Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This i what i wore on Christmas kinda my dress isn't Lavin and my oxfords are black but i put the brown ones in because they are pretty

I got a sewing machine,books, band aids ,perfume ,clothes, and oxfords and money

Monday, December 24, 2007

6 Ways to wear these (or any other leggings)

Start with leggings these are from American Apparel.

Go to your local goodwill, salvation army or other cheap thrift store. Find a pair or two of jeans and buy them. Then take Scissors and a razor and put some holes into them. Then put the legging under the jeans cool huh?

This look is quite 80s and inspired by Madonna's like a virgin video the part where she on a boat not the one where shes in the wedding dress. So to do this you need either a black dress or black tank top and skirt. Cut two oval shapes in the tank top throw on the leggings skirt and maybe an absurd amount of necklaces.

4 other ways
  • with a skirt
  • with the funny little skirt suspender contraption
  • as pants
  • under a dress

Monday, December 17, 2007

Take me out tonight

How many of you have seen the play or movie RENT, if you haven't rent it. Well my third favorite character,Mimi, well she wears cool clothes mostly. I said hey lets shock them and post on a Monday so I'll surprise the one person who reads my blog (Megan that's you). Mimi is her fave character so its like a visual x-mas present.


Mimi is one of the most interesting characters to watch since she's jumping around, flipping and being awesome so below is the Mimi inspired set and if the leggings are as opaque as I think they are then they could be worn as a tregging.* If i were you i wouldn't wear the coat,leggings and shoes together but,since I'm me I would.

in case you wondering my order of characters

1 Maureen (she moos,wears cool pants, dances and is awesome)

2 Mark (is deliciously dorky)

3 Mimi (reasons above )

4 Angel (she's just wow)

5 Collins (he smiles pretty,sings pretty and wears a cools hat)

6 Roger (he has tight pants)

7 Squeegee Man ( his name is Squeegee man i think he needed a bigger part )

8 Benny ( is evil but charming)

9 Joanne ( i don't like her at all she nags to much)

* tregging= leggings worn as trousers
See that one coat up there it looks like the one I wore when i was gay wellington but i sure that one doesn't have a sticky substance on the inside.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Every girl is a princess

I just saw Enchanted and by just I mean the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone sang something except IDINA MENZEL and SUSAN SURANDON!! Anyways there was a good bit of princess-y fashion goodness. So I've compiled what a mordern day Snow White or Alice would wear.

What am I listneing to ?
Take me or leave me -Rent

You should watch this

its old springs pike singing still 16, some song that i don't know the name of and they sing a little bit of sexyback

Sunday, December 2, 2007

where i go

Yesterday i went to the Goodwill and what did I see? And Erin Fetherson for target jacket with a big ole bow on it. I tried it on but it was way too large so i talked to the employee and asked her if she would sell me just the bow and she did. I got it for $2.10. I'll post pics soon once i find the camera.

what am i listening to ?
touch me -spring awakening

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Don't Do Sadness

In case you've been living a rock for the last few weeks Broadways was dark but it isnt anymore. I care about this more than the writers strike because the tv people have enoguh materail till Christmas. But theatre happens everyday. I was going see Spring Awakening with John Galagher . And i can't go until Febuary and he's leaving Sunday and my parents don't understand that we need to hitail our asses up there but no they don't want to drive ugh! so here a some spring Awakenign-esque threads.

Click The pics get to links to get the stuff the grey dresses are Wendla inspired the last one is Ilse inspired.
What I'm Listening to :
Planet Z - Idina Menzel
And then there were none - Spring awakening