Thursday, March 27, 2008

vintage vintage vintage

I received my first piece of vintage ever yesterday from my friend actually her aunt in a roundabout way . Its from the 80's 1981 if we want to be specific. AND it was FREE she might give me another one this is very exciting.
Oh in my picture you can't see it but there is a pin i made of Dorothy lying in the poppy field that i stick onto my shirt because my dress looked like a pop art version of it.
dress- vintage
polo- old navy
tights - target
Song du jour -
Blackbird - the beatles
Rember the vital information segment on all that the good 90's one with kenn well ihave real vital information when you need to learn a list of words go to you tube find a karaoke version of a song you like and record it on you mp3 player ( if you dont have a micophone they make attachments) and record yourself singing it. It helped me remeber about 68 out of 69 prepositions in 2 days.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

we're off to see the wizard

  • Today's outfit was inspired by the wizard of oz. I watched Return to Oz over the weekend it's so cheesy but, i love it.
  • Blue Gingham shirt under silver H&M dress, polo socks that i took from the stepdad, ruby red slippers and a heart shaped marc jacobs necklace/watch.
  • Usally when i where my red shoes people call me dorothy so I just decieded to go with it.

I got a dress from my friend who does'nt wear them. I think its cool. its big at the top so ill have to wear a shirt under it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To continue my slight spring awakening obsession

My mom decided to buy me this Jovoich-Hawk for target dress. Its very similar to the dress wendela wears at te beginging of the show. And tommrow my friend is giving me her floral dress since se doesn't wear them. All I need are some black thigh highs and badass black shoes.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I saw Spring Awakening yesterday. It was amazing i had to resist get up and dancing during totally fucked. I went to the stage door afterwards and got pitures and autographs. the cosutmes were pretty badass and the singing was great. I didn't get to meet Lea Michelle though.
I didnt do any vingtage shopping because we were in midtown so i didn't know where any of the stores were.
I might do a review of spring awakening but i can't form complete sentcences about it yet other than it was great.
thats gu in the photo with me is Jonathan groff

Monday, March 17, 2008

jenny i've got your number 867 5309

So after over a month of putting of making my m&ms phone cool i finally did it but my phone jack doesn't work. SO should i keep it for display purposes or trash it . i added some feathers after this pick was taken and I'm not digging them so I'm going to take them off and possibly lay them out better

This is an outfit i wore a while ago I'm not sure if i posted it or not my sewing teacher saw it and asked why i was dressed up. she doesn't see me on days where i wear dresses
in other news i bought a scooter
What do u guys think should i keep the phone or trash it ?

Monday, March 10, 2008

jabberwocky talky talky

  • this is what i wore to the library to work on my french project with pookie, It started hailing in the middle of our walk home it was scary.
    yellow tee- stolen from mother
  • Fleur-DE-lis dress - rave
  • jeans-American eagle
    rainboots-filene's basement
    this is my mask for English's a bird who likes Madonna

this is what i wore today
silver skirt- Erin fetherson for tarjay from the Goodwill
doors tee- walmart
navy tights - walmart

Song Du jour
Jabberwocky - Wonderland

Friday, March 7, 2008

i'm back

I went to theartre festival and it was great!! my life was consumeded by rehearsal and french this week but ill be back on my regular posting schedule soon.
I bought at shirt and pin that say " actors do it on stage" and I got my mum a beaty and the beast pin.

i hear a rumour going around that the clothing students migh meeet christian from project runway wowza

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've just seen a face

sorry for the lack of postage. I made my mom watch across the universe today she didn't like it. I love it i think its partially because of Jim Sturgress. my mom and I went shopping yesterday we went to value village I wanted the new kids on the block scarf but someone bought it all ready.

I got the Madonna fabric. A black and white dress ruby red slippers gingham shirt Micheal Jackson gloves and a new york belt.
Here's what I wore wendsay

Edie sedgwick skirt, Funny tube top as a skirt footless socks and dottie shoes.

Someone told me my socks were gangsta and if was Tuesday.

then someone else said I'm pretty sure its written down somewhere that you can't wear a shirt as skirt