Saturday, January 28, 2017

January Budget

It's time for my monthly budget post. I got a few tunics I've been wearing leggings to work a lot and wanted some things to go with them.
1. Lularoe Sundae leggings- I'm not totally on the Lularoe train but I do like the leggings for work. I have a pink and purple pair,a chocolate box pair and now an ice cream pair. I really like these for work. $25
2. Black Tunic- I got this to go with my leggings. I love the sheer sleeves. I would also wear it with skirts. $18.99 similar
3. Red Tunic- I like this color and I don't have a red top.  $15.99 similar
4. White tunic- In addition to going with all of my leggings for work I think this will look great with skinny pants. $16.99 similar
5. Rainbow Stripes- I've been seeing multicolor stripes a lot and I think they are so cute. I wanted some of my own. $6.99 similar
6. Striped Shirt- This shirt is a thicker knit, it's pretty sturdy. You can't go wrong with black and white stripes. $9.99 similar
7. Pink skirt- This skirt is so fun! It's a great color and I like the seaming. It makes it a little more interesting from a regular mini. $9.99 similar
8. Orange skirt (not shown) The orange skirt I got also has some interesting seam details. $22.99 similar

Items 2-8 are from ThredUp. There was an app sale so I got 20% off and I had a $3.95 credit. My original total was $101.93 with my discount it became $77.59

Grand Total for the month ($77.59 + 25)  $102.59
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Doused In Pink said...

Those LuLa Roe leggings are adorable and I love your pink skirt!

Doused In Pink