Saturday, May 14, 2016

Treat Yourself

This weekend my store is celebrating its one year! It’s been a tough year but I’ve gotten through it. We’ve seen every holiday so we should be more prepared next year I’ve learned a lot and we’ve made a few changes. We completely changed our advertising. Working and living with family is so hard. Hopefully, the second year of business is a big improvement. There are a ton of cute ice cream things out for summer and since I have an ice cream shop I thought we’d look at some of those. I’ve even included some home items.
I love this Treat Yourself print. After looking at it for a little bit I ordered it for my shop. I think it has great colors. There are also matching dishtowels.

Giant pool floats are really trendy for summer. This icecream float is under $20.
These H&M pajamas are really young but they are so fun. I love the waffle cone shorts. 
I LOVE the Kate Spade Flavor of the month tote. It’s so cute and I think it would be really practical; it looks like it would be large enough to hold flyers that I pass out at different events. The matching scarfis also really cute. 
I love quirky shoes and these Kate Spade shoes are so adorable. I love the ice cream truck heel. They look great for summer.


Amber Shannon said...

Very cute post!!! I love summertime treats.... those ice cream wedges are darling!!

I hope you had a nice weekend!

All the Cute 🎀

Shauna C said...

That float is so seriously cute!!


Shea Sayers said...

Okay, so I knew you had a shop, but how did I not know you had an ICE CREAM SHOP?!? Where is it? If I'm ever near you I will have to come visit--I am obsessed with ice cream. I've always wanted to own an ice cream shop too :) Naturally, I love all these cute ice cream things you've picked!

Monique Reinds said...

All stuff in ice cream theme!
They all look so sweet and cute!
I can imagine myself dobbing around the sea with that ice cream float, how fabulous!