Friday, June 27, 2008


My memory card is acting odd so I can't show you what I wore to see wall e today. Wall e was very sad. i wore a superdooper cool bracelet that managed to have and accident in the bookstore but its nothing hot glue won't fix. My friends and i discovered that bookstore have wall e coloring books.

So since there is no today photo I'll show you what i wore yesterday.

Edie sedgwick tee- gift, skirt-rave,shoes-thrifted

Sunday I'll be going to camp so there probably won't be any posts until next Thursday or Friday.

I have lots of free time during the summer so here are somethings I'm thinking of conjuring my on versions of and I figure if I tell people it will be motivation for me to do it.

Queen Michelle's loofah skirt. Am I the only one imagining this in all sorts of colors and shapes.
I'm going to finish my dress and sequin vest.
Turning a dress into a romper/play suit. I think that if you can make shorts a skirt you can do it the other way around right?
teacup skirt.(these are very Alice in wonderland like)
I have loads of shrinky dinks that are calling my name

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Granny's Closet

On my last thrifting expedition I picked up a dress. my mom tried to talk me out of it. I think I like it because its very over the top.The dress kind of reminds me of a little girl running into her granny's closet and trying on the first thing she sees
I think it needs something on top because its too dressy for everyday, even for me who's always overdressed. So i Tried my yellow sweater(nordstrom rack) and blue tights(we love colors).
From living in a redneck-ish neighborhood and watching too many home improvements reruns(AL is my favorite) I now believe plaid is the perfect addition to any outfit.
then I added my Marc Jacobs jacket that I love. when I would wear it to school and eat lunch I would put another jacket on top of it so i didn't spill anything on it. I think this jacket can make anything look cool maybe even my grandma. This one is my favorite

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Style inspiration from Rocky Horror?

I didn't understand the plot of Rocky Horror at all. But I am a pretty fly time warper. But the som characters in the movie were visually simulating.

Columbia was my favorite because she was shiny. I have to be carful around shiny things because I have a problem telling good shiny from bad shiny. I think columbia falls under good shiny.

Get the look with many sequins. I would be wary of trying more than 3 at time.

Magenta wasn't my favorite but she was fun except i think she turned out to be evil but I didn't understand the movie.

I really dug the Time warp scene those party goers were perfect, with their fun glasses skinny pants and vests.

My friends party was the first time I saw the movie I hear its much better when you to to a theater. I was told we were going to watch it. I decided to channel a party goer as I had only seen the time warp scene and they stuck out in my mind. I assumed everyone else would dress up they didn't.I also made a bow out of hair it doesn't show up well.

shirt-hanes, vest- rave,bow-Erin fetherson for target from the goodwill, Skirt- MADE BY ME with no pattern, shoes- payless

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hit me with your best shot

Sara came over yesterday so, we decided to play supermodel. and we had a photo shoot. there isn't really one theme. There are three : in a fish store, tap dancing detectives and the 90s. I'm only including photos of me or group photos. I found this super cool photo editing-doodle called picnik it is tres fun.
This one was taken inside the fish store. We weren't in here long because we decided to go to Steve and Barry's.

In the Tap dancing detectives segments I was the detective who wasn't good at blending in. I love the coat I'm wearing. It was only $5 and i think its vintage.

In the 90s segment, I decided to play Courtney Love to Sara's Kurt Cobain. I don't think my tights were ripped enough.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


while i was working a found a swing so it took pictures on it. I was getting quite bored of photos in my kitchen. The skirt i wore made me feel like a cupcake in a good way.

shirt-old navy, skirt-wall mart, knee socks-forever 21,converse -thrift shop

Monday, June 16, 2008

How ya doing hon

I traveled to hon fest yesterday. hon fest is pretty much the two days a year when you have and excuse to have big hair, talk in a Baltimore accent, wear leopard,and bad make-up at the same time. Then i went to home depot or Lowe's there the same to me. I wandered around and took my photo in the mirror section.
hat- urban outfitters, dress- forever 21, tee- rilo kiley concert, shoes- century 21, belt- betesey johnson, bag- made by me

Saturday, we went yard sailing. This one we went to we got to got all thorough this ladies house it was interesting. I got fabric,and book and a SANDWICH MAKER i can make pizza sandwiches again. I went to the thrift store and got some clothes I'll show pictures when they get out of the wash.

At the yard sales we found a record player for $10 sadly we didn't buy it. I went to the thrift shop and found some of these records.

Yes that is Joan Rivers. I saw three of the same thing. I didn't plan on buying it, the record just made me giggle.

Then I saw this Prince record after watching Prince pop-up video I learned lots about Prince. The cover just looks cool doesn't it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

and then there is no mystery left

I just got tagged. I have bad memories of tag from elemnetarry school, i was always it. THis seems way less emotionally scarring.

Rules–Post rules at beginning of the post

–Answer all the questions–

Tag 6 people & go to their blog & leave a comment to inform them that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.
1) What were you doing 10 years ago?

I would have been four so i would have been doing 4 year old stuff or eating pizza at my favorite pizza place the closed down. It closed when i was 7 i was very sad no white pizza has come close

2) What are 5 things on your to-do list today?

1 Start book from library

2 find my library card so i don't need to use my moms

3 figure out when my friends and i are hanging out

4 start AP summer assignment

5 clean room

3) Snacks you enjoy

this is going to be long. chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, nonpareils, frosty, french fries, milkshakes,cheese its, Dr pepper


4) Places you have lived

the city( i lived in a lame city but it was a city) the suburbs

.5) Things you would do if you were a billionaire .

get my mom a house in Florida, save for college, move to NYC, see many musicals, give to charity and buy things and go to Paris

6) People you want to know more about

Edie sedgwick, that kid in my neighborhood who doesn't wear shoes on his way to school, idina menzel, johnny Gallagher, Marc Jacobs Karl lagerfeld , this kid that i met at a party who was very intelligent
I tag whoever wants to be tagged

Today, was my first day working. There's really no dress code since i just ride around on my scooter. I help my step dads business.

Top filene's basement, belt (my English teacher has a similar one) -don't remember, skirt-thrift, shoes-payless

Sunday, June 8, 2008

we should become more adventurous

Yesterdays theme was discovery. I got a LARGE box full of free earrings, I'm not done sorting them into for me an gifts for others. I also went to a rilo kiley concert. There were 3 opening bands. The first one had an awesome drummer she was so into it. She made all these great facial expressions.

The next band was Thao with thao get down stay down, I thought they would be a screamo band I very happy that they weren't. They were pretty good. The third opening band wasn't my taste.

Then Rilo Kiley came on and they were great. my friend didn't get into their set as much as I did. Jenny Lewis was amazing. And we had on the same leggings. She hid under things which amused me to no end. She is also very pretty. She plays the keyboard and guitar. I think she may be a new hero of mine. At the end of With Arms Outstretched there was a Little sing along. During breakin' up there were bubbles which distracted my videographer skills. In silver lining there were silver balloons with gold confetti inside. When they played does he love you I almost cried same thing with I never which is my favorite rilo kiley song.

She had on the most adorable romper. also her guitar strap had jenny in rhinestones on it. the photos look much better when you make them bigger.

Look at the legging similarities.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

this is what i wore yesterday. The shoes turned out to be very impractical becuase we played freeze tagso i ahd to run arond in wood chips in my socks. it wasnt pleasant.

cherry shirt- target, I heart nyc shirt- nyc, pants goodwill, bag fred flare

shoes and magazine -gift

This is what i wore today. My firend discovered a rip in my tights so i decided to just rip the rest with my keys. We also made flower crown. You can see it best when you click the picture to make it big.

shirt- jcpenny's (it has little shiny beads on it), dress-rave, Tights- target, flower crown- made by me

Monday, June 2, 2008

party time

Friday was fun we had a surprise party for my friend who was graduating. I got him a large pin because sometimes its not a party unless someone besides me dresses up. i also made a niu mui inspired skirt and i got a fabric for another dress but the pattern has sleeves so I'm a little nervous.