Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kohl's Dressing Room

I have some holes in my wardrobe so I went to Kohl's. I wanted to find a pair of black pants and skinny jeans since all of mine have become work pants now.
I tried on this scuba knit skirt. I liked the fit and the color is a really interesting metallic purple-brown. Unfortunately it was just way too long. I know I'd never hem it. If you are a taller girl, I think it would work really well.
I've been wanting a new red plaid shirt mine is getting a bit tight. I liked the color on this shirt but it felt too tight in the arms and too loose in the body.
I really wanted to like this skirt more. I like the flirty length and the print. I don't like the fabric. I wish it were sturdier, like a scuba knit, so the flare would have a bit more volume.
I tried on these super skinny pants and I really like them. They are really stretchy. I got them in black too. I didn't want knit black pants because I wanted to dress them up but I usually stick to dresses or skirts for my networking and community functions. I got the top too. I love the collar.
I like Star Wars and this shirt has a bit of glitter woven into it. So it was a total score. It's only plus size online but my store had plenty nonplus size in stock.
I think tulle skirts are cute. I wish this one had a little more oomph. I want something between this one and this dramatic floor length one. A little volume in a light color.
I got the skinny pants in black and grey, the Star Wars shirt and the flower shirt.


awhite said...

The SW shirt is so fun! :)

Le Stylo Rouge

Lindsey Puls said...

I want that Star Wars shirt now! Haha. And the tulle skirt is very cute. :)

Midwest Muse said...

I never really go to Kohl's but when I do, it's very hit or miss like these were for you. But I really like that black skirt! Do you have a Francesca's by you? I got a skirt that is perfectly between the two, but it does go to the knees from there. Glad you found some gems!