Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Essentials

I'm my area we are getting ready for snow and no one knows what time it will hit. I thought I'd show you my winter essentials.
Knit pants are great year round. They are as comfy as leggings but are still thick enough to be worn without a tunic. I have this LC Lauren Conrad pair in black and grey. Pants are hard for me to fit and I knew I'd get a lot of use out of both colors.
I wear these faux fur earmuffs alot (1,2,3). Even when you don't see them included in an outfit as soon as I go outside I pop these on. I have them in blue and white. They also come in red and black and they are on sale for $9.99. They are as warm as a hat but they don't mess up your hair and they are just so fun! Ann Taylor has a plum pair that is a little more sophisticated.

A statement coat makes going out in the cold a little more fun. I love the colors and print in this Kenneth Cole coat.
I love skirts and dresses. Having fleece lined tights makes it tolerable to wear them in the winter. You can get these at a ton of places. This pair is from Kohl's.
I spend a lot of my time at work washing dishes and my skin gets so dry and cracked in the winter and I felt like I tried everything. I learned about Working Hands from pattern designer Andrea Schwe's Blog. I went out and got some. It's so gentle and it fills in the cracks in my hands. It's unscented and a little goes a long way. If you get painful dry hands I really recommend this
A sweater with a full skirt or knit pants is pretty much my winter uniform. I like to have basic sweaters, like this red one from Loft. I love the texture on it. I also like to have fun ones. One of my most worn sweaters is a sweater with a dog on it. This raincloud sweater from H&M is adorable. I also like this bejeweled Loft sweater.

What do you love for winter?


Lindsey Puls said...

Love all of these winter essentials! I really like the sweaters and ear muffs! :) I hope your area doesn't get hit too hard by this weekend's snowstorm.


Shybiker said...

Wow, I like all of these things! For me, the best thing Winter adds to my wardrobe are scarves.

Ali Hval said...

You know, I really need some hand cream like that... when I sew so much, I poke holes into my skin with needles and the fabric tends to dry my skin.