Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The other day when French ended my teacher wanted to talk to me. I was scared because I don't get in trouble. It turns out we had a nice conversation I guess

Her: You're very original, I've never seen anyone dress like you.

Me: Thank You.

Her: Where do you get your inspiration.

Me: I don't know.

Her: Oh(and she said something about Paris and British models I don't really remember. And i was trying to hurry up because I had to get to my next class.)

Me: I like to dress up.

Then I realized I do know where I get inspiration from.

Other Bloggers/and those people on street style sites.There are many more I like but I couldn't fit them.

Some people featured are:

Kingdom of Style

The Clothes Horse

Tavi of Style Rookie (if I were as cool as she is when I was 12 I could have taken over the world by now)

Cherry Blossom Girl (she makes me want to pay attention in French class)

The Wandering Alchemist

I'm not anti-social, just short sighted (she has the best 60s photos and I am a big fan of the 60s)

Aah I forgot style bubble
Flikr photos

1. hp_scanDS_77101733433, 2. Untitled, 3. Cory Kennedy, 4. Maria Antonieta - Kirsten Dunst, 5. Ashley Olsen for Marie Claire, 6. Audrey Hepburn, 7. Lula, 8. tea and toast, 9. a rug of records, 10. bee's wall, 11. Vogue Vintage, 12. John Gallagher, Jr. is Moritz in Spring Awakening, 13. YE-YE GIRL, 14. Rilo Kiley - 6/5/0815. Not available

So I know record carpet girl she is very cool and the photo in the next row was her wall she moved rooms and had to take it down.I don't really find Johnny Gallagher inspirational I just find him attractive

editorials. I have a little binder of magazine clippings and a box of whole pages.Maybe I will show them to you. I love photo decadent for looking at editorials from foreign magazines I'm too cheap to buy.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


(with my aunt)

(with grandma and dog) You can't tell from the photos but my skirt is pretty shiny.

Just a quick outfit post. I wore this to my stepdads surprise party. I have a lot of day of in the next few months so who knows I might actually write stuff for this blog and spirit week starts tomorow !

Thursday, September 25, 2008

One should either be a work of art or wear one

-Oscar Wilde
I wore my forever 21 dress the other day. I got lots of complements from people who never notice what I wear and I got a free sample of Godiva chocolate and the Jenny Lewis CD.

So I didn't wear the rain boots to school, I put them on when I took the trash out

Today I wore this, I tried to take a full length shot outside but I had my camera in a plastic bag because it was raining so they all turned out like this.

Then I quickly took it out of the bag for two pictures.

I took this for my photography class.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I love this dress Yves Saint Laurent made in the sixties. I am so crazy about it I thought about making one myself! I went on Forever 21's website looking for something else, then I found it. Score! It said Tunic so i had to go to the store to make sure I could wear it as a dress.

Surprisingly I found it. I don't put much faith in my local one as they didn't have the turban and my mom wouldn't let me order it. So i was very excited when I found this. The white part is a little thin so i will need to wear a slip.

And my final new purchase SEQUINED suspenders. I got them at a party supplies store. It was quite exciting. Here's how I wore them today

tee- commander salamander,suspenders -party city, skirt -thrift,tights - we love colors

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today was another good day. I feel I should tell you why in list form YAY!

  1. I wore pink and orange one of my favorite color combinations.

  2. I was freakishly match-y today.

  3. I got lots of goodies from the library (Jim Morrison book,the est of Jefferson Airplane,and some Janis Joplin CD that sucked me in with its pretty colors

  4. Zooey Deschanel was in my mailbox, how is it that when only wearing a coat and underwear she still looks as cute as a button.

  5. I get soup tomorrow for lunch if I can get a microwave it will be hot.

  6. I made a little posting schedule so that I remember to post.

  7. the Luella collection is amazing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Good day

Today I decided it would be good day. I had steak for lunch,when I got home from school I took a nap and then I watched LAGERFELD CONFIDENTIAL! When you decide you are going to have a good day you have a good day.Here's what I wore today.

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor's :( but I did get to go to h&m they had a magazine and it was free. In the magazine and the store I saw tons of things I wanted an I coat I wished was orange. Before class my friend decided to count how many items of clothes I was wearing we stopped at 6.

  1. ramones tee
  2. blazer
  3. leopard skirt,that I need to fix(it got progressively skankier through the day as the slit was breaking you could start to see my
  4. shorts
  5. black skirt
  6. grey socks
  7. ruby red slippers

I was tagged by the Seeker and I'll do that either tomorrow or Monday-ish

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Its my 100Th post which apparently is a pretty big deal I'm not sick anymore! I really like the color combination of pink and orange, I think it started with sunset dress in my childhood. My friends told me my legs blinded them.My tights are much brighter than they look in photos

In photography class we need to create a montage.I think I'm going to dresses because dresses make me very happy. Do you have any ideas on how I could do it with out it looking to much like an eBay listing because I don't think I can use self timer for this class?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spring and Orange Coats

So yesterday I opened up my Itunes and what did I see a new Spring Awakening CD yeah.Its live from the apple store and Johnny Gallagher is MC-ing I was flabbergasted (it means astounded I looked it up). It was great.

My faves:
from the New Ep

  • The Bitch of Living

  • Don't Do Sadness

  • Touch me (this one is really special)

From the Original Cd

  • Mama who bore me

  • Totally Fucked( I really can't think of an occasion where this song would be inappropriate)

  • Touch me

  • My Junk (this song helped me learn prepositions)

  • I believe (it sucked me in with the clapping)

and for something fashion related I neeed an orange coat like this one

but I can't find one anywhere maybe I'll just have to make one.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I'm kinda sick so I feel useless.I didn't do anything to today.My friend called that was really nice of him, he said I sounded terrible and that I should watch breakfast at Tiffany's because its my favorite movie.So here's what I wore a few days ago. A boy told me I was very shiny.
overalls-thrift,leggings-579,shirt-forever 21

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Loving Less

Yesterday I felt very uninspired so I ran to my picture box and came across this photo shoot.Agyness Deyn and Hair:

I think she's a robot as she is ignoring the charms of Jonathan Groff

The Afro guy is pretty cool.

In my opinion this would have been better without Agyness Deyn because the hippies really stole the show for me but;Anna Wintour didn't run the whole Deyn cast of Hair thing by my for some strange reason.So I decided to dress like Agyness Deyn and a hippies love child.

This is my attempt at a detail shot. I haven't worn the tank under the vest since I was about ten.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Reliving my childdhood

Yesterday I got to go into the city to take my grandma and her best friend to lunch it was oodles of fun and I got to see Megan.Yay!
We went to the park and we showed off my awesome self-timer skills.
I accidentally hit 2 instead of 10.
I managed to push the button , run to the pole and climb up in high heels in less than 10 seconds I think that deserves a gold medal. And then we went to the goodwill
And got fuzzy posters and colored them while listening to the most bad ass version of wheels on the bus ever. and then I wore her cousin's storm trooper helmet.