Saturday, September 19, 2015

How to get Seventies style

Seventies style is a hot trend for fall. It can easily look like a costume. I'm going to highlight some subtly 70s pieces.
Flares are a nice break from the skinny trend. I like these Express jeans because they aren't too wide.

I love that jumpsuits have become a trend. They are so easy. I like this Asos one. The cape makes it very modern. Stick with solids or straight legs to keep it modern or strappy and printed for a more retro look.

Suede is already everywhere. The button up suede skirt is already pretty hot for fall. I like the flared skirt approach and until it get pretty cool you can pair it with you crop tops.
Wraps are always in style. Solid colors can take you through every season and prints are very fun to play with.


Shybiker said...

All nice things. The Seventies will always be my favorite decade.

The Bandwagon Chic said...

I love wearing flares and jumpsuit for 70's style
Love what you pick

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Samantha Hatch said...

I have to agree with you--70s style clothes can easily look like a costume if you don't do it carefully. Thank you for sharing these helpful tricks!


Imogen said...

I love the prints from the 70s.