Thursday, June 18, 2015

Touch of Lace

I don't wear shorts too often and my shorts from last year are too small. When my mom and I went to the outlets the Loft had a buy one get one free deal on shorts my mom wanted a pair so I got one too.I like the look of lace shorts but haven't found a pair that was flattering on me. I like the touches of lace in this pair. It's a perfect compromise.
These shorts are longer than I normally wear they felt super long in the store but after a day of wearing them I like the length.

My earrings are little lightsabers. They came with a matching Yoda necklace.
Top- Old Navy (similar), Necklace-Loft (similar), Earrings-Etsy (similar), Shorts-Loft (similar), Bracelet-Target (similar), Shoes- Aerosoles(exact)
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Ginny ClothedwithGrace said...

Gotta love a loft sale, the length looks great on you!

Laura Mitbrodt said...

Your shorts are so cute, I love the lace

What Would V Wear said...

Just beautiful! Totally adore YOU and your style, love!
Happy weekend!
PS: Can’t wait to next week for more style posts of yours!
xoxo, Vanessa

Straight A Style said...

I always find it difficult to find just the right pair of shorts. I love the detailing on these! The white is really pretty with the pink.

Ali Hval said...

Sometimes you just have to see how an item goes with the rest of your clothes to figure out if you like the length or cut of it or not. Glad these didn't have to be altered!