Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vintage Patterns

I adore vintage patterns. I always pick at least one up when I see them. I intend to make them but my pile has gotten so large it's probably as tall as I am.
I thought I'd show you guys some patterns I found recently. Even if you don't sew I think vintage patterns are good to look at because the illustrations are very good. I think I like illustrations more than the pictures they use now.

I love A-line dress with contrast tops oh and look at that topstitching.

I'd make view B, the one on the right,in a sheer psychedelic paisley. I would wear a vintage slip with lace appliques under it. I would lie in a hammock listening to Beatles records in the back of an orange VW Bus in a sunny wildflower filled meadow. Yeah, I really like this dress. Its 16.99.

This one is sold sadly. I would have made the middle dress. I think the under dress would be sequined and the top would be a sheer pale pink. It would be like being a secret disco ball.

These are just saved on my computer so I'm not really sure where they are from.
I think the collar is awesome. I'd make it in a teeny floral and then the dress in a big flower pattern.
Adorable playsuit. I'd wear it to the beach,dates,grocery shopping,and while dancing to the Smiths.
Almost Christmas. Tonight I'm going to my drama club's Christmas thing. I'm not sure if I'm going to wear my jumpsuit or a dress.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


For the last week I alternated between a fifties dress with leopard rainboots and short dress. here are two examples. It's been rainy so i haven't been outside for pictures. And i was busy being a teenager.
I love my homecoming dress and it has pockets for important things like snacks. My rainboots are a bit faded; I think I left them in the sun too long.

dress- H&M rainboots- Filene's basement,tights American Apparel
Sequins make everyday a party where you are the disco ball.
dress H&M,leggings Walmart,shoes-gift
I saw the dance show since I had a few friends in it. This one guy I know gets so into his dancing, it's awesome. I also made green cupcakes for the french club bake sale
Today I decided to wear tons of flowers and hurt strangers eyes.
jacket-thrift,dress-Marshall's,tights-we love colors,shoes-thrift.

Is everyone excited for Christmas?