Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Budget

I got a few things this month. I went to a consignment sale and got 2 pairs of shoes.
1. Polka Dot Sweater- I got this at the consignment shop. Worn Here $9 (similar)

2. Polka Dot Skirt- Also from the consignment shop. Worn here $4 (similar)

3. Multi-Strap Shoes- I got these from DSW I know they aren't the most flattering to someone my height but I really like them I think they are such a fun shoe. Worn Here $49.95 (exact)

4. Leopard Flats- I've worn these a few times but they haven't made it on the blog yet. They are a good basic piece. $29.95 (exact)

Total $92.9- $10 (DSW gift certificate) =  $82.90

Mike and my mom got me some things this month. I wanted to include them. My mom got me a gingham skirt and a bow bracelet. Mike got me a maxi skirt.

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Shea Sayers said...

Ooh those shoes! I love that multi-strap pair, they are so fun! I also love the polka dot skirt, I feel like that could be worn with so many things.

Shauna C said...

That sweater was my favorite!