Tuesday, May 23, 2017

6 Great Pinterest Recipes

I'm working on improving my cooking skills and Pinterest has been very helpful. I still like to use cook books and I can always fall back on salad but it's fun to try new things. I have a board where I pin all of the recipes I've tried that have worked for me. I'm going to share 6 of my favorites so far and the changes I've made.

Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable Bowls from Skinnytaste-  (pictured) This was so easy and quick! I did this indoors on my grill pan because I don't have an outdoor grill. I left out the smoked paprika because I couldn't find it and the shrimp were still great. And I did tomatoes instead of zucchini. Next time I think I'll add some pico de gallo instead of plain tomatoes. I think grilled onions would be awesome as well. 

Cheater Korean BBQ Beef Bowl from Damn Delicious- I made for meal prep one week. I added carrots and broccoli in my bowls for a little bit of veggies. This was easy to make. The sauce has a great flavor. 

Buffalo Chicken Bake from Inside Bru Crew Life- (pictured) I've been on a buffalo chicken kick so when I saw this pasta I had to try it. I did about a half a cup of ranch dressing and  half a cup of buffalo wing sauce because that's the proportion I use when I make the dip. Using a rotisserie chicken makes this really easy. 

Greek Chicken Meal Prep Bowls from Damn Delicious-(pictured) This is my favorite meal prep bowl. I've made it a bunch. I do use pre-made tzatziki and I like to add feta. This is very simple to make. It's also good over lettuce if you don't feel like rice. I think the onions and cucumbers get soggy if you leave it in the dressing too long so I cut those up and put the dressing on that morning. 

Baked Chicken Parmesan from Skinny Taste- The directions were easy to follow and this was a hit. My chicken breasts were very thick so the cooking time was good for me but you may need to adjust if yours are on the thinner side. They reheat pretty well too.

Ricotta Gnocchi from Recipe Tin Eats- I had a good amount of ricotta leftover from baked ziti and I can across this recipe. I've never tried making potato gnocchi so I can't compare this difficulty but this was easy to do. I froze half of it and it froze really well. I served it with the chicken Parmesan. 

I hope these recipes can help you out. My successful recipes board is here. Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this. 

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