Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Skirt

I'll get to checking other blogs tommrow.
Here is what I wore yesterday. People love this dress and I wear these tights to much.

And I'm wearing one of my favorite jackets.See how happy it makes meThis photo had the most accurate color.

I wore this today.I made my skirt.

Slightly blinding. I'm going to make another one to sell on Etsy. I just need a shop name any ideas?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Adventures in Thrifting

I went to the thrift shop today as it was half off clothes day.The sign was missing so my mom and I thought it went away forever and got scared but it was still there.I'm going to show you what I bought and some of what I didn't.I saw the Pattie Boyd book in the book store and wanted it she inspired Something which might be one of my favorite Beatles songs. And a copy of the New Yorker with a pretty cover.Happy yellow shoes they make me smile. And a red roses dress it looks 10 times better on.

I also grabbed child's flapper dress to wear as a top and a sheer top thing.The guy at the register saw the sheer top and said "what is that"

I tried on Pants not only were they pants they had polka dots . I would have bought them but they were too big. But now that I think about it they probably could have been made into jodphurs.
And a daily dose of awesomeness. She made this out of selvages (the stuff at the ends of fabric). I think I may start saving mine so I can make one of these for myself.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I went to Baltimore with Megan I dragged her all the way to the art museum so I could take my picture with an egg.NOTICE THE ORANGE COAT that I've been hunting for for two years.

We met loads of friendly people. The lady at the vintage where we may be attending a party in the near future. A little old lady who want to buy clothes from me when I become a designer. And a security guard who said"is that a Dorothy costume under your coat."

From the vintage store girl who was adorable. I got a MC hammer slap bracelet and pins. I let my friend borrow my Mick Jagger pin(he has a slight obsession with him so I know some useless Rolling stones trivia)

Today I realized the white dress I wore is probably a wedding dress. I received various comments on my clothes.

  • You look Amish -kid I know from elementary school

  • I want to put you on a boat

  • What is she wearing-kid in the hallway

  • You always look so cute- dance girl I never met before

  • you are the only person I know who could pull that off
orange coat-Burlington,navy dress-thrift,white dress-thrift,tights-forever 21, shoes-thrift,pins-vintage shop

I like how when I stand still the lace is subtle but when I walk it's an explosion of lacy goodness.

Then a girl asked where girl asked where I got my outfit from I told her and she said oh don't feel bad I shop at walmart. I told her I choose to go to the thrift store because they have better stuff(though it is slightly becoming necessity as the economy is in a state of suck). She said oh yeah you can get hollister shirts there for like 5 bucks.


I was tagged by whichgoose. Not only is she a fellow Marylander she makes amazing hair accessories.Like this Colors floating pompoms whats not to love(Megan this is subtle hint for Christmas ,birthday, Thanksgiving ,or arbor day present)

The Rules:1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird

.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.

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1. I'm sometimes anti-social. I Love people I just don't like meeting people with out someone I know there it just makes me feel secure when there is someone I already know.And I'm really bad at making plans with my friends

2.I'm trying to correct my anti-socialness

3. I'm unorganized

4. I hate math but I do good at it,

5. When my slightly crazy teacher rambled on last year I understood what she was talking about when she was trying to teach us life lessons(It freaked me out a bit.)

6. I have a weakness for shiny things

7. I don't like babies

I tag the first 7 poeple who comment unless they've done it before.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cdg vs. Walmart

I was very excited for Comme Des Garcons for H&M but its not coming to my area which makes me very upset. We looked up places to get Comme Des Garcons in my area if only to make me excited and then rip my heart out with sadness. We found a sweater. He told me you can get that at Walmart. I agreed the sweater wasn't that impressive.

Two Questions Which do you like best?

and Which is the the Comme Des Garcons?

If you guessed D you are right.

I really like C with my orange and pink habit and if it wasn't made for babies I would be all over that.

I showed him a few Comme des Garcons runway shows and he understood well actually he replied its different. Which is a complement as he finds most things boring. But then he asked where you would wear it to. But Comme Des Garcons is way better than walmart but it is also way out of my range both financially and geographically

Walmart is good for basics leotard socks black tights and sometimes a skirt .

(stuff from Walmart)
Here is a collage of bad to okay walmart clothes I kinda like the purple dress and the idea of a double breasted hoodie

Comme Des Garcons is just brillant. Sometimes it is a bit darker than what I'm into but you need to balance out all the flowers and polka dots out with something. I made a collage forgot to save it Gah! but just look on

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Monday

Isn't it ironic that on an outfit blog I forget to take pictures of my more interesting outfits. I thought I looked quite charming on Friday and Saturday. I'm working on a photo shoot for the blog so I'll put them in there.
Here's what I wore today my friend told me I didn't match again. I wore this while painting and managed not to get it messed up.

My Tights are purple not blue. My ribbon belt shifted constantly though the day because I was playing with it.

dress-thrift shirt-forever 21,tights-we love colors, jacket-forever21, shoes-payless,ribbon-coach box

Monday, October 6, 2008


Saturday was homecoming.It was fun I'm so glad one of my friends is just of awkward of a dancer as I am. My mom didn't get my shoes.I went bowling with my friends afterwards. One of them said he saw me at the store he worked and i was wearing my Minnie mouse dress and his manager called all the employees to look at the girl in the Minnie Mouse dress and he was hey I know her.I loved my dress I am so wearing to school. Looking like a disco ball makes any day better.

Today somehow my shoes broke in French class the sole is currently hot glued and taped until I can get it fixed. I went over my friends house today her mom has a day care so i got to embrace my inner child more. I sat in one of those large sphere ball things It was cool I ate dinner in it I wanted to take it home I got play-doh instead

Friday, October 3, 2008


This week was Spirit Week!
Monday was class colors day. I wore green. My friend and i visited her old teacher and my current teacher and a witty conversation follows.

Her: I hate spirit week.
Teacher: This one is great because its only four days.
Me: I love spirit week! It gives me an excuse to dress up!
Both: you always dress up.
Me: Yes but I can wear a cape now.

The shot in the bottom corner is attempting to show how I used the men's shirt to make a dress/shirt thing.

Button dress-step dads old shirt,bottom dress-rave,tee h&m,Tights- We love colors.

Wednesday was Mix and Match day. People I don't know said I wonder what that Jessica girl will do. My mom told me I should be ironic and dress like a "normal person" (sweats, tee), but instead I went all out.My friend told me I dressed like I do everyday. My friend handed me a lei and said wear this he had a viking had today it was quite entertaining.

Argyle sock-I don't know,white shiny sock-diy, Leopard leggings- Claire's ,Striped legging-Claire's, Floral dress- vintage, polka dot dress-made by me, purple skirt -Charlotte russe,sequin suspender's-party city,gingham shirt-thrift,lei-friend

The next day I was Wonder Woman because I wanted to wear a cape
classmate: who are you supposed to be?
me: wonder woman. I just wanted to wear a cape.
teacher:any excuse to wear a cape

(the jumping indicates flight)


Today was school colors day. My mom told me I looked interesting she said this in a way that made me tell she didn't like it. I blatantly copied Susie Bubble in two ways:cardi-skirt and caged skirt. I think I may fork over the cash for a real one though as a messed up the back