Sunday, January 15, 2017

How to look cute and cozy this winter

The weather here has been crazy! Snowing one day and a nice sunny day the next. Looking cute and staying warm can be tough. I've found some great pieces that will keep you warm and cute.

A great coat is the best way to stand out in the winter. I like to have light weight coats for the times between sweater weather and super warm coat. These 3 coats make a great impact.
1. This blush faux fur coat is very glam. It's great for night out and would look great with jeans and a tee. $77
2. The red military inspired coat has some girly touches with the full skirt and ruffles. And it's a steal. $44.99 
3. The red plaid is super cozy. This isn't as girly and it looks better for warmer climates. $99.90
I LOVE faux fur earmuffs.They are my go-to winter accesory. They keep your ears warm but don't mess up your hair like a hat. If you have to wear heavy down coats they are a great way to add a pop of color.
1. These bright pink earmuffs are so fun! $12.50
2. These aren't totally fur. They have a bit of plaid so they aren't as dramatic. $17.99
3. These jeweled earmuffs are a steal! They are under $5. $4.99
Blanket scarves were my go-to during craft fairs. I always felt like I was put right under a cold air vent or next to a door. These scarves kept me warm and stylish.
1. A ton of blanket scarves are plaid so this leopard is a nice change. $19.99
2. I love the colors on this INC scarf. It also doesn't look very bulky. $38.50
3. This is a classic plaid blanket scarf but it has nice vibrant colors that can go with everything in your closet. $14.98

Another tip I have is fleece lined everything! If you are a leggings person these leggings are only $6.80. I love skirts so fleece lined tights get me through winter. This pair is only $10.
When I'm going to be outside in the cold for a while, I like to layer regular leggings under my jeans. When I went to Christmas Town, I did that and didn't feel too cold.
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Whitney Damrau said...

I am all about cozy this winter. I wish it was cold enough to wear ear muffs, they are so cute!

Whitney & Blaire
Peaches In A Pod