Thursday, June 29, 2017

June Budget

I'm not sure if Franish is doing these anymore but I thought I'd post mine anyway. I've gained some weight this year and I haven't been feeling the best in a lot of my clothes since a lot of them are pretty tight. Even though I've started going to the gym, I want to feel confident and cute this summer. I got some early birthday money and got a lot of pieces. I got a lot of dresses since they are so easy to wear.
1. Grey Old Navy Dress- You probably won't see this on the blog. I got it to use a swimsuit coverup. It's easy to throw on and off. $15
2. Orange dress- I wanted a maxi dress for this summer. This isn't quite maxi but I really like the length. I like the cold shoulder and ruffles. $36
3. Pink Dress- Another simple summer dress. I got this style in a palm print last summer and wore it a lot and this pink is a great shade that will work into fall. $17
4. Denim Jacket- I still have my one that I made but it's starting to wear a lot and the arms are getting pretty tight. $24.49 
5. Blue Top- I love the cold shoulder ruffles. The color will work with a lot of my clothes. $28.79
6. Ice Cream dress- This is a comfy knit. And it's a great style. I can also wear it to networking events too. $47.99
7. Walking sandals- Getting a pair of comfy walking sandals was on my list for this summer. I got a great deal on these at the outlets. $40
8. Hawaiian print top- I saw the skirt first and Mike pointed out the matching top. I like that it is already set up to be tied at the waist. It's such a cute print. $44.5
9. Hawaiian print skirt- Love the print and this is such a great length. $37.50
10. Pink top- My usual pink top has been having a lot of gaping issues so I got one where that won't be an issue. It's not in the collage but you can get it here. $11.89

Total= 303.16 -12.3 (extra 15% discount at J.crew)= 290.86
I've got some good pieces that will get my a lot of use this summer. And I feel good in these pieces.

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I'm going to take off a few days for the 4th of July. My next post will be Thursday the 6th.


Mica T said...

I love that floral orange dress, it's my favourite of the things you bought as it's just perfect for summer! Don't be too down, weight tends to fluctuate a bit and I'm sure you'll find you're back on track with attending the gym :)

Dresses are my favourite as they are always more forgiving when weight goes up and down, haha!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and you have a great 4th July!

Away From The Blue Blog

Rachel said...

Great post! Lovely dresses!

P-and-P said...

I like the skirt. :)

P&P style ♡ ☯ ☮ --- DIY --- fashion --- and more --- ☮ ☯ ♡

copy editing services said...

This looks good and perfect for summers, I am going to share it with my sister and niece, hope they will like few outfits from it. Thank you for sharing this post with us