Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Whether polka dotted...

We made tissue covers in clothing class today. My fabric makes me think of a disco. It was pretty easy to do. I got a 29/30. The hardest part was threading te machine I had to get the girl next to me to help agan. Threading a machine is sometimes harder than sudoko. I thread it right but when you have to turn the handwheel to pull out the loop I never get a loop.
I saw A Raisin in the sun on ABC last might. I didn't like it. They strayed from the script. they added so much stuff like more than two characters who weren't even in theoringnal book. I thought it would end at 10 it didn't. Diddy wasn't a horrible actor though he was better than I thought he would be.THey made Asagai look like a stalker because beneatha hands him her number e looks at it rips it up and say' " iremeber what is important to me". They also cut one of my favourite scence where Walter and Beneatha do the Tribal dances. They alsodidn't say "faggoty white shoes" which doesn't bother me much but it always makes me crakc up because when i first read it in *th grade this kid paul read it so hilariuosly and I always think of that.
I really like the poem "a dream deffered " by langston hueghes, its at the beginging of the book.
More Adventurous - Rilo Kiley

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I want you

These beauties are the high waisted pants fom the goodwill i just purchased. I think If you click the pictures the get bigger and you might be able to see that the belt has a bow, that's secretly the reason I bought it. I like bows. i'll probally wear this with a shirt that's too short or no longer funny.My mom thinks i'll get picked on or beat up. My new bud christine, the goodwill worker, thinks its cute and very mild compared to what i wore to the store.

Now i've kept you in suspense and you're thinking to yourself what did she wear to the store. white polo dottie dress purple tights. do you like the shot in nature I thought i needed a change.

My pants were a buck 33 it was great.

Song Du Jour :
Hardest button to Button - The white stripes

Saturday, February 23, 2008

if I can make it there I can make it anywhere

I found lots of coolness and feel i need to share it with the world becuase today's outfit isn't very fly.
collage necklace i might attempt this eventually
Films set in NYC
Songs about NYC
Playing Cards hairclip
Free Stuff to do in NYC

Im on a New York kick i'm going back in march so im probalby going to post many nyc related links I only get one day there.
ok one more
spring awakening = love blacke b in the plaid kinda loks like a cross between Ferris bueller and Johnny gallagher

I watched thirteen today It was good but sad

On a high - Duncan shiek

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

you may be a lover but yo ain't no dancer

On days I take gym class my outfits aren't interesting since I can't wear many peices becuase I am a very slow changer. I like to wear knee high socks nder my jeans. It allows me to make my uniform cool-ish and alloww me to be lazy. So gym days instead of outfit you will probaly see a picture of socks.

I went to the fabric store last night. I saw Maddona fabric. It was the coolest thing I've seen. but i didn't get it I think I might go back for it. i bought cupcake fabric, and green bubbles and a raindbow ribbon.

these are the linings green for the bubbles pink for the cupcakes. I also picked up so stange sequined things for 39 cents a yard for my hair or a braclet.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my finger tips are holding on to the cracks in our foudations

i got in wonderland was a chorus part..So nobody who reads my blog, besides megan. has heard me sing and I doubt she would like to hear it again after my hour long rendition of MY sharona cuz i made up some words along the lines of "she's my sharona not yours mine hahah" I had a little too much caffine ,then there was my rendition of The Bitch of Living with the exact choreagraphy and everything I didn't fall out of the chair. Apperently I'm funny when I'm bitter people laughed at my jokes today. So here's the reason your probaly reaading this to see what I wore today.Photobucket Sorry its sooo large silver skirt overalls thingies,bright green tights a tee exclaimeing GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK headband from megan . When I wear the skrit outside and the wind bllows it gets all puffy it makes me giiggls I always wear shorts under dresses I even did at homecoming because I need somewhere to stash the cell.
Photobucket I wore its with my sweatshirt material blazer since I did'nt feel like freezing my ass off.

I'm still bitter but i feel better
Oh my english teacher thought my valentine's day sonnet was funny so if anyone was to read my bad poetry just let me know.

Song du jour
You Oughta Know - ALanis Morrisete
apearntly it was written about uncle joey from full house

Monday, February 18, 2008

all want is you

I made a polyvore set of my wishlist

  • sequined dress
  • John Lenon glasses
  • suspenders
  • high waisted jeans
  • that diasy duck shirt but its sold out grr
  • hot pink turban
  • dresses
  • sequineed shorts
  • silver skirt
  • ruby red slippers I have a pair but they're pretty whorish for school I'm going to try to make my own the last time i tried there was glitter eeverywhere for months
  • yellow flats
  • silver oxfords
  • heart shaped bag
  • silver leggings

I went to sterling and Vienna yesterday and urchased a silver jumper and a shirt with a bow on it. The jumper's slightly large but it's not swallowing me in a sea of fabric. then I hung out with my grandma because that's how badass I am and saw a silver sequined vest for 20 in my size I didnt buy becuase the grandma thought it would only work for parties and I don't get invited to many parties, the last one i went to was a cast party.

I wore a shirt as a skirt.

song: I Stand - Idina Menzel

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Outfits du jours

Two days ago Aj and I had a tea party this was my legwear. sparkly socks blue suede shoes black tights, grey dress. It wasnt practical when i walked her home so i changed into my rainboots.

Today was Valentine's day I wore this Skinny jeans grey shirt pink shirt red sweater. I was planning on wearning skirt but i didn't know if would still be icy and falling isn't fly.

If anyone knows to songs that are good to sing for an audtion let me know please.

song du jour - losing my religion-r.e.m.

ps if you want to link up just let me know

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let's do the time warp again

I'm tired from dancing. I'm nervous for audtions. But i have good news I got striaght A's did the time warp, and learned the dance you do to the cotton eyed joe song. And i went shopping and bought socks and shoes. And i'm picking out music for my picnic.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Outfit du jour

This is what i wore about two days ago to go to Filene's basement.

Gray dress
silver belt
Marc jacobs jacket
This is what it looks like without the jacket. i love my jacket the first time I wore it to school I kept on petting it. I also love my dress. in this pic I'm wearing my footless socks.
I was going to wear it with this jacket but, my mom gave me the face she gives me when i say, " I'm going to be an actress,".
at filenes i bought Leaopard print golashes or rainboots and shiny socks.
Anyone else but you - the moldy peaches
p.s. i'm sorry if my spelling is shitty my spell check isn't working

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I went shopping yesterday and i bought i whole lot of stuff.
Footless socks the first two are from icing which is like claires except they dont try to sell you heart shaped calcualtors.

THe purple and blue are from American Apearal

ALice Temperly for tager shirt from the goodwill. Two feather amsks from dollar tree.

High waisted skirt, Blue dye chapstick

Hot pink dress and white socks. Purple pearls my grandma says tey loko like something my aunts would wear. I hope thats good thing.

Leopard mini skirt.

I also bought a grey sweater, a leopard print jacket that has L.a.m.b. fragance gwen stafani o hthe front and a big blue L on the back,a plaid shirtdress and black and rainbow heels.

Friday, February 1, 2008


I want these leggings. there is a slight problem they are $40 wich i find outrageous. Are they worth the 40 or should i just go to the store try some on and buy a pair on ebay?
theres an outfit post below this one

i'm so so sorry for not posting but my outfits haven't been exciting.

here's my outfit today. White t shirt
white blue and purple spotted dress
I also wore a black blazer thats made out of a nice soft warm fabric and a cool new york subway token necklace but i broke when i got home so, im just going to put it on a different chain.

heres what i was going to wear but it rained so i got to use my cool leopard umbrella.