Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Eve dresses

How was everyone's holiday? It's so hard to get back into the groove sometimes. I'm not sure what I'm wearing for New Year's Eve but I know it will probably be sparkly. Let's look at some party dresses.
This dress is pretty great. It's not over the top sparkle but I love the details on the sleeves.
I love that this dress has designs with the sequins. I also love the sleeves since I'm normally very cold. It looks so nice I can't believe its from Forever 21.
This dress is also from Forever 21. It's very low key. I like the organza inserts.
I love the details on this Oscar de la Renta dress.


Rebecca Harasym said...

I sure do love a good dress! I so adore that last pink dress! The detailing and color is amazing!


Barbara Bermond said...

I wish you a great year 2015!

E said...

I love the cutouts on the sleek black one!

Imogen said...

Sparkly is the way to go! My favourite is the last one, it is perfect...makes sense why I love it when I see it, it's Oscar De La Renta.