Saturday, November 28, 2015

Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday. As a small business owner, I think this is a good holiday. It's a nice way to explore your neighborhood and see what's out there. Maybe you can try the small new restaurant instead of the big chain. I was in charge of pie for Thanksgiving so I made one and picked up one from my local bakery. Since I don't know what's in your neighborhood, I thought I'd do an Etsy roundup of a few different types of gifts.
DIY- If you are crafty, you could buy the kit and give the finished product to someone. Or if someone you know is interested in learning a craft, give them the kit. They both come with detailed instructions. I think this elephant plush is adorable and I love the colors on this embroidery kit.
Foodie- These are both sample packs that let you try a little bit of everything. In the tea sampler you get to pick 8 flavors. I think German Gingerbread and Bourbon Street Vanilla sound great. If you are a BBQ fanatic then Rubs of the States is for you. The Memphis sounds fantastic.
Jewelry- Jewelry always makes a great gift. This charm necklace is great for a young girl. They also have more adult charms like for moms and grandmoms. I got my friend a necklace to wear in her maternity photos from this shop. This necklace is a unique piece. I like how the stone appears to float and the distressed chain.
Nerdy-  This AT-AT lamp is only 7 inches tall so it's perfect for a desk. It can change colors. I really like this dragon eggs necklace. The colors can be changed.
Whimsy- I know I did 2 jewelry categories but Etsy has really great jewelry. I've bought from both of these shops. The waffle necklace from Tiny Hands was on Parks and Recreation and it smells like waffles. I got my mom the mint chocolate chip ice cream necklace. These penguin earrings are so cute for the holidays. They are handmade glass beads and she has jewelry for all year too. I got my mom some holiday earrings from this shop.

How do you do small business Saturday?

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