Thursday, May 4, 2017

Weekend in Detroit

I went to Detroit last weeekend for a little father daughter trip. I really enjoyed it. The people were friendly and really seemed to love their city. I'm going to share the things I did and ate. This isn't a comprehensive guide I was only in the city for 2 days.

What I did
Tiger's Game- This was the reason we went to Detroit. My parents want to see all of the baseball and football stadiums. This ballpark is really nice and when we went it was photo on the field day. I've never been on a major league field before so it was a really unique experience. They also have a Ferris wheel and merry go round.

Detroit Historical Museum- This was a great free museum. The photo above is from their Streets of Old Detroit exhibit. It covers the history of the city and has a really cool grandfather clock. We found this just driving by.

Henry Ford Museum- We had a rainy day so we went to the Henry Ford Museum. There are a lot of cars but also some other cool historical stuff. There are a lot of things to do here they have a village too. We didn't do that because of the weather.

Heidelberg Project- This is an outdoor art project of a few houses. It's very unique.

Marvin's Mechanical Museum- This is a cool spot. It is in a strip mall in the suburbs. There are a lot of old arcade games, posters, and statues. You can play the games. There is so much to look at there.
What I ate
Downtown Dog at Tiger's Stadium- It's a hotdog with pulled pork, bbq sauce, and fried onions.

Colors- This is a restaurant training place. We loved the fried grits and french fries.

Rusted Crow- This place also makes it's own vodka, rum and moonshine so make sure you try a mixed drink.  I got the tenderloin tips and portabella fries. The tips were so tender and the portabella fries were so unique.

Bon Bon Bon- I make chocolate so I always like to check out the local shops. I got 5 pieces from Bon Bon Bon and I'm enjoying them.

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Shea Sayers said...

Oh, sounds like fun! I've never been to Detroit but since we're also trying to eventually go to all the baseball stadiums, I'd like to go one day. I'll keep these places in mind!