Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My junk is you

vintage dress- gift from a friend, ruffly shirt - thrift, sweater- gift, tights -target,maryjanes-payless

So Stephanie at the fash bot asked me what Wendla was because I wrote that I was wearing my Wendla dress. She is on of the three main characters of spring awakening which i mention allot. In the beginning she wears this pretty pretty dress. then she stuff happens she has sex on a swing then dies.

Do you see the pretty white dress? its amazing. you've also seen not only wendla but also Melchior do recognize him? I met him it was one of the best things in my life so far. the third main character is Moritz and i know you would love to see pictures because johnny Gallagher is a major stud muffin.

I have a little feeling being a statue most days would suck but, i think that was a day where being a statue would be good

Friday, April 25, 2008

this post is an excuse to post my wendla dress again

That little black dot is my doggy

YAY! its opening musical night.I actually like my outfit photos today, theres motion and life in them. i like jumping photos. It was dress up day for the drama kids. Someone asked it the dress was mine she assumed it was a costume. I guess it is a costume as its my Wendla dress.
Now, I just need to find something to wear out to dinner because I'm a clumsy eater.

Dress - target shoes- payless tights- wallmart

Thursday, April 24, 2008

do the chicken dance

I wore this yesterday, everyone was very surprised that i wasn't wearning tights. I was also told i'm the only person they know who wears argyle. then i had to explain what argyle was.

Cirlce dress - rave jacket - rave socks - target

today we got to wear our musical costumes to school. This is my chicken outfit, the skirts for the muscial are black but they weren't finished. Only two other people wore thier costumes today. what is with my school and their hate for dress-up days.

This shows that the shirt says "chicken" and those are feet not arrows

Pink dress -thrift yellow shirt -drama club tights - dyed orange by drama club shoes thrifted dyed by drama club.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

your changing your heart

Yesterday was 60s day, I was the only one who dressed up again. I decided to channel Edie Sedgwick and i attempted makeup but it came off completely after drama club.
walmart shirt, target shirt underneath,old navy shorts, walmart tights.

I went shopping today. Above there are orange converses a scarf and a ruffly vest shirt thing.

I also found these patterns from the 60s and 70s for about a buck each. the first one is tennis dress with matching shorts and jumpers. in the second photo are dresses and a pant suit. I also picked up some old Harper's Bazaars and two books

Some of the patterns are too small in the waist do anyone know how to make them bigger??? if you have link to a website with pictures that would be lovely.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

went and ruined all the true plans

During independence today there was a large debate over the color of my tights. It was a tie between red and magenta-y pink.
L'Amour ( love) tee - gift
Red shirt worn as a skirt - thrift
Red tights - we love colors
Ruby red slippers - thrift

Look what I made in clothing class. Its a cosmetic bag with a real zipped. My friend tried to buy it off of me.

song Du jour
criminal - Fiona Apple

Monday, April 14, 2008

i would be a lucky girl if time stood on its head

sorry for being such a bad blogger, yesterday i picked out an mp3 player and i took over an hour but now I can watch johnny Gallagher and the rest of the spring awakening cast sing The Bitch Of Living whenever I want mp3 player plays videos ooh i love it. And Saturday I had my spring formal, I wore my Wendla dress because many people liked it and I had this insane fear that if I didn't wear it my mom would come in my room and take it back to the store.

Today many people talked about my style. the my friend's friends said I'm the only person she know who could pull off what I wear.And in drama club we were talking about pants problems i.e. too long too short, and said I don't wear pants and they said yeah be an individual or something.

And molly at the hip Ashcan Rantings told me I looked like Cory Kennedy in one of my pictures, she rocks, she's fly. I kinda want to travel back int time with her and become a hippy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

you toe the line

I was challenged to a rap battle but i thought it was like wrapping gifts but then i realized they meant rap like Kayne West. I was also called a nubian princess. I think my outfit looks more Parisian. tommorow is 50s day, non of my friends are dressing up.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

see the sunny skies

I dressed in blue and yellow today. I like those colors together I think the POP.
yellow sweater, Audrey Hepburn tee, thrifted blue skirt, silver socks, footless socks, yellow and blue belt, yellow shoes. I'm not sure if you can see in the pictures but my headband is a men's bow tie.

Now we have what i would like to call "lets help Jess figure out to wear to a dance". option 1 or the wendla dress. i like to wear this around the house while singing show tunes.
This is option 2 or thrifted dress. When i wear this in my house i feel like a British girl who lives in a cottage and has tea with her grandma every Thursday after noon

This is option 3 or graduation dress, I wore this to 8Th grade graduation. I might wear it during 50s week if students are allowed to participate. My school think having teachers dress in decades themed weeks will pump us up for test taking.

this is option 4 or homecoming dress. I wore this dress to homecoming and also on twin day. Sadly on homecoming I did not wear the cool pink glasses. The dress doesn't have the white polo attached so ignore that .

There's a poll in the side bar vote please or say it in a comment or both.
PS sorry for the awkward photo spacing I'm not sure how to fix that.

Monday, April 7, 2008

and i'll go back to black

I wore this today, my mom came home and said it was short and that she was surprised that I didn't get in trouble. I think the principals and teachers are amused by my outfits. My mom almost found my blog today. It was open and I said oh its someone Else's and she believed me. Did you know if you're under 17 you need a permission slip to see Rocky Horror.

I'm wearing: Black velvet dress - children's section from the goodwill
Pink tights - target
pink heart shaped sunglasses

This is my attempt at a detail shot of my dress that i forgot to include in the above photo. The dress is velvet with vertical stripes of a lighter black. I made the bracelet myself.
Song Du jour -
don't let me down - Idina Menzel
there's going to a poll coming up soon about a spring formal dress

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good morning baltimore

Yesterday, i went thrifting with my mom and i found sequins patterns from the 70s for a buck a piece , a dress and tights it was exciting. I'm wearing a skirt from target tights from target and a sweater from nordstrom rack. i told my friend about how i plan on being when I'm 80 she told I'd be the old lady you avoid when you visit the nursing home. If i were to become an old lady i would want to hang out with these old ladies.

More here

Friday, April 4, 2008

cupcake cupcake cupcake

I haven't been very interesting in my clothing choices the week. the striped dress was the most intersesting thing i wore. I was called classy and told it was a Gwen Stefani dress. And i finally fished my cupcake bag. im so proud of it.we started dancing today it wasn't so bad.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

let's dance

Today we were supposed to have dance rehearsal for the musical so i decided to dress like a ballerina. Sadly, I do not have tutu so I did the best I could.

Black leotard- kids section at walmart

Pink skirt - walmart

Green Tights - we love colors

I had the coolest leotard for dance class when I was around 8, it was pink paisley. I also got another dress from my friend. and my mp3 broke so i need to start saving up for a new one. I think i broke it maybe they don't enjoy water.

Song du jour- love song - Sara Bareilles