Saturday, November 26, 2016

November Budget

This is my November budget. It's a lot higher than normal. I had a big black Friday list. I wanted a black dress, sweaters and skirts. I also grabbed some tees because I wear a lot to work. This is separated into two pictures. The first one is things I got online and stuff from the outlets. The second one is stuff from the mall.
1. Karen Scott Sweater- I needed a new black sweater. I got a hole in mine. $9.99 normally $39.50
2. NY Collection Cable Knit Sweater- I like how the cables aren't too bulky so this would still look nice with skirts. I love that shade of green. $19.99 normally $50
3. Karen Scott Sweater- I will get a lot of wear out of a pink sweater. $9.99 normally $39.50
4. New York and Company Outlet Lipstick Shirt- I like having button ups for different events. The lipstick print is really fun. $15 similar
5. Dog Sweater- I love sweaters with animals on them so I know I'll get a lot of wear out of this dog sweater. $14.44 similar
6. Embellished Cardigan- I wear a lot of cardigans so it'll be nice to have and embellished one for dressing up basic dresses. $14.44   similar
7. Gray Skirt- I've gained a little bit of weight so some of my skirts aren't fitting how they used to. This knit skirt is great for fall and it has a nice shape. $17.66 similar
9. Loft Lace Dress- I have an event next month I need a black dress for and I really like this one. The lace makes the dress a little more special and it'll look good for a lot of occasions. $49 normally $98
10. Loft Leather Skirt- This skirt is a basic with a twist and I like that. $29.75 normally $59.50

1. Star Wars Shirt- I like that this is reversible. It'll get a lot of wear at work. $15 normally $28.90
2. Game of Thrones Shirt- This will also get a lot of wear at work. $10 normally $20.50
3. Blush Tulle Skirt- I've been wanting a tulle skirt for a long time. I got a blush and black one. This is just a fun piece. $15 normally $26.99
4. Black Tulle Skirt- I think this will get a little more wear than the blush one. $15 normally $26.99
5. Green Velvet Dress- This might be my New Years Eve outfit or for a fancier date night. $20 normally $28.99
6. Pink Faux Fur Earmuffs- I got two pairs of these last year and wore them all the time. Since they had them in pink I knew I'd wear them too. $20
7. Heart Purse- This is just adorable. This is a really afforable whimsical bag. $25
8. Green Necklace Set- This is a great statement necklace. I love that shade of green. $13.20 normally $22 
9. Green Bracelet- This isn't avaible online but this is a similar one. $8.40 normally $14
10. Luke's Diner tee- This is another shirt for work. Not online but I like this Clueless one. $10

Grand Total $331.86

I spent a lot this month but I got a lot of things. I needed some tee shirts and it's one of those things I don't really think about when shopping.  I got the sweaters on my list and some skirts too.Most pieces are things that can be worn with a lot of other things. I also got some fun things.
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Md Amirul Islam said...

Awesome post, like your site

Shauna C said...

Love that pink sweater, so super cute


Shea Sayers said...

Ooh look at all these fun things--so many look really festive for the holidays. I love that black dress and the tulle skirts. so fun!!

Jess said...

LOVE that GoT shirt! Oddly enough, I was just at Hot Topic, and I totally missed any GoT swag--dang! That pink tulle skirt is super fun too!