Sunday, March 23, 2014

McCalls 6350

I really like this dress. Its a good combo of fabric and pattern. My main fabric is a cotton from A&K fabrics. I love it! The print is great and its good quality. My lining is a silk cotton blend from Mood. I made View C. I made slight changes. I cut the hem at the petite line and instead of having the single halter I turned it into a tie. I also hand picked the zipper.

When I did my muslin I cut a straight size 12 which normally works but the cups were giant. So I cut those in a 10 and curved the bodice piece from 10 at the top to 12 at the waist and it worked out fine. This was my first time using boning and I like it. I also put in a waist stay I think next time I would need to make the waist stay tighter. I wore it strapless to my friends' mom's wedding and it stayed up.
I really love this print. I have a little left over so maybe a pencil skirt.

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Allie said...

This is such an amazing look! I love it!