Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quirky Shoes under $150

I love really unique shoes. Unfortunatly quirky shoes tend to be very expensive. I've found some slightly more budget friendly options. They are all under $150 and many are under $100.
I like these shoes because not only is there glitter but there also some flowers for texture and color. $65
These Miss L Fire sandals are perfect for vacation. The little swimmer helps create a t-strap. $104.99
These Daisy Street shoes have macaroon heels! I think differently shaped heels are so fun. I also like that they look like a basic black pump from the front. $65
These Betsey Johnson shoes are very wearable. I like the mix of polka dots and pom poms. They are really fun without being completely over the top. $59.99
These Keds baseball sneakers are perfect for the sports fan in your life. These are also pretty subtle but they are interesting. $49.99

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