogger that's it
Four favourite smells fresh sugar cookies,irons,hot chocolate, that warm vanilla sugar stuff from bath and body works.
Four places I'd rather be right now a city,an ice cream parlor,thrift shop,with a friend
Four people i tag: Amelia,Marian, Susanna-Cole,yiqin
Four t.v shows i watch: I like house but i never watch it anymore, the office, full house,Ellen

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Sunday

We love colors asked me if I wanted some tights. Of course I said yes. They got here last Friday. I love them. I got neon orange and they sent me another pair of turquoise I wore my blue ones on Wednesday. When I went thrifting I saw a Mondrian-esque sweater I decided to wear it with my Mondrian dress. It think it looked smashing. My floor makes a great model doesn't it?

(dress-forever 21,sweater-thrift, tights-we love colors)
Thursday I had sewing class. We to make bags and I got to use the machine with all of the decorative stitches. I also got to use the old lady hat fabric. Sweet!

I wore my dress from America Apparel and my Christmas tights because I think they contrast well together. I put my orange We love colors tights under it to make the light spots more orange.
(dress-American apparel,tee-concert, blazer - mom,tights gift and we love colors)

Friday, I felt I needed a spring dress. I wore my two tone tights with it to make it a little less sweet.
(dress- body central,tights American apparel,blazer-mom)

I also put a bag up on etsy. Isn't it adorable. I'm making a red and white one to put up by Thursday. This bag is $35

I showed my mom the blog I and i think she's reading it now so Hi Mom! Well at least now my parents won't tell me I'm van when i take outfit photos in the kitchen.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My step dad needed my camera today because a dog took his (sometimes its better nto to ask0. So i deleted all my pictures from Thursday and Friday to make room before uploading them. Oops.
My freinds are neon whimps.I blinded my friends again. But you would think after a year almost two of knowing me they would have built up an immunity to being blinded by neon,I have. Though I guess it is a bad sign when you skirt gives off a glow from your closet,in the dark.

Sweater-vintage, Skirt-I made my self, Tights-shop in d.c.

I put a zipper at the bottom of the hem because I love zippers like a fat kid loves cake. Don't you love nice sentiments form rapppy songs.