Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vintage Patterns

I adore vintage patterns. I always pick at least one up when I see them. I intend to make them but my pile has gotten so large it's probably as tall as I am.
I thought I'd show you guys some patterns I found recently. Even if you don't sew I think vintage patterns are good to look at because the illustrations are very good. I think I like illustrations more than the pictures they use now.

I love A-line dress with contrast tops oh and look at that topstitching.

I'd make view B, the one on the right,in a sheer psychedelic paisley. I would wear a vintage slip with lace appliques under it. I would lie in a hammock listening to Beatles records in the back of an orange VW Bus in a sunny wildflower filled meadow. Yeah, I really like this dress. Its 16.99.

This one is sold sadly. I would have made the middle dress. I think the under dress would be sequined and the top would be a sheer pale pink. It would be like being a secret disco ball.

These are just saved on my computer so I'm not really sure where they are from.
I think the collar is awesome. I'd make it in a teeny floral and then the dress in a big flower pattern.
Adorable playsuit. I'd wear it to the beach,dates,grocery shopping,and while dancing to the Smiths.
Almost Christmas. Tonight I'm going to my drama club's Christmas thing. I'm not sure if I'm going to wear my jumpsuit or a dress.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


For the last week I alternated between a fifties dress with leopard rainboots and short dress. here are two examples. It's been rainy so i haven't been outside for pictures. And i was busy being a teenager.
I love my homecoming dress and it has pockets for important things like snacks. My rainboots are a bit faded; I think I left them in the sun too long.

dress- H&M rainboots- Filene's basement,tights American Apparel
Sequins make everyday a party where you are the disco ball.
dress H&M,leggings Walmart,shoes-gift
I saw the dance show since I had a few friends in it. This one guy I know gets so into his dancing, it's awesome. I also made green cupcakes for the french club bake sale
Today I decided to wear tons of flowers and hurt strangers eyes.
jacket-thrift,dress-Marshall's,tights-we love colors,shoes-thrift.

Is everyone excited for Christmas?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jewelry roll

This a post of some projects I've done recently. My mom wanted diner style curtains for our kitchen so she bought red and white striped fabric. I made curtains for over the door and a window.

I was also supposed to make red curtains for above the stripes but she thought the curtains would cause our plant to die.
My mom wanted me to make a jewelry roll for her friend's birthday. She had to explain what one is but I think I did a good job.

You put the necklaces in the strap and if your necklace is longer you place part of it in the pocket.
Here it is all folded up.

Monday, November 23, 2009


This week I had my school play. We did Miracle on 34th Street. I had two small parts I was a doctor and a bailiff.
Here we are examining Santa. I'm on the left. I really like the little nurse dress and it has pockets.
Then for the bailiff I put on a skirt and tie over my nurse dress since there wasn't a large gap between the scenes.
We did four shows this year. Then we had our cast party. The end was quite sad since most of my friends are seniors. Our last song is always lean on me and there's usually some crying, that song was on Glee last week. I was getting a little emotional on the couch. But we also did secret Santa for two of the shows. I guessed mine right. I got a slurpee and dr. pepper.
I've been working on this during rehearsals. Not that much since I was usually doing other things like talking to people and watching movies. It's a skirt and she's holding balloons I'm hoping to be done this week.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blog Birthday

Today is my blog's second birthday, well it was Saturday but I had a six hour rehearsal so I wasn't really up to posting.
pretty and shiny.

It looks like a flight attendant and look a peter pan collar.

I love to color and I think that this girl's drawings are adorable.

I love birds.

When I learn how to drive I want a vwbus sadly they are a death trap but they are great to look at.
I love Tim Walker photos.
Tim Walker and Lily Cole in a carousel dress = super great.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jump around

Last week I found a jumpsuit and it may be the coolest thing I own. Its a jumpsuit from the seventies that I picked up at the thrift store.
It's so rainbow-y. I think I said, "jumpsuits are awesome," approximately 200 times.
And it even has a hood.

jumpsuit-thrift,Jacket-Marc Jacobs,belt-Betsey Johnson,shoes-thrift

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just dance

Halloween is one my favorite holidays because I love to dress up. And I love to eat candy. I went trick or treating this year but didn't get much candy.
I dressed up as Lady Gaga because she's awesome. I didn't do one particular look. I just did a mixture. Walking around in just a leotard and leggings is very liberating.

I picked up the bow that morning at the thrift store. I put on fleece tights under my leggings to keep my legs warm but of course when it got dark it didn't get cold.

I got my stepdad to draw a lighting bolt on my face.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Dancing Queen

This is from a while ago. I've been forgetting to take pictures lately because I was working on my Halloween costume. I really like this dress because of the color yellow and all of the pleats. And pleats make things much more fun to spin in.

I was told I looked like Snow White, Madeline, and a dressed up blueberry I was going for disco princess.I really like the way the yellow looks in the sun. And I match the plant pots.
sweater-gift,dress-thrift,tights- We love colors, shoes- thrift

Monday, October 19, 2009

Homecoming and Dc

WOO! It's time for an outfit post in nonchronoglogical order! Let's start with the last day of spirit week again. Why? Because I have a better picture of the caution tape dress.
That thing was tight, I think this looks like that famous Diana Vreeland photo but, maybe I'm just full of myself.
This was my homecoming dress. It's a bit casual but heels, no tights, red lipstick and eyeliner say formal.

I attempted makeup. I did red lipstick, which is what I normally do when I feel like wearing makeup to school. And I did a sort of cat eye with eyeliner.
Dress- H&M

Yesterday I wore my science project dress from 9th grade.I also wore my "latex" leggings by Hannah Montana from walmart. I like them but, I feel like they are a little low in the back.

Dress-diy,leggings-walmart,jacket-Marc Jacobs,shoes-payless

On Saturday I went to D.c. with a few friends and we went to Secondi and my friend scored a new Marc Jacobs dress for $88. Then we went to Filene's basement and I got the best tights ever there's like a blanket inside.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Diece Boutique

Di[e]ce is a new boutique in Federal Hill. Its filled with local designers. Its also mostly sustainable clothing. The owner used to be a manager at the Clothing Warehouse. She's very young and a sweetie. There's a lot more guy stuff now. There is a wide variety of clothes; casual dresses,formal dresses and even backless overalls!I think they have great accessories. I loved the hats and my friend fell in love with a purple bag.

I'd would say that they have good prices since it's all handmade local stuff.

This yellow dress was one of my favorites. A ruffle, a zipper and yellow!

It's just a short walk from the inner harbor. So you should stop by. I really like it there. Then when your done shopping you can walk a few blocks and go to the aquarium and see a fudge show.

1211 S. Charles Street