Saturday, November 15, 2014

Black Friday Picks

I always go Black Friday shopping with my mom but I tend to be more of an impulse buyer than thinking about things like I normally do this year i'm going through the stores I'll most likely go to and make a list. i'm not buying everything on my list sometimes things look weird on, the color isn't good and things like that. i think having a list will help stop the super impulse purchases.Part 1 is here. I'm not sure what the Black Friday prices on these will be.
This set is from Ann Taylor. I think my goal with black Friday is getting basics that are sort of exciting. I love these black velvet pants. I like the texture and they can be dressed up or down. The lace shell is really nice. It would show off my shoulders that I've been working out. This skirt is boiled wool so it'll be really warm for the winter months.
All of this is from Express. I saw this skirt earlier and loved it. I wanted to make a version myself but if this feels nice and winds up at a good price this is definitely on my list. This crop top is really cool. It has an exposed zip and a t-back. I'm not sure if it's my style but it is worth trying on. I like this top with metallic threads. I tend to be more of a sequin person but my hair always gets caught in it. Metallic threads will keep me sparkly and my hair intact.

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E said...

Oh I want both the skirt and that crop top!