Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dressing Daenerys Targaryen

We are ending our Game of Thrones dresses series with Daenerys. She's my pick for the Iron Throne. She's gone through a dramatic costuming transition. She started off very soft,then transition into tougher Dothraki style garments, then a blue dress that got more dragon like and now she tends to favor white dresses.
In Mereen, she likes white dresses with neck details or dragon necklaces. This Brunello Cucinelli dress fits in that theme. It's soft and motherly.
Daenerys has been wearing a ton of cape dresses. This Halston Heritage dress is fantastic.
Sometimes when she's alone in Mereen, she goes a little sexier with cutouts. This Cushnie et Ochs dress would be perfect for those times .
This Zac Posen dress reminds me of the blue dress she wore when she was traveling .
This Monique Lhuiller dress is like the more embroidered version.


That New Dress said...

Oh I LOVE that lilac dress! It's so pretty xx

Rachel said...

Stunning dresses! perfect!

Kathrine Eldridge said...

I am a huge GOT fan! Love that you picked looks for Daenerys! All beautiful picks! My picks for the throne is Jon Snow. Yes, I know he's supposedly dead but he probably will be resurrected. I'm hoping!

Simply Davelyn said...

Love that first dress with the black and white combo! So pretty!

xo, mikéla /