Saturday, October 8, 2016

Holiday Makeup

I know it's only October but there are a lot of holiday sets out already. Some are really catching my eye.

Beauty's most coveted This is really worth the price in my opinion. You get a beauty blend which is $28 on it's own. And a full sized Vice lipstick. I've wanted to try Moonstone from Becca in pressed form. This Luna Play looks great for travel. I've heard the translucent powder is great. $75

I love Sephora multi-brand samplers. I like getting to try new things. With lashstash get 8 mini mascaras and 2 full size mascaras. I can see me splitting this with my mom. I've used the Better Than Sex mascara and Perversion mascara and I've enjoyed both. $45

Kat Von D everlasting mini lipsticks- This set gives you 8 mini lipsticks to try for only $49. It has some more adventurous shades that I would be too nervous to get a whole tube of so a tiny one would be perfect. It also has two new shades! $49
 Metal/Matte It has 13 matte shades and 9 metal crush shades. I like how the metal crushes look more foiled than glitter. There are a good amount of neutral shades so you could get an everyday look out of this palette. $60

What I like about the Tarte Wingworkers set is its interesting colors. They say the formula lasts 12 hours. It has a basic black but it has some interesting shades: eggplant, navy and bronze.$35

I really enjoy Becca sets I got one for my birthday and this one is different but looks pretty good. I love the backlight priming filter, it creates the prettiest glow. I have the liquid in moonstone, this one comes in opal and opal is such a pretty color. I've heard great things about the under eye brightener. $49
If you just want the famous Shimmering Skin Perfectors, Try Opal on the go. It's a liquid and the pressed in the shade opal. You can wear them by themselves or put the pressed over the liquid for a dramatic look. $20

Are any holiday makeup sets on your wishlist?

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Shauna C said...

Beautiful packaging!